For Women: How To Keep Your Man Hard

For Women: How To Keep Your Man Hard

This is an official magazine for men, but from time to time we love to give the ladies game on how to treat a real man. This is not a magazine for men who complain about every little thing that comes in the way. We are a group of men who go get it no matter what and by any means. So if you have a man like that let us show you how to treat this young man.

You came here because you want to know how to keep your man hard and ready to give you the business right? First off, make sure that ass looking good at all times. You can’t expect a man to love what he see if you waking up in the morning and go the whole day without making your shit look right.

2nd. Don’t be afraid to explore sexy outfits to where around the house. Even when you cooking or doing laundry put on some sexy shit and don’t say nothing to him. Walk around and do the laundry like you are normal walking around the house in a thong. Trust me your man will look twice even 10 times at you “if it takes that long for him to jump on you”

It’s not about doing this only when you have to do things around the house. It’s about just doing it when he least expect it or even when he does expect it just walk around the house like it’s normal. Instead of walking around the house in “Big Bird” shorts put on a sexy thong and watch the game with him. Thank me later!

Alwayz Therro - Dana Hamm - July 2015

By Alwayz Therro Mag in Alwayz Therro

154 pages, published 7/3/2015

July is a month of American pride and celebration. It's time once again celebrate Iconic Beauty Images, and it's talent for creating some of the most unique and exciting imagery on the planet! We've seen a lot of great work from them, but this feature presentation may trump them all. We have some of the world's sexiest women with the world's most powerful animals! The best part's completely real. No photo shop needed. IBI works…

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