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Introduce us to a day in your life.
On days that I’m home, I typically wake up around 7 a.m., walk my dog, shower and dress, have breakfast and coffee, and work on the computer through lunch.  After lunch I work out—weights, cardio, then yoga.  I then run any needed errands and do any needed housework, and by the late afternoon/early evening I get ready for whatever plans I have in the evening with friends, clients, family, or by myself.  I get home from those plans late at night, walk the dog again, and go to sleep before midnight.

On days that I’m out of town, the day can vary:  I might spend the entire day at a spa, in nature, being a tourist, trying new foods, or just stay in bed by myself or even better, with someone special (wink)!

How did growing up in California impact who you are as a person and your career aspirations?
Growing up in beautiful California allowed me to be outdoors almost all the time (we have great weather), to be active (it’s a healthy lifestyle out here; staying fit is just what we do), and to enjoy all sorts of different nature (we literally have it all; in California you really can ski all day and go to the beach for dinner!).  Therefore, living in California definitely affected my health and appearance.  Constantly enjoying good weather and nature makes one happier and less brooding, so I’m sure growing up in California affected my general optimism and happiness…which in turn probably helped me do better at school and in my jobs.  Plenty of studies have proven that being in good weather and nature makes human beings less stressed and fatigued, more creative, kinder and more generous…I generally feel more “alive” living in my beautiful, dreamy state.  It can be expensive to live in Los Angeles, so that’s definitely a motivator for me to work!  So sure, “California Dreamin’” is a real thing, and growing up here, I’ve always felt happy and free to dream.  I’m quite sure that has molded me into the person I am, both in and out of my career identities.

You’ve obtained your commercial pilot’s licenses.  What was your inspiration for doing so?
The view is stunning…it’s magical.  I see it about 15 days a month, at work, and it never gets old.  The aviation community is also full of spectacular people of high integrity and standards; I love being around them.  My grandfather was an aviator, so perhaps it’s also in my blood?  It satisfies some of that intellectual curiosity thing we spoke of in the last question; it has made me a smarter and better planner, a more logical decision maker, a more patient and safe resource manager, and it keeps me doing math in my head (a perishable skill otherwise).  I also feel a sense of accomplishment and appreciation for the magnitude of aviation when I land safely after each flight; it’s a massive privilege to fly passengers and cargo, and it reminds me every time of the magnitude of the earth…sometimes I’m awe-inspired at the science of aerodynamics.  And duh, it’s fun!  Airplanes symbolize freedom and fun, the things I love most in this world.  Getting behind the controls of a huge machine, throttling forward and rotating is a blast.

Why was it important for you to pursue additional educational opportunities?
I have a thirst for knowledge (it’s probably genetic; both of my parents have advanced degrees and worked in universities).  Simply put, I have a high degree of inborn curiosity, causing an internal motivation to love intellectual pursuits.  There are plenty of other avenues for the interested mind than going to Berkeley and getting an MBA, as I did, but for me the degrees were passports into a world of working and learning around other intelligent, curious, like-minded people. Of course, it was also an investment, a certificate that gave me higher earning potential when I worked for a company after my MBA (before I became a professional pilot), so there were pragmatic reasons to obtain the education I did.  The nonmaterial awards of social standing and prestige are unimportant to me, but they fulfill my family’s ambitions of having children who were well-educated…so it made my parents happy.  Didn’t cancel out their unhappiness at me modeling nearly naked, haha, but perhaps quelled some of their fury at my other choices!


What do you look for in a man?
Well, I’m not looking for a man; they are a bit like air, everywhere and readily available, so I don’t do too much looking.  That said, I prefer men who are accomplished, driven, powerful, wealthy, fit, physically attractive, tall, funny, worldly, and smart.  And who like me!

How could a man get your attention?
Obviously being physically attractive is going to get him noticed by me more readily. After I meet him, his personality and background are going to matter; if they stack up, he will have my full attention!

Do you take some special diet or have a strict menu that you follow to remain healthy and physically fit?
I try to eat somewhat healthfully; however, I don’t deny myself enjoyment.  I’ve eaten Paleo, and sure, my body gets even better (I’ll do that before photo shoots).  But I drink wine, eat bread, enjoy chocolate…this is a short life, and I’m not going to skip delicious food just to have even leaner muscles.  Food is one of life’s pleasures…I’m here to taste all of life.

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