How To Stay Inspired When You Feel Like Giving Up


If you think you’re just going to be happy every single day you might as well stop reading and keep living in dream land. You won’t be happy everyday.  Giving up will seem like the best thing to do.

Gone are the days when you’re a teenager and you’re focusing on the small things in life. You get older.. shit hits the fan and you have to stay encouraged no matter what or you’ll fall off quick.

Giving up is a easy way to avoid the problem. You only stay inspired when you remember where you want to go. When you focus on where you want to be vs where you’re at. How far you’ve come and how much longer you have to get there..

No one can truly inspire you, but you so it’s best to keep your focus and energy up. Watch what you focus on. Watch the people you talking too on a daily basis. Watch who you let in your life. Everybody don’t come equipped with good intentions.

Until next time.

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