Jesh working the camera for Coffee and Models

How did you start photography?
It really started with my mother. She wasn’t a photographer per se but she always had a cameras laying around. So in some ways I’ve always had a camera in my hands since I could remember.

My first introduction to photography
However, my introduction to photography as an art came after high school. During that time, digital photography was starting to take off and people were starting to migrate to digital cameras. And so people ridding themselves of their film cameras. And I was able to pick up a Hasselblad 503CM for super cheap. And then my passion for photography took off from there. There was something aesthetically pleasing about the design of old film cameras that I loved – probably because it brought back such good memories with me and my mom. Eventually, still photography made way for my next passion which was filmmaking. I ended up buying super 8 cameras along side old film cameras.

Tell us what are you into besides taking photos?
I’m really into design. I love great design – branding design, interior design, architectural design, furniture design. I just love how simple things can have a specific design to them that evokes emotion. There’s something innate about the exchange that occurs between the viewer and the subject that I love.

Who is your favorite photographer?
This is going to sound silly but Michelangelo Carvaggio is my favorite photographer. Photography is about the use of light. And Carvaggio was a master at light. He was able to create scenes that were so detailed in every aspect and that his use of light really created the tone. I know that he isn’t a photographer but I believe photography starts with your vision. And if you’re able to translate the vision onto film, digital, or paint… it’s all relatively the same.

How do you stay inspired to shoot when life has the upper hand?
But creativity spawns from being pressed by the upper hand. I draw inspiration specifically from that pressure. It’s the desire to get out of that pressure, to dream of a better place, to hope for something new… that is where inspiration and creativity spawns from. It germinates there.

Did you grow up with a large family?
No. I’m the only child. And my mom was a single parent.

What’s the biggest city you’ve been to?
I was born in Upstate New York – So I’d have to say the city – Manhattan.

What’s your most favorite city to visit?
I have a few favorite cities to visit. I love traveling. I would say is Prague, Tokyo, and London – in no particular order. I also love Cinque Terre during sunset… absolutely fucking beautiful.

What city do you have on your list to go to before you die?
Fortunately, I’ve been able to visit a lot of places that I’ve always wanted to visit. But I suppose if there was on place it would be Antartica. It’s the only continent that I’ve never been on.

What advice would you give another photographer looking to succeed?
Fail… And fail fast. The faster you fail, the closer you are to success. That sounds like a fucking fortune cookie saying but it’s so true!! I read this book called 4 Hour Work Week by Tim Ferris and he talks about the paralysis we all tend to get when we are fearful of the unknown. And that if you push through the pain and fail… you realize that that failure didn’t result in nothing more than a bruised ego or something that didn’t kill you. You still have your arms. You still have your legs. You heart. Your mind… Someone told me once that in order for you to achieve something great, you would need to first do something that you’ve never done. And I think that’s true for everything. So for this instance, I would advice anyone pursuing a career in photography to push and push and push. And I’m not just talking about the pushing through the failure – but to also keep pushing the shutter on your camera. The more photos you take the more refine your visual voice becomes.

Lastly, I would ask them to define what success is to them. Most people fail to identify what that means to them. That allows you to have a specific direction, a goal, to work towards.

How can we follow you online?
You can follow me through my social outlets – @jeshbyjesh for IG and Twitter. I’m only on those platforms.
Also, please be forewarned that the work I post on my social is extremely NSFW.

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