Lacelyn Nicole Knows Exactly What She Wants!

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On a scale of 1 to 10 how innocent are you? 1, I can be pretty bad when needed!
(1 being not innocent at all and 10 being very innocent)

What is your occupation?
Process Operator

Where did you attend college?
Baton Rouge Community College

Where did you grow up?
Bayou Pigeon What’s your best memory of having grown up there? The simple life. No traffic, no trains, everything non city related. Living off the water was the way of life. My grandparents spoke mostly cajun french. From traditions to our unique culture, it was great!

How would you like to be remembered?
As a person who didn’t give up on life despite what obstacles came about.

What are some of your interests or hobbies?
I must make trips to the beach year round! I’m pretty talented when it comes to makeup, it’s my passion. And gym life is #1.

What is your biggest regret in life?
No regrets, only lessons learned. If there’s a bump in the road, I just readjust my crown and move forward.

What was your most embarrassing moment?
I was living with my parents. I came home late…my mom was sitting in the living room. First question she asked “Why is your shirt inside out?” My response: “ummm strip poker?”

If you could spend a week anywhere in the world, where would it be?
Bora Bora….tropical, exotic, clothing optional. What’s the best job you’ve ever had? Being a mom. It’s 24/7/365 but most rewarding.

What’s the worst job you’ve ever had?
Inbound telemarketing rep. We used to take orders for a male enhancement pill. It was an okay job until some of our callers wanted a little more than just to place an order!

Tell us about your favorite photo shoot:
My most recent shoot with Beans. He pushed me past my comfort zone! We did a shoot with a purple sheer piece of cloth…and only the purple sheer piece of cloth! Not sure if I was more excited, nervous or both!

What other models do you look up to, stalk or are secretly in love with?
Janice Dickenson. She’s a beast.

Lacelyn Nicole alwayz therro 22What would you like to be known for?
The mom who didn’t have a mom bod.

Do you kiss on a first date?
If the chemistry is there, absolutely!

Describe your ideal date… Where would you go and what would you do? What is your favorite drink to order on a date?
I love to have dinner at classy places such as Tsunami or Sullivan’s. That way we could conversate and take it easy. Bring on the martinis, margaritas and bloody marys!

What do you look for in an ideal boyfriend or partner?
I look for a man who isn’t scared to wear the pants in the relationship. I want someone who can take charge. If he can’t make a decision, he’s too needy or isn’t stable, he won’t last more than a week.

Lacelyn Nicole alwayz therro 223Who is your celebrity crush?
Mark Wahlberg

You and Your Body:
Are your boobs real?
Not at all. Nothing wrong with improvement right?

Do you ever go out in public without a bra?
I try not too. But if I’ve just had a spray tan, I have no choice.

What do you wear when you want to get attention?
Super short dress with amazing heels. No other way to show off my best assets.

What do you get complimented on the most?
My eyes. I’ve even been asked if the color was real or contacts. They are incredibly blue.

What are your favorite features and body parts?
Wide shoulders, broad jaw line, and a full head of hair on a man is a must! It’s so masculine.

Lacelyn Nicole alwayz therroWhat would you change about your body if you could?
I think I would be slightly taller. Just a couple inches. How long is your tongue? Not very long. Don’t get any ideas.

What kind of personality do you have?
Extremely quiet at first. But once you get to know me I’m extremely outgoing, outspoken and confident.

What surprises people about you, after they get to know you?
That I a job that is dominated by men and its extremely physically demanding. I wear flame retardant clothing, steel toe rubber boots, hard hat and goggles. I work outside, rain or shine. I work shift work as well.

In the Bedroom:
What is the craziest place you’ve had sex?
The zoo. Literally. My boyfriend at the time enjoyed “risky” sex.

Do you like it rough or sensual?
How about half and half. Depends on the mood and if it influenced by alcohol.

Does size matter?
YES. I need to feel you.

What are your favorite sexual positions?
69 is the best. n I like alot going on at the same time!

Do you have any favorite toys?
It’s called a rabbit.

What is something that never fails to turn you on?
Even though I’m not bisexual, there’s something about two woman having sex that fuels my fire. Female bodies are so sensual and sexy. Do you have

Do you like oral sex? Giving or Receiving?
Both. This way we are both winners.

Do you watch porn?
Yes. When there’s no one else around. Favorite type? Female on female.

How can we follow you online?
Instagram: Lacelyn_Nicole_Fit

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