Meet the Owner Behind Juliette The Premium Laundry Service

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How did you start your brand?
The idea of creating a mobile app to serve consumers’ laundry & dry cleaning needs first to came to me in 2012. It took me a solid 2 years to really think through the problem / solution in the industry. Throughout 2014 I built several prototypes, but it wasn’t until the Fall of 2014 that I tested a prototype in 3 buildings in NYC. From there, it just grew organically.

Growing up did you know you would get into the tech industry?
No. As a little girl, I aspired to be a lawyer, a newscaster, or someone famous.

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Do you look up to any app developers now?
That’s an interesting question. I have deep respect for everyone involved in the tech industry. It’s a changing landscape that we’re all trying to make the most of and figure out as we go along. The rapid progression of technology makes the field exciting.

Where are you from?
I was born in the Philippines and came to the US as a toddler. I grew up in Bayonne, NJ.

What’s the biggest city you’ve been to?
Does NYC count? Probably not since I live here… I’ve been fortunate enough to travel through magical cities like London, Paris, Rome, Milan, Vienna, Budapest, Prague, Athens, Porto, Barcelona etc. Although each city varies in size, they each have so much heart and character that makes them “big” in their own way. For example, the architectural designs of Gaudi that dress the streets of Barcelona mesmerized me. The lulling calm of Vienna inspired me as I considered Freud & Jung’s letters to each other. The mythical history of Athens opened my eyes to the rich heritage the Greeks have given to the world. The sweet wines of Porto continue to indulge my senses each time I think of them. The list goes on. Every city I have visited has left a big mark on me in some way.

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What’s your most favorite city to visit?
I’ve gone back to Paris and Florence a few times. There’s just something about Paris that provokes the romantic bohemian within me. And I’ve had a love affair with Italy since I was a teenager. I just keep on going back for more…

When it’s all said and done where do you want to end up?
In Italy. In a villa surrounded by rosemary & lavender that’s a bike ride away from the beach.

What is different about your company from others?
Juliette is passionate about delivering clean clothes that smell good. We pride ourselves on creating an authentic, branded experience through quality control, unmatched customer servicer, and efficient technology. Every consumer touchpoint is thoughtfully designed. And we never outsource.

Tell us the best thing about running an app
When your consumers are online based, it’s easier to grow your business. Happy customers can bring in more customers through their online network. The advent of social media also allows for organic mentions and brand awareness.

Do you have any cons?
Personal cons? Like character flaws? Sometimes when my creative side takes over, it’s difficult for me to focus, which leads to a delay in finishing projects or meeting deadlines. I can also become fixated on an idea. Then once Google feeds that obsession, sleep becomes a challenge.

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Any advice for someone looking to start their own business?
Don’t be scared. Always believe in yourself. You will always land on your own two feet – even if things don’t go according to plan. That’s the thrill of being an entrepreneur. The possibility of failure combined with the possibility of success gives you an adrenaline rush.

How can we follow you online?
Instagram: @juliettelaundry
Twitter: @juliettelaundry
Snapchat: @irechelle

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