Life Will Not Wait On You

oppurtunity wont wait

If you’re sitting back thinking that you’re going to just “get” what you want without putting in work, then think again. It’s not about how perfect you do something it’s about taking a chance.

When you want to succeed in life you have to get on the train to where you’re headed. One of the reasons why I loved New York City growing up as a kid was because you could always just get up and go.

No matter what you wanted to do at anytime of the day it was easy. Get in the habit of just doing it when you’re out there trying to do what you want to do.

Things won’t always go the way you want them to go. You won’t make it to the finish line with the people you started with. No matter what the case is just keep going.

You’ll appreciate what you’ve done for yourself more than what you could appreciate if you had to settle for a life you didn’t want.

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