Miss Celaneous Lives For The Music

What got you into the music industry?
I had always been into creative writing and poetry in highschool it was only till during my early twenties that I started honing the craft and performing live!

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Who is your favorite artist growing up?
I don’t have an absolute favorite, but I enjoyed artists like Will Smith, lol I had a huge crush on him back then. Tupac, mostly for his poetic story telling and Celine Dion. This is random, but her voice and music connected with me.Then of course Lauren Hill and Janet Jackson.

Did you grow up with a large family?
No just my mom dad and little brother who is a talented drummer.

What’s the biggest city you’ve been to?
At 20 years old I left SA to work on a cruiseliner as a spa therapist we traveled the shores of Europe,the U.S. and the Caribbean,not sure which was the biggest city though.

What’s your most favorite city to visit?
Corfu Greece! We would dock and I’d sneak off,rent a car and drive to a hidden local gem that sold these amazing chocolate wafers. Then I’d go to the beach plop myself down there soak up the sun and the view and stuff my face.

What city do you have on your list to go to before you die?
The Mayan City or the Amazon Jungle. I’d like to spend 2weeks roughing it out with a nomadic tribe untouched by western society. Learn to hunt and forage and experience their true culture. Connect with the earth and its extensions. I’m open to wearing the loin cloth too.

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Describe a beat that instantly brings you inspiration?
The beat I jumped on by Randall Jermaine for my latest track #STATEOFMIND it’s my favourite offering and inspired me to write an inspirational song. It spent 2weeks at #1 on a CapeTown’s biggest radio station.
#OFFICIALMUSICVIDEO https://youtu.be/ctFWskVnPx8

Do you have any new music out right now?
Yes check it out! Www.Soundcloud.com/misscelaneous

Any new music coming out?
I’m releasing quite a few tracks within the next few weeks. A club banger, collaborating with an international artist, an old school jazzy track fit for everyone, an underground feel love song and a rnb hit!

How can we follow you online?
Facebook @MissCelaneous
Twitter: @Miss_Celaneous?s=09
Instagram: @miss_celaneous
SnapChat: @miss_celaneous

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