Jill Robinson Knows What It Means To Hustle

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Jill Maria Robinson is a Romanian born Canadian actress who is cast as a Spanish or Italian character most of her career! We had to find out more about her and what her background really is!

Jill Maria is a Canadian Go Fish star who was born in Romania and was adopted at three years old. Since arriving to Canada Jill has been in news papers about being one of the Romanian orphans who were lucky enough to leave when communism first fell in the early 90’s. Jill really hopes to build a strong brand and voice from her work in entertainment and give back to the world for real. Her whole life she has always looked different than those around her, she was raised in Ontario, and in Calgary Canada.

“I was always one of the most ethnic kids in my class, I never felt like I fit in. I did sports to connect with people but I was high energy and wanted to dance and sing and play too much. My best friend was my chocolate lab who I pretended was my brother till my brother was born when I was almost 10. I have the personality like the first born and single child. Pulse I was the youngest of 12 when I was adopted. I’m a crazy mix! “Jill Maria, laughs”.

Jill got into acting later on in her life but always had a passion for the the creative side. She was shy as a kid and got picked on, she didn’t feel confident until she grew up and was inspired by her best friend in film Ghazal Alnahas. Ghazal pushes Jill to learn more talents and creates many projects with her. They walk their path in this crazy industry like sisters as Jill puts it. They are very known for being out at events together supporting the show made by Ghazal, “Go Fish”. Now Jill Maria has a rising career in just 3 years. She first started out in entertainment as a makeup & hair stylist for local projects and as well did publicity. She has never let any challenges of her ethnicity stop her dreams. She has faced racism before and sexism in film. But keeps creating and connecting with people and wont let the negative stop what she is doing.

Jill’s love for people, connecting and supporting others is how she really fell into it. She is in the process of trying to add to and help build a strong independent film industry in her city of Calgary, Canada. Jill has been a part of over a dozen projects in the last two years. She continues to do Publicity for Canadian celebrities and rising stars she knows. After being noticed for her skills and network, Jill Maria was offered her own show in January 2016, her own entertainment talk show to do interviews for her network of talented people. She starts filming in the next few months. She wants to promote all different walks of life from many different cultures.

Jill goes by Jill Maria in film but by J.M.R as a brand to the world. She has started her own J.M.R Swag line and will be sharing it for her supporters. Tshirt, totes, photos, and a 2016 Calendar! She thought why not because people had been encouraging her for over a year to do so. Jill Maria has many sides to her, she is a support system to people as a publicist and writer for magazines, makeup artist and actress. So the J.M.R is very fitting for what she does and stands for. She is friends with many LA and Canadian celebrities and has traveled to Los Angeles over 5 times in the last year to support and connect and attended events which is she is invited to. “I have big plans for my future and for those around me who support me and live my dream with me,” says Jill Maria.

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I have Instagram and my personal facebook Jill Maria Robinson. I try to stay off line as much as I can.
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