Jill Robinson knows what it means to stay focused on the goal until you succeed

Photography by Experimental Experience

What I have learned for over a decade in the indie film industry as a makeup artist and actor is that life is a lot more fun when you’re creating. I don’t know if it’s just me but when I am on set, with professionals who make me want to be better I’m my most happy self. It makes me want to really go for my dreams and that’s what I am going to do. As a background and SOC (screen on-screen) actor, I have seen making a film from so many angles. It’s been amazing practice for me as an aspiring lead actor. I have done a handful of acting roles I am very proud of that have got me to where I am today. I always keep humble in real life and take the opportunities that come my way organically.

I’m not one who cares about how many likes or followers I have. I gave that up about a year ago when the movement of Me Too came and Oprah made her speech that changed my life. I truly felt that it’s been a burden on all women in the entertainment industry regarding wage gaps and inappropriate conduct. The way people see me is almost never the same as I see myself. Maybe being adopted and always never fitting in feeling has a lot to do with it. My work with Award-winning Density Productions, a Romanian awareness documentary film company is what fills my heart with my art. I hope that I can come closer to finding where I came from and how I can help. I love everyone for who they are. I’m the analyzer. It’s a quirk of mine to be motherly and to watch and to observe everyone around me. I do run an indie national magazine after all. My observation skills and vision are what I think make me special, I have attuned myself to the industry and what’s going on. It’s just the way I started and have continued after 3 years of creating my magazine I’m Here With. I focus on rising talent and what to watch on CBC. As I am media as well as an actor I keep my eye on the path I’m going and my heart to those who want me in their life and are kind to me and include me. I am grateful for the professional PR companies I now work with CBC, Taro PR, Parker PR, Shaftesbury, Katherine Calnan Photography, Althea Clarke, Pink Spot Studios and more.

People in the film industry especially are communicators, they love to tell stories and share others’ business. It’s called show businesses after all. The worry of being good enough is on every artist’s mind. It’s a community of people who need another and want to create art in many forms. I say don’t ever let someone steal your light and know no one can. We are all special and unique and bring our flavor of art to the screen! – J.M.R.

Since Jill Maria’s lead role as Vivie in Go Fish on Amazon Prime, created by and also starring Zulie Alnahas, she has been in over five projects this past year. Jill will be seen in theatres starting in October 2019, from being an actor in Moments and Spacetime starring Patty Srisuwan. The loss her Go Fish castmate Allan Stickel and Gerrick Winston have been a devesting few years for the Calgary industry. As for Jill, Allan was her mentor and film partner for 4 years and was in five projects with Gerrick Winston. She has been learning to live life without her past mentors in Calgary film. She still has the same friends from when she started in film in 2012 with Zulie. Her mentors Lesia T. Bear, Carla Brown, Jordan Gooden, Paul Fry and Neil Enock have kept her going. She has started classes with Vivian Woods at Universal Talent Film School and joined C.S.I.F to give back to her community. She has been growing as an artist creating alongside her next cover star and friend she calls Icon Jordan Gooden.

Jill Maria Robinson is a Romanian adopted Canadian she moved to St, Thomas at 3 1/2 then Calgary at 6 years old. Her accent is Canadian but her look is still exotic. Jill Maria is most known for her principle acting role as Vivie, on the Canadian TV series “Go Fish” on Amazon Prime. She has been seen on, Heartland on CBC, Young Drunk Punk, Fargo TV Series, Klondike, Extremity, Interstellar, Mountain Men, The Great Fear, City Palate Commercial for Shaw TV, Felipe Alberto Latin Music Video, Hot Box by Brandon Rhiness and Julie Wheland, Blue Flame by Quinton Barr for on Amazon Prime USA and UK, Sex, Lies & Murder on Reelz Channel, Extremity by Anthony Diblasi and David Bond and more.

Her career has been rising after being seen on the news multiple times in September with Jordan Gooden, for attending Calgary Film Festival and Parker PR’s opening gala The Song of Names. It got Jill thinking where she wants to go next with her film career. The Calgary artist is a reporter, storyteller, writer, actor, makeup artist, amateur photographer (for her own magazine) and all-around media researcher.

Jill Maria hopes to venture to Vancouver more this coming 2020. She will be attending the Joey Awards in Vancouver in November for being an actor in Blue Flame.

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