Get to know King Dahtty

What inspires your modelling?
I wouldn’t say I got inspired by something or someone,but I will rather say that,modelling is what I found interesting in and I developed a great passion for it. I love fashion ,so at first I thought modelling was all about fashion until I got into it,then I realize there is more to it. My friends also pushed me into it and it has been amazing.

Growing up did you know you would become a model?
Yeah,growing up as a kid was something else,I mean my parent could tell I usually love taking part in a lot of creative works and I knew there was something in me that has to do with modelling,because modelling is I love being creative and here I am…So yes I had an idea of modeling never thought I will go into it this much.

What projects are you working on?
Right now,I have a lots of project I really want to put out there for the world to see and partake…And currently I am working on a show,I want to put up a fashion show and also brand some aspiring models,I style people too.. So I am also working on publishing a magazine with a fashion and styling concepts. I pray God help me with it and sponsors too.

Do you have a mentor?
Not really! God is my mentor. And also I have few people too.

Have you ever been to America?
I have never been to America, but trust me I can’t wait, I mean I’ve been wishing to be there and I know pretty soon I will be there.

Any advice to someone looking to get into modeling?
I don’t really have much to say to any aspiring model out there,but I will say don’t let dream just be your dream,because dreams is one of those things that keeps you going and happy. And the difference in winning and losing is most often,not quitting..So you have to play your role and do what has to be done cause life is battle and the world is your arena. Thanks

How can we follow you online?
You can reach me on IG @king_dahttybold,this is a new account tho ,lost my old account. Snapchat:@MhizclassicDahtty and my Gmail:

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