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  What inspires you to keep going while you motivate others?
What keeps me going are my little brothers. I feel as a big brother, you should want to carve a path for your little ones to follow but in doing so pushing them to be better men than I could ever imagine. I want them to be proud of me not only because of my athletic accomplishments but also because I care for them. I care about the type of students they will grow up to become, I care about their accomplishments and milestones they will surpass, I care about the productive members of society they will become but most of all I care about the God driven men they will become. Stereotypes are normal in society, I want them to surpass their society given stereotypes and be children of God while pursuing their goals, dreams, and aspirations.

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Who are you rooting to win the NFL championship?
Personally, Ive been a huge Victor Cruz fan ever since I can remember and look forward to seeing the Giants make some noise this year!! Especially now that they have a scary receiving core!

How did you start modeling?
My parents put my sister and I into the entertainment industry at a young age. They saw something in my sister in I and opened many doors and avenues for us. I never knew I would enjoy it as much as I have but I do. I have met so many genuine people on this journey and I give thanks to God for allowing me to do what I love on a daily basis.

Tell us what are you into besides modeling?
Besides Modeling, I am a Full time College student going into my senior year at Texas State University and will be pursuing my Masters degree following the completion of my Bachelors. I am also a retired Collegiate football athlete, and have plans of going overseas to pursue my basketball career after school is finished. My dad played pro, my sister currently plays pro and it is something that Ive always dreamt about. To be able to play in the same country as my sister would mean a great deal to me. Aside from the athletic part of my life, I write Poetry. I started about 4 years ago when I was about 17. It was an outlet for me, a stress reliever to help me release my thoughts onto a piece of paper. Growing up I started looking from the outside rather than from within and realized that poetry can change lives. Spreading knowledge and love is becoming a lost art and I want to be able to reiterate the love and knowledge once more like my grandparents did once upon a time. Aspire to inspire is something I hold dear to my morals.

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Growing up did you look up to anyone?
Growing up I looked up to my sister. Being a McDonalds All American, USA Gold Medalist, High School State Champion, and a Division 1 athlete its hard not to admire the hard work , determination, and resilience of a freak of nature. For me she redefined the meaning of hard work. We used to wake up at 4AM with my dad to workout out before going to school at 7am. She created new meanings for words society claimed: EAT, SLEEP, REPEAT. Many talk about it but she was and still is about it each and every day. Being my toughest critic I realized that my sister does not sugar coat anything. There is no “Everybody is a winner” mentality. You earn your keep and work for everything.

Did you grow up with a large family?
I did not grow up with a large family. My family is small and close, being biracial one would think that I would have an enormous family but that isn’t the case. My family has been my backbone for my endeavors in life. My parents instilled a hardworking mentality into me at a young age and made me understand one thing. Nothing is ever given. My dad always opened and closed every conversation with one quote: “If you always do what you’ve always done then you’ll always get what you’ve always gotten”. This is a tongue twister but it is something that guides me allowing me to never have a complacent attitude in anything that I approach.

What’s the biggest city you’ve been to?
The biggest City that Ive been to is New York City.

What’s your most favorite city to visit?
Personally my favorite city to visit is San Fransisco. It hard to actually say its my favorite but the weather and the breathtaking views definitely makes it number 1 in my book.

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What city do you have on your list to go to before you die?
I love New York City and plan on living there for a portion of my life but knowing myself I won’t be able to stay in one place longer than 2 years considering my dream is to travel the world before I die.

What advice would give anyone looking to start a brand a business.
I would definitely tell anyone who is motivated to make something of themselves one thing…… DO IT!! There is no better feeling like the one you get from investing in yourself. Progress is addicting and once you invest in yourself and not sacrifice you will be able to appreciate the fruit of your labor and give back to those who have always believed in you. But understand no matter what, you will impact many people sometimes in the smallest of ways so no matter what know that you have the support from many. If you don’t , find it deep within and chase your dream.

What are you doing today to perfect your craft?
One thing my parents instilled in me is the notion that tomorrow isn’t guaranteed sos everyday I’m perfecting my craft. In basketball, I am in the gym getting shots up , For poetry I am researching rigorously, searching for what the millennial age lacks and over looks. I am in the books making sure that I attain my Masters degree and be the first in my family to do so but ultimatley I am networking with others on a daily basis because you never know what doors that can open and when.

How can we follow you online?
You can follow my poetry Blog at
Instagram @Peoples_Marcus
Snapchat @Marcus_Peoples

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