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How are you.. tell us what made you come to the states?
I moved to the states for a better education and to advance my chances of achieving financial stability and wealth. Just being in the country is a privilege to me and I do not take it for granted

Growing up who was your hero?
My hero is really my dad, I am very fond of his philosophy of healthy mind and healthy body and the fact that he lives a very simple yet very rich in happiness and joyous life

What inspired your work?
My work has been inspired by my love of natural health, the body’s potential and the natural beauty that the human physique can achieve when immersed through the daily disciplines of healthy eating and training

Do you sell online?
I currently own a clothing brand that focuses on revealing the beauty of the male physique. My clothes allow for a better visualization of the physique while training which makes it easier to achieve results. They are made from the best eco friendly fabrics, bamboo/elastin fabric and organic cotton/elastin fabric. You can access it at

What’s one of the biggest struggles you had to overcome?
My overall biggest struggle was learning English and having to adopt on living on my own from a very young age. I moved to the states at age 17 with very limited financial resources as well as limited English. Coming from a small island I had to adopt to the fast pace of the city life.

What advice would you give someone looking to make a name for themselves?
The typical follow your dreams have been a cliche for years, yet most people seem to do just the opposite. I feel making a name for yourself is not as an important goal as is enjoying yourself. Most people strictly focus on the reward and they tend to struggle with a process that they do not enjoy, so my advice is don’t focus as much on the reward but focus on enjoying the process, in this way even if you don’t get to where you aimed you at least would live a beautiful joyful journey. That however does not mean that with any worthwhile journey there is no struggle, so choose wisely what you are willing to struggle with. I chose to struggle with fitness and clothing and marketing and sales, only because I love it.

How can we follow you online?
You can follow my ig accounts @grigorios_panselinas @demigwear @demigstore

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