Jane Dean Know She Sexy

Shot by Mark Louvier @MarkLouvier

How did you start modeling?
I walked by a mirror.


Tell us what are you into besides modeling?
Obviously cracking jokes, but I also love music. I sing and play guitar, piano, drums, ukulele and am teaching myself the harmonica. My goal this year is to save enough to buy a bass guitar and begin learning. I am also finishing up my first album.

Who is your favorite artist?
The problem with that question is I love music and change. I also love many genres and appreciate something from all of them. Music is powerful, so the answer depends on my mood, emotion, current state of mind and attitude. If you ever catch me singing in my car at a red light it could be reggae, 90’s rock, TEXAS country, hip hop/rap, blues, soul, jazz, pop, or Christian/Gospel. A secret about me is I cannot hold a full conversation in Spanish fluently with anyone but on a long road trip love listening to the Hispanic radio stations.

What are 3 of your top hobbies?
I love to play my guitar and songwriting. I also find peace when I get the chance these days to visit my family and go surfing and I love anything outdoors- camping, hiking, playing sports or adventure. I am not afraid of much, and love a good adrenalin rush. I may be reckless and impulsive: is that a hobby? And was this more than 3?

What do you do in your free time?
I work a lot caregiving for my grandpa, working on campus at a local foodtruck, overnight shifts with sweet Alzheimer’s patients, and I love volunteering with the Down Syndrome children. They really humble me and show me true happiness can never be bought, but be shown through action and words. I love people, and helping them in my free time. I have had a lot of help coming up myself and was raised better than to not help others.

What’s the biggest city you’ve been to?
Maybe Denver, Colorado? I have been to a lot of cities, but lets just say I enjoyed that one the most… 😉

What’s your most favorite city to visit?
If I am really homesick, definitely Corpus Christi, Texas.
I have traveled a lot for two decades, and in my experience I have found beauty in all places, even when not physically meeting societies standard of beautiful. Beauty in cities is never the places but the people. I love the beach though so anything on the water is my happy place.

What places would you like to visit before you die?
I have been to Europe (Rome, Venice and Florence), Costa Rica (Tamarindo), South Africa (Zimbabwe and Zambia), The Bahamas (all over in a boat) and Belize. I would love to teach someday in South Africa, and have thought about joining the Peace Corp to help missionaries all over while traveling.

Do you like pets? Do you own any?
I love animals, but I am a bit odd (the best people are) and really enjoy rescuing and raising wild animals. I grew up raising squirrels, raccoons, we even had a goat. I currently live with my roommate in a 2 bedroom with 3 animals. 2 cats and a dog. Lots of love, little room.

What turns you on about a man?
When they don’t open their mouth and ruin it within the first 20 seconds. No, but really every girl loves confidence, but I love sincerity. Don’t be fake when I’ll accept you no judgment being yourself. That is all we can truly ever be. Anything else is playing pretend, and I believe I am a bit too old for that these days.

In bed what’s your favorite position?
Star. It’s where I lay on my back with legs and arms stretched out and no man gripes at me about rolling in the night or stealing any covers.

What’s the easiest way to get a woman to climax?
Go buy her wine and leave her with the vibrator.

What instantly gets you off? How can we follow you online?
I am not very interested in the outside package as much as the few important qualities in the inside package. I love laughing, I am a very bubbly, outgoing, friendly girl. So if they can make me laugh a lot I am definitely interested.
I have a Facebook page: Jane Dean (College Station, Texas) and an Instagram Account: janeinsaneinthemembrane

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