Go Fish Girls Jill Maria Robinson and Zulie Alnahas

go fish girls

Jill Robinson and Zulie Alnahas are both rising Calgary, Celebrities most known as the Go Fish actors that help shake up things in their independent film market! The show Go Fish, is a cute female comedy created by Zulie Alnahas in 2013! The 10 episode comedy is set to be view-able on Amazon Prime in the next few months and has a second season in the works. The friendship of Jill and Zulie, who walk their career paths together have been noticed many times in the media and on the TV show. A.T has loved following the rising success of these two mid 20’s actresses in the last two years, they make their own success and never stop!

Jill is a Romanian born Canadian, she is Zulie’s Publicist and to many others around her. She has her own media site as well, but her career goals are, she aspires to continue acting in lead roles like in Go Fish. She will be putting out her first beauty scent with, Nicholson Naturals later this year. It smells like cake! Zulie is a Syrian-Brazilian-Canadian film-maker, singer and actor, with her own production company, Go Fish Ltd. with Neil Shaw.

She is in pre-production for the second season of Go Fish, a feature film, and a press tour in the states in the summer for her show. As well she will be performing her original music and dancing on stages this year. Her first single is now out on Vevo in Arabic and English, called Be Might Love Forever! The two actress are seen with an entourage everywhere they go and support many charity events all together. Jill and Zulie are both down to earth foreign-Canadian gals who are more than just pretty faces, they are determined, strong and good hardhearted women in film!

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