Meet The Ambitious Creator Behind Model Modele Magazine!

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Name: Kyle Daniels
Location: Houston, TX
Brand: Model Modele Magazine

What was your motivation behind starting Model Modele?
I started by creating collages for a number of websites such as,, ggurls,com and After about a year of producing content for those websites, I pondered about my own brand; a brand that would be geared towards my own personal taste.

Are you originally from Texas?
Yes, I am! Born in Houston, however, I was raised in a small town called La Grange, TX. I moved back to the city at 18 to attend the University of Houston.

What is the biggest misconception people have about you and your business.
We all face challenges every day when you’re the head of a brand but the more consistent misconceptions or thoughts about my brand are the ones that people make without doing their research on the brand.

What’s one thing you love about running a magazine?
I’ve always been a positive guy and I enjoy helping people achieve their goals. Running this publication allows me to inspire women who aspire to do something bold. I believe it takes a lot of confidence to present yourself to the world with minimal clothing and I respect that.

What’s one thing you hate?
I hate inconsistency!

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If you would give someone advice who was looking to start a magazine what would you say.
I would simply tell them to simply do their research; from researching your competition to networking with multiple people.

What are you plans for 2016 and moving forward?
I am looking into a few things for the brand this year. I would love to get our app launched prior to summer but we will see how that goes; other than that, remaining consistent.

How can we follow you online?
Instagram: @modelmodele @modelmodelemag
Twitter: @modelmodele

Personal Instagram: @mrdaniels_

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