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TooReal Peters for Alwayz Therro

How did you start acting?
As a child my mom always tried to get me into show biz. I did everything from dancing, to modeling, to acting. But I was always too shy. I’d go to auditions but I didn’t speak loud enough. I had bad posture because I was too timid to stand up straight and look forward. I didn’t like taking pictures. I didn’t have any friends because I didn’t speak to anyone in my dance class. I didn’t and still don’t speak unless I am spoken too. I did however, appear on the show Kids Say The Darnest things. I did runway fashion shows until I got older and became too short. I also continued to dance. One day I attended what I thought was a dance audition but was actually an audition for the flashmob scenes in Friends With Benefits. I got casted and from there the rest was history. That same year I became Union and whenever a role came along I took it. It was never something I pursued though.

Tell us what are you into besides acting?
Acting isn’t my passion. It is something I do because I can and the opportunities always just come to me. Ultimately I want to be a life coach and philanthropist. I believe that is why God placed me on this earth. Therefore, it is a duty I am going to fulfill according to His will. I want to host my own talk show (something like lyanla Vanzant). I am in the process of building a non profit organization called TooReal’s Tea Party. I just had my 1st workshop which was a tea party based on Health And Wellness. The organization is for young ladies in group homes, foster care, and government programs. It is to prepare them for rights of passage by teaching them, building their confidence, and providing them with necessary resources.

Do you have any short term goals?
To be honored at the Black Girls Rock Awards

What are your long term goals?
To be the president of a huge organization dedicated to help making our youth better and to own several other different business including my own franchise.

Who is your favorite artist?
Top10 Tupac, Nas, JayZ, Kendrick, Jada Kiss, Biggie, Kanye (I had 6 copies of College Drop Out), J Cole, Wale, and Drake.

Too Real Peters for Alwayz Therro

Did you grow up with a large family?
My family is huge. My grandmother has 10 kids. We’re very divided though. I wish my family was more oriented. At a point we were but people grow apart. Even family in this case.

Do you have a family of you own?
Maybe in the next 6 years I will.

What do you do in your free time?
I am a loner. On a day off I’d probably stay home, read, drink a lot of wine, listen to 90s music, and dance. I enjoy my solace. I like to go out but I’m not crazy about clubbing unless I’m getting paid to be there or it’s a fete. I’m Trini and I love to fete. A fete? I’m there lol.

What’s your most favorite place to visit?
My favorite place to visit is Florida because thats where my mom and most of my family lives.

What city do you have on your list to go to before you die?
One city I’d like to visit is Paris. I’d like to live there for 2 months to learn the language and how to speak with the accent.

Do you like pets?
I had a doghter. She recently passed. She was my everything. Her death was the most devastating tragedy I’ve ever experienced. I actually cried this morning thinking about her. I lost my first dependent, my first kid.

Are you single?
I am Why? I am too busy building my career and creating my future. I do not have time to give to someone else. Because of my devotion one would take away time from the other. I rather not take away anything from what I have going on right now. When I am comfortable and I settle, I’ll start dating. Right now I have tunnel vision.

What was your longest relationship?
4 years. I was also once engaged.

What turns you on about a man?
I’m a sapiosexual. Before a man can turn me on, he has to stimulate my mind first. Then I check for everything else.

How can we follow you online?
My personal IG is @TooReal Then there’s @TooRealTV and @TooRealsTeaParty On FB I am TooReal Peters

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