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She Imagined Sweets NYC

Photos by: Margaret Pattillo

What started you baking? Why cheesecakes?
I was inspired to pursue baking as a serious commitment the moment I decided to listen to my spirit and do what I naturally loved in life. That was decorating desserts. I received a surprising and positive response from numerous people even those who actually hated cheesecake before they tried She Imagined Sweets. I knew then I was onto something big.

Where are you based, and who can order from you?
Currently I am doing pop up shops in Montclair, NJ. New Pop Up shop dates and locations are added monthly on my website. For large events anyone in the Tri-State area can order from me. For personal orders we cater New Jersey and New York and provide delivery to anyone In Union County and Essex County.

What advice would you give to entrepreneurs who wanted to start their own business?
Have a plan, have faith in yourself and you must stay creative! It has been through prayer and my faith in God that I kept movingforward despite setbacks. The goal is to keep your eyes on the vision that was given to you and commit! It’s your vision and your dream.

What is your specific market and consumer base?
Individuals in NYC and NJ who enjoy year round delicious bite-sized desserts for themselves, weddings, networking events or any kind of social or corporate gathering.

What is the hardest obstacle to overcome?
The hardest obstacle I had to overcome was breaking outside of my comfort zone. Growing up I was more of an observer and hardly would speak. I was comfortable with letting my art speak for me. As an entrepreneur you can’t stay in a bubble you must continually network and push yourself.

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How do you get over that hump?
I had to choose to grow and step outside of my comfort zone no matter how scary it was. I decided to share my gifts and love for desserts which put me in a position to be seen and not hide anymore. Now I sometimes talk too much.

Do you think being a female entrepreneur helps you or hinders you? Why?
I don’t think it hinders or helps you being a female entrepreneur. I know it is what you make it. Male or female entrepreneur you must have that entrepreneurial spiritand drive. I know I represent my brand at all times therefore I carry myself in a way that represents She Imagined Sweets as a professional and dependable business.

What makes your cheesecakes stand apart?
I know people have to look twice at them and always are in awe that they are actually tiny cheesecakes. The texture and taste of She Imagined Sweets is different from the average cheesecake. It is neither heavy nor cheesy. Also my research helped me come up with an idea for marketing my mini-cheesecakes that had not been done before. That idea was to have a bright silver mini-fork right in the middle of a delicious looking mini-cheesecake just drawing in the customer to want to reach out to that mini-fork and have a taste. I wanted this marketing image to stand out from the rest. And I believe I have created a dessert that captures your eye from a distance.

As far as competition how do you handle it and make consumers choose your product?
I try not to focus too much on competition and just focus on my own brand, product and exposure. This gives my mind freedom to create and be original. I stay creative with my branding which plays a big role in the overall experience. I believe the look, taste and the experience as they eat one of the bite sized minisattracts new customers and keeps current customers coming back.

What are the next steps planned for your business?
A She Imagined Sweets delivery truck is in the near future along with a store front. I am going for the 1800 Flowers model; Online, In store and at your door! I plan to also get my product in lounges and other establishments throughout New York and New Jersey to start.

How can we follow you and shop online?
Facebook: She Imagined Sweets
Instragram: @She_Imagined_Sweets

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