Krista Gale Know She Sexy!


Shot by @vickirbyphotography

What have you been up too since the last time we spoke?
I have been busy with life, I moved across Canada with my family which wasn’t easy.

Tell us what are you into besides modeling?
I absolutely love makeup, I have a huge collection and love creating looks and giving make overs to others. I also enjoy hiking in the BC forests and staying active with my son.

Who is your favorite artist?
I hate name dropping so I won’t but I do admire tons of photogs as well as other models for their talent and collaborations.

What is your favorite genre to shoot and why?
I absolutely love boudoir and fashion. I get the most creative and sexy.


Most memorable shoot to date?
That would have to be when I traveled to St Maarten, an island in the Caribbean. I got to shoot with Scott Schisler and Dana Hamm from Iconic Beauty Images!!! One of the best experiences of my life. One of our images got published internationally with you, thank you AT xo

Favorite sports team!
I don’t enjoy watching many sports but I like playing them more. But I do tend to cheer for the Vancouver Canucks and the Toronto Blue Jays.

Any lucky man in your life?
For all my fans out there unfortunately I do have a very special man in my life. I actually have two, my son who is my whole world, and my very loving husband.

Tell us about your management company?
I actually don’t have representation, I am strictly freelance for now.

How can we follow you online?
I mostly use Instagram and Facebook but u can also find me on twitter, Snapchat and I have a website which I will soon be refacing.


Twitter- @KristaGaleModel
Snapchat- kristagale6

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