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Looks like you have been busy since the last time we talked…
Yeah I work with Mega Flash Models as a hair model and I love it. Nothing like being paid to get my hair done and the excitement of having no control over it. I have been published in Alwayz Therro magazine a few times of course as well as a few online avant garde magazines thanks to the amazing talent I have worked with such as Alma Flores, Dawn Kelly and Summer Barker. I have also become an editor and talent scout for the great AT team and help produce photo shoots. I’m excited for this new journey.

What photographers are you dying to work with in 2016?
I have been in love with Mike Ho’s work for a while now. He works with some of the best and has a way of making a woman look both sexy and beautiful without it being in your face. Plus his eye for detail and his faith in God is amazing! I am also a huge fan of Jorden Keith. His work is AMAZING! He has this way of being right at the line but never crossing it. He keeps his work simple, sexy and beautiful all at the same time. Plus he is gorgeous I mean hello!!!

Let’s switch gears now, are you dating? How do you feel about this generation’s view of dating and sex?
I am currently single and actually enjoying it although I hate dating, especially nowadays. We live in a generation where people would rather just hook up and not text back. Where swiping right for a hook up is more popular than getting the nerve to take a lady out for a nice date. There’s no such thing as relationships anymore.

What is your perfect date?
I mean, obviously I would love to be whisked away to the city for a beautiful dinner and going to a show or dancing. But I don’t mind kicking back at a ball game with a beer and endless tacos followed by a bonfire for two on the beach. It’s the simple things that impress me.

What type of guys are you into?
I really like guys that can make me laugh. Sounds cliché but it’s true. If my stomach hurts from laughing so hard and I can be super playful with you then you’ve scored major brownie points. A man of faith that believes in God and reads the scripture is so beyond attractive. I want a man who can help me grow in my faith and I help him as well. I can also appreciate a man who is working hard to make something of himself and understands the hustle.

How can a guy get your attention?
By liking all my photos on Instagram of course. Haha just kidding. No by being himself and being real and by making me laugh. Leave the corny pick up lines at home please

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When do you feel your sexiest?
In yoga pants and a sports bra honestly lol it’s when I’m sweaty and have pushed my body to the limit after a bomb ass workout. Also when I’m in lingerie curled up in bed watching Kevin Hart on Netflix. Laughing, lingerie and bed are amazing aphrodisiacs

You’ve been part of the Alwayz Therro family for a few years now what is your favorite part of being part of the AT team?
They have treated me like family from day one. Kenneth and I have built a friendship and a great working relationship. Always supporting and showing love and featuring me in the magazine. I have been able to score some pretty amazing opportunities through the magazine.

Where can we contact you?
I am on IG and of course I have two accounts. My personal is @deisilvatiu and my modeling is just @dei. I’m on Twitter and Facebook as Dei Silva

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