Grow with people who give you peace…. Run away from those who cause you to lose who you are

Take a moment and think of all the people in your life and notice how you start to feel. Do you feel a sense of gratitude or a sense of relief because they are no longer in your life. What you choose is up to you but we want to show you how choosing positive people can have an effect on your success.

When you look at plants. If you were to talk to a plant the old school way with water and conversation you will see the plant begin to grow. Notice if you neglect the plant the plant will begin to die. If it’s always in the dark it will die. If you never talk and nurture your plants they will die.

Stay around people who want to nurture you. Also vice versa. You have to give to get. Stay around those who make you want to get up everyday and tackle the goals you have set for yourself.

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