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What got you into the industry?
Somebody reading this might laugh because either they completely understand where coming from or they don’t understand at all but surprisingly enough, it is the result of a sales and marketing job that I am bold enough to try my hand modeling. I don’t see too much of a difference between the two. When I did this sales and marketing job a few months back where I had to go door to door and even sell to random strangers in the subway, I really broke out of my comfort zone. That has allowed me to whole heartedly pursue modeling.

Who is your favorite model and clothing brand?
Some would think my favorite model is Tyson Beckford since so many people feel that I resemble him. But my favorite model growing up was always Tyrese. Not only is he a great model but he is also a great model for a lot of men out there. My favorite clothing brand growing up would have to be H&M. They really know how to cater to the slim man.

What’s the biggest city you’ve been to?
Apart from NYC, I would say Vienna in Austria. I’ve never been to more beautiful city in my entire life and I was fortunate enough to visit three times. The architecture of their buildings and cleanliness of their streets is truly breathtaking.

What’s your most favorite city to visit?
As much as I want to get out of New York and live somewhere else like California or London, there is nothing and I mean nothing like chilling out in Soho, NYC.

Describe a beat that instantly brigs you inspiration?
Easy question, the song that the beat comes from is called Famous by Curren$y. To me, the beat symbolizes not only in sound but also in feel and spirit, that success has finally been attained. When I hear the beat drop and those saxophones start going off then Spitta comes in with the lyrics to match the previously established ambience set by the beat, I know he’s rapping at a different level, like he finally got to where he’s been working his ass of to get his entire life and that’s where I’m trying to be. At that level of success.

Who has been the biggest role model on your life?
Another easy question, Curren$y. Much more than a rapper in my eyes. He’s he perfect example of someone who is self made and didn’t have to sign away his soul or destroy anyone’s life in the process of of achieving his dreams. I’d like to emulate that type of success as much as possible within the modeling industry.

What do you like most about modeling?
I don’t speak much at all, can’t say that it’s because I’m shy. But there is a deep pain within me that only my girlfriend seems to understand and I can’t seem to express that pain through words, but the pain is evident in a majority of my photos. I feel like modeling is the most positive outlet in which I can show that pain to the world.

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Do you have any new photo sets that you will be releasing soon?
Of course, I’m always working. This new photo set is a pretty dope and unorthodox concept so I’m hoping it will catch some eyes.

Are you working on any other projects or collaborations?
I’ve been working with my brother Noah on his upcoming music project. It’s an unique fusion of TrapSoul and R&B. You guys can lookout for music videos by Noah with me as the model/actor in some of the videos. I’m also one of the brand ambassadors and models for my brother Dio’s fashion line Visionary Society. Everyone will have the opportunity to see dope Visionary Society pieces in the music videos that we produce as a group. We got something big coming this summer. Just wait on it.

How can we follow you online ?
Instagram: @ysfeuro @jeromehinds
Hashtags: #jeromehinds

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