Kelly Elizabeth Knows The Meaning Of Hustle

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Model: Kelly Elizabeth (@kellyelizabethjensen on Instagram)
Photographer: Jerimiah Rosa
H&M: Kelly Elizabeth
Shot: Troy, Michigan

Tell us what all have you been up to since we last spoke?
I’ve been published in 10 more magazines. I’ve cut back on shooting because of work; but all the shoots I’ve been doing are being published.

Your work has progressed over the years.. who or what do you give the credit?
I give credit to new photographers and to me studying online while at the gym. You have to have the whole team on pony to create a beautiful set.

What advice would you give an up and coming model who wanted to get in the industry?
Don’t give up because you don’t get signed to an agency. Do it because you love i

Give us 3 things you love about modeling.
-Doing my own hair and makeup.
-Being able to create a character in my head and become her.
-Meeting new talented people.

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What inspires your shoots?
I have a tendency to go crazy at the mall. I come up with sets based on my clothing.

What’s the craziest thing to ever happen to you on set?
I had a blast with That Vision in LA, but I was a little turnt because of our liquid lunch in WeHo. It was an awesome crazy time that snapchat loved for Arsenic.

How often are you shooting?
I try to shoot once a week.

Are you single? if not are you looking?
I am not single. I am very far from single, haha. I have an amazing boyfriend who I am lucky to have and who supports me with whatever I want to do.

kelly elizabeth alwayz therro

What are a few of your goals in 2016?
I want to continue to grow as a model and as an artist. Meeting new people and traveling. 2016 is the year of quality over quantity.

How can we follow you online?
Snapchat: kelizabethmodel

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