Get In The Mind Of Tennesha Wood

How did you start brand / podcast?
After being on #Blacklove, many people reached out because they related to my story. I experienced so much personal growth while participating on the show. I wanted to share what I learned and keep the conversation going on DRL and explore the unique stories and similar feelings that we all share when it comes to love and relationships

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What is it like being on a national television show?
Being on #Blacklove was an amazing experience. It was a little strange having cameras follow you around for most the day but after a while you don’t even remember that they’re with you and you really loosen up and just start being yourself

Growing up did you know you would get into media and helping others?
I’ve always wanted to do something related to hosting, journalism, and reporting. I was open to any forum where I could talk to people and share their stories. When I was younger my mother used me as entertainment for company and would request that I give “speeches.” I’ve always been comfortable speaking in front of people, that part came naturally.

Who is your favorite host and or podcast?
There are several hosts whose style I admire. I don’t like interviews to feel like interviews; meaning I don’t like asking scripted questions and getting cliche answers. I like asking real questions in the moment. I like to let the interviews flow naturally; my goal is simply to have a conversion that happens to be recorded. Some of my favorite hosts like Amanda De Cadet and Oprah do this impeccably by being real and putting guests at ease.

Any advice for someone looking to do what you’re doing?
Just do it! That’s vague and somewhat cliche but it’s true, once you figure out what you’re good at and what makes you happy; just do it! I was in sales for many years before transitioning into media. Although I always wanted to be a host, it took me a while me while to “just do it.” I was scared to take the leap until I became so unhappy that I had no other choice but to go after what makes me happy.

How can we follow you online?
DRL Podcast:
Instagram/Twitter/Snapchat/Facebook: @tenneshawood
What’s was your favorite podcast episode or guest on DRL?

I don’t do a lot of solo episodes but one of my favorites was actually a solo episode. I had a sudden breakup and I was heartbroken. So I did the one thing that always makes me happy; I recorded a DRL episode. It was cathartic and raw, so much that I debated on even releasing it. I got so much support and feedback from listeners that shared similar feelings during a breakup. It reinforced my reasons for starting the podcast in the first place; connecting people through the emotions that we all share. I also really loved the episode with comedian Roy Wood Jr. from Comedy Central, I spent of the hour laughing. He’s a brilliant guy!

Why do you like talking about relationships and love?
Love is the thing we can all relate to. We’ve all experienced the emotions that come with love; happiness, hope, heartbreak.

What’s your most favorite city to visit?
Minneapolis; I know it’s not the most exciting city, but it’s home. Family means everything to me and home is where I feel most at peace. When I got home, I do nothing but hang out with my niece, play scrabble with my parents, and eat myself into a food coma from home cooked meals. I really enjoy NYC and the others places I’ve lived but nothing beats home.

What country do you have on your list to go to before you die?
Definitely Dubai; its Disneyworld, Monaco, and Las Vegas all in one place. I think Dubai speaks to our genius as human being they have the worlds The tallest hotel. The tallest building. The only man-made islands; all this in the desert.

What are your future plans for your brand?
My goal over the next year is to also do the podcast in video. I think this will allow for more interaction and intimacy with the audience. I also plan on doing live tapings and shows in NYC

What’s your motto?
Love yourself. I love love and the most important kind of love is the kind you have for yourself. Your first love should be yourself. Until you love yourself if it will nearly impossible to love anyone else.

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Who are your dream guests for DRL?
So many! First Oprah and Stedman; I’d really like to know how such a powerful woman acts in a long term relationship and how stedman feels about dating one of the world’s most powerful people. Other than that, I like having everyday people on.

What is one thing most people don’t know about you?
People always think I’m tough, and I can be, but I way more sensitive than most people think. Once I’m invested in anyone or anything, my feelings can get hurt pretty easily. The things a lot of people is that I spent 9 years in the military and 1.5 years serving in Iraq.

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