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Photographer: Tiffany Nacke IG-@TiffanyNacke
Hat: FishScale401

How did you get your start in modeling?
I got my start modeling when a photographer by the name of Jeffery Parish, discovered me from my Model Mayhem page.and gave me my first chance at a real photoshoot.

What else are you into besides modeling and hosting/touring?
Well hosting, modeling, & touring is really my entire life basically. from tour managing artist.

Did you have a turning point moment with your modeling, reinforcing your desire to aspire to your current path?
When I was 16 in high-school is when I became aware of modeling. It was early 2000’s so the internet was still a new place and google had just came to be. So when all my friends were egging it on that it could be something I could pursue because of my looks. I ended up skipping all my classes one day and just stayed in the library researching everything there was for me to know about what it would take to become a real model. Once I was done I kinda just sat back and thought back to myself if I wanted to go down this path I had to give it everything I had. Which I did thankfully it worked out for me because I never gave up. When I started working for Karmaloop as a real model that was a turning point for me as well to continue on. For me to have been around so many creative artist of all kinds, for me to be amongst them and have them supporting me was definitely something that reinforced myself in thinking that I really could be a working model.

Does your family support your career choices?
My family doesn’t really understand the path that I’m on. Especially not in the start of my career. As of now with 12+ years of experience within the industry and really being a real model, once my accomplishments and success began to come into fruition they understood a bit better of what I am doing. They support the best that they can 100% with everything I do. It is just a new outlook on life that they’ve never experienced before.

Who inspires you and your work?
I’m inspired by everything around me. Since I was a kid I’ve always marveled at that world around me. from music, to museums, to anything that feels free and liberating. I’m inspired and influenced by that spark in peoples lives that makes them want to keep living. that one person who dresses and thinks outside of societies normalities, I’m inspired by that person. or that young kid that is in awe by the simplest things.

How do you motivate yourself in low points?
Low points can be a difficult place to be in. And I think as a artist of any kind no matter what you do. I think people nowadays are always at a low point no matter how good they may be something is always the way they want it to be. Maybe if it is a self-esteem issue. The job they work, a relationship or whatever it may be. For me no matter how low emotionally I get I just think back at the promise I made myself to just always keep going. Which often leads me to reinvent myself some how to search for a new path within the same island of my mind that I’ve always been in. I just like to understand the issue I’m having and search for the solution.

What do you do in your free time?
I usually hang out with my best friends, go bowling, hang out at concerts. or I just fill my time listening to music

What is your favorite city and what do you enjoy about it?
My favorite city is the city I am from THE 401- PROVIDENCE R.I.
I love everything about my town. it allowed me to be everything I’m not, as well as everything I am. It completely made me the person I am today as well as the person I will always be even when I depart from it. I’ll be able to take providence everywhere with me. I already do. The culture that we have there and the excitement that always is happening within the city is even greater today than what it was when I was a kid growing up. Without providence I wouldn’t have been able to be 1% of anything I have become today. It gave me the courage to move forward. with the friends I’ve made and the ideals I’ve stood for all my life. It completely shaped me for the best and prepared me for the world outside of Providence. It gave me the opportunity to be so close to arguably the most important city in America, New York City. It taught me that if I can survive in providence, I can make it anywhere, which i have thankfully!

With your continued success, how do you give back to your hometown?
Well I’ve been giving my time and efforts back to volunteering in any manner that is possible for me. I’m not the most famous person in the world, nor am I remotely famous in any regard (though somehow people think I am lol which is cool) but I don’t let any of that get to my head. I just want to influence the youth in any manner that I can. I’ve become apart of the Big Brothers Big Sisters program. I’ve been going back to my high school and sharing my experiences and talents the best I can in hopes of giving them the opportunity to think better for themselves through me and all my failures and as well as my accomplishments.

gibran for alwayz therro

What words of wisdom would you provide to someone aspiring to a similar path in life?
Don’t make excuses as to why you can’t, find solutions as to why you can, because you should.

What physical attribute catches your attention when first meeting someone?
The face. it has to be the face. I have to want to be able to look at you when I talk to you lol. I don’t care about the physical features. just be happy, smile, have aspirations for yourself.

What do you find most attractive in the preferred sex?
Mentality. intellect, attitude. & a infinity of positive vibration

How can we follow you online?
Twitter- @modelgibran
Instagram- @modelgibran

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