Jacci Jackson Knows The Meaning of Hustle and Passion

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Photographer- Emex Focus
MUA- Yaya Williams
Hair- Jacci Jackson
Clothing- Magnolia Silks Boutique

How did you begin styling?
Fashion has always been a major part of my family. My great-grandmother Mary Ella was always known for her stylish wardrobe and my grandmother, who sang back up for Ray Charles, would hand bead her performance costumes.
I initially started my fashion business in college helping students transition their party wardrobe into a more appropriate work attire for interviews and internships. At the time my university did not offer any courses in fashion so I would drive from San Antonio Texas to Houston every weekend to assist my mentor Todd Ramos. Todd is a Houston-based celebrity stylist, he showed me the ins and outs of the business. From there, with much hard work and dedication, I was able to build my portfolio and client book and I was booked for NYFW. After I graduated with a degree in business management I made the decision to transition to New York City.

Were you afraid to move across the country?
I honestly can’t say that I was afraid, more anxious than anything. I was very passionate about my career and I was ready step out on faith and pursue my dream.

What was the most exciting thing you’ve done so far?
In the beginning the most exciting thing was attending and working New York Fashion Week. Since My career has gained momentum I have had the opportunity to work with many celebrities. I can honestly say that assisting Angela Bassett and Oprah Winfrey have by far been the highlights of my career. Looking back on how far I’ve come makes all of the hard work I put in over the years worth it.

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Are you working on any projects?
I am all about giving back to the community. I host sip and shop events around the city to help benefit nonprofit organizations. I am also a member of Fashion Group International and the Bougie Brunch committee. Once a month we host a networking brunch to bring together professional women for a day of champagne sipping, networking and giveaways. Our first brunch was a huge success!! We have another brunch coming up in August, I’m so excited!

How do you plan to expand your business?
I just recently launched my newest business venture Magnolia Silks, an online clothing and accessories boutique. Owning a boutique has always been a dream of mine so I’m so excited for everything to finally come to fruition. Everywhere I go people are always inquiring about what I’m wearing and where they can find it. So I began having closet sales on FB and IG. I have so many clothes that I only wear once, or at all. I would immediately sell out of everything! When that began taking off I thought it would be the perfect time to draw up a few designs of my own and have them put into production for my own boutique. Not only do I have one of a kind clothing but I have some of the best statement pieces you’ll find, guaranteed. Everything I wear can be found on the website. The designs are chic, stylish and most of all affordable. There are also a few other designer labels that can be found on my site. Check us out www.MagnoliaSilks.com
Use promo code ALWZTHRO17 for a 20% off your first order.

Where did you get the name Magnolia Silks?
My great aunt Magnolia Rose King was a seamstress to the stars. She designed the costumes for the Supremes and Sammy Davis Jr. to name a few. She opened her boutique SILKS in LA in the late 50s and in the early 60s she open her second boutique in New York City. In 2012 she passed away and I felt it was only appropriate for her name and legacy to live on through me.

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What would you say to young women and men trying to enter into the fashion industry?
Keep going! When I first started in the industry I heard it all; the fashion industry is to oversaturated, you’ll never find your niche, why don’t you consider another career path. You name it I’ve heard it. The craziest part about it is sometimes it’s the people that’s closest to you that can be the most discouraging. Don’t let it stop you! If you truly believe that you can make it, go for it. It’s not always going to be easy. You are going to do a lot of work, you’re going to do a lot of FREE work, that’s just part of the business, but if you work hard and if you want it bad enough it will all be worth it.

How can we follow you online?
Instagram – @Jacci_theStylist & @Magnolia_Silks
Twitter- @Magnolia_Silks & @jayceejaxon
Facebook- https://facebook.com/Magnolia-Silks
Website- www.MagnoliaSilks.com

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