Johnny B steady making progress

How did you start making music?
In 2004 my big brother gave me a cd from 3Milehigh a band he knew, who were making big moves on the UK scene at the time, I never imagined how much that would change my life! A few months later he took me to see them live, there I was this 16-year-old kid listening to a band id been listening to on cd for months and my brother was good mates with them! I remember thinking this is exactly what I want to do! I began reading or them, carrying gear into venues for free travel and admission to their gigs and band merchandise etc! I felt like the luckiest kid alive! Frontman Rob Karl told me to “Dare to Dream” and he proposed that I and my band at the time (State 51) should open for them at a gig six months down the line! We agreed to do the gig but the problem was no one but myself was really rehearsing, the band I was in just wanted to get high and party! I had to tell Rob that I was having to pull out of the gig due to my band basically falling apart, ive never felt so Amateur in all my life so I struck out on my own writing music as a solo artist, the only problem was 3 milehigh then went on a ten year break so during that time I hit up local open mics, did busking and built my name up as Johnny B then in 2015 i hit my all time high when 3Milehigh called me up to offer me the principal support slot on their 10 year album launch anniversary it was amazing getting to play for my childhood heroes!

Where are you from?
I grew up in a small town called Bingley in England but now I kind of move around a lot in West Yorkshire!

Growing up who did you listen to?
Growing up I was quite lucky to have such a cool family, my mum and my brother used to listen to like Fleetwood Mac, Genesis and Black Sabbath to name a few! But when I hit my teenage years I started listening to the likes of Nickelback, The Calling, Lifehouse, The Goo Goo Dolls and my favorite band I already mentioned was 3Milehigh

What inspires your music?
All sorts really, ive written the usual sort of love songs about girlfriends, good times and bad, ive written stuff about losing people, but a strong focal point in most of my music is never giving up really, I dont know I’ve just always had this drive to keep going, style wise ive always been quite rocky, but over the years it’s kind of come to a nice mix of rock, country, and blues with gruff soulful vocals, I aim to only play music that I feel connected to, like I love when people enjoy music no matter what it is, like if it works for you that’s great, but as an artist I prefer delivering a performance where you feel every word if that makes sense? One of my favorite tracks to play is the one I wrote for my daughter Paige, its called “No matter where you are” and it’s basically a message to her letting her know how proud I am of her & that even if I’m away on the road I’m always thinking of her!

What’s the biggest city you’ve been to?
It’s either Manchester or Newcastle, the one-way system definitely made Newcastle feel bigger but then despite living in Manchester for a while, every time I go back I seem to find new bits I’ve never known about, its great!!!

What’s your favorite city to visit?
That’s really tough because I love going on adventures, meeting new people, and seeing new things! But I recently played a gig with my good friend Wilson up in Newcastle and the reaction we got was amazing! The people are so friendly up there!

What city do you have on your list to go to before you die?
All of them!!!! Lol
I want to just jump on my motorbike ride all oversee everything and play music as much as possible really, but some places I really want to go are Vancouver, Sydney, New York, Atlanta, Bangkok, Krakow, Hong Kong, Budapest and maybe Amsterdam!

Tell us the motivation behind your release?
The general message behind this album is never giving up and just taking as much from life as you can but still keeping the focus on the important things in life like family! But I don’t know its kind of a mixed bag really! My best advice would check out the album and make your own connection to it 😉 haha I am really happy with how its all worked out though and I’m really lucky to work alongside Wilson who not only features on the albums title track “Standing Tall” but he also recorded and mastered the whole album too! I seriously can’t wait for us to start recording the next one!!

Where can we follow you online?
My 3 main platforms are
My website:
And Instagram:
But then I’ve got music up on iTunes, BBC introducing, Napster, Spotify, Amazon music, Google Play, Deezer YouTube and tons more sites!

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