Meet Grafx: The artist behind “Money & Memories” and “Kill ‘em All”

Sully Chaudhry also known as Grafx has appeared on television, in movies, and even national commercial campaigns. More recently he has started to gain the eyes of the music industry with his standout records “Money & Memories” and “Kill ‘em All (feat. Kirko Bangz).” We had the opportunity to sit down with him and discuss his plans for 2017.

Thanks for taking the time to sit down and meet with us. When did music become a part of your life?
Of course, thanks for having me. I gravitated towards music at a very young age. I started writing lyrics when I was probably 13 or 14.

Congratulations on your new songs and their success. Tell us, what is your average day like?
Thank you, I appreciate that. Man I just make music every day. All I’m focused on is making music. I just want to master my craft.

You have a couple new records out but you claim that none of them are official singles to your EP or Album. Can you tell me more about that? It seems like these are such big records that they could be singles.
I can’t go into to much detail about that (laughs) What I can say is that I have great fans and I just want to keep them happy. Every day I am working on music, making new music. And I want to release it so they have something to listen to, something to look forward to you know. There’s a lot of stuff happening right now for me and I can’t wait til I can share it with my fans and the world. I’m extremely blessed and grateful to be in the position that I am in.

Who are some artists that inspire you?
Man there are so many talented and gifted artists. Music is in a great spot right now.

How does it feel to be on the come up? Not a lot of artists make it to where you are now.
It feels great man. I feel fortunate. This is just the beginning.

I saw that you performed in Vegas, do you have any shows coming up?
Yeah that was an amazing experience. I do have a show coming up in March in Los Angeles. I’ll be bringing out special guests and it should be an amazing time. I’ll post up more details about that as it draws nearer on my Instagram: @_Grafx

Where is the best place for people to listen to your music?
It’s on Spotify and iTunes. If you want to listen to it for free and don’t have Spotify next best spot would be my Soundcloud. ( )

What are your social media handles?
Instagram: @_Grafx | Snapchat: @SullyChaudhry | Twitter: @_Grafx | Facebook: @TheArtistGrafx

Congratulations on all your success, is there anything else you would like to share with us?
Thank you for real. I just want to say thank you to everyone who supports me and my dream.

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