Lindsay Lohan Transforms into Legend Elizabeth Taylor

After Lindsay Lohan’s constant attacks from the media, I am happy to see that she is getting her life and career back on track. The twenty-five year old is scheduled to play the legendary, television icon, Elizabeth Taylor in the new Life Time movie “Liz and Dick”. Costume designer, Salvador Pérez, tells PEOPLE, when Lindsay Lohan first walked onto the set dressed as screen legend, “there was an audible gasp, you’d swear it was Elizabeth”. Dressed in Taylor’s favorite style — jewel-toned cocktail dresses, fur coats and those famous gems (well, good fakes) — the actress looked remarkably like her screen idol. “She just walked into the clothes and became Elizabeth Taylor,” says Pérez. I know I am excited to see this soon to be talked about performance. Way to go Lindsay and keep working hard at everything.