Putwork “Flippin Chickens” Covers Alwayz Therro July Issue 72

Flippin Chickens for Alwayz Therro 2
How did you start your clothing brand Flippin Chickens?
Funny story, I started my brand just playing around, I was in a night clubs with some of my friends I remember them playing some trap music. I can’t remember the exact song and I yelled out “whippin n flippin chickens” and I just thought it would be dope to turn a chicken upside down! And walaaa flippin chickens haha

Growing up did you know you would get into fashion?
Not at all I never saw myself doing this at all, I was mostly focused on my music. I had started a team with few friends of mine we called our self “La Familia” we were all music recording artist, and I had done a few hats and sweaters with our “La Familia” logo for me and my team and everyone just kept asking me where can they purchase our merchandise so i started doing shirts, jerseys etc.

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Tell us how New York has had on your brand?
I’m an artist, so I do alot of shows in New York, and also am affiliated with alot of rappers, so word got around quick, plus that logo man just sold its self… Everywhere I went people would ask me where I got my hats lol

Who is your favorite designer growing up?
I really liked Versace… He definitely has alot of dope items

What’s your most favorite city to visit?
I really like Miami, I have alot of friends there. Also Dominican Republic I love seeing my family out there and they really love the brand out there.

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Give us 3 tips for staying when focused when it seems like you not making progress?
Never give up.. you just never know how far you can go unless you keep pushing. Opportunity surely won’t come knocking on your door looking for you and you don’t want to be old and broke.. haha come on now.

How do you deal with negativity?
I usually just stay away from negativity, good vibes always around me, I keep a small circle its more of value if you dig what I’m saying.

What city do you have on your list to go to before you die?
I definitely need to go to Dubai before I’m 6 feet under… but def would love to go around the globe… that would be a dope experience.

Is your clothing line unisex?
Yes I have women and men wearing my brand…. It just wouldn’t be fair if I only did it for one haha.

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Do you have any fashion hobbies?
Well actually I like drawing, so I would always be drawing stuff… I’m always up to something.

How can we follow you online?
You can follow my Facebook at Casino Putwork,
Twitter @putwork
Instagram @putwork666
Snapchat @putwork
you can also find my music on Youtube, Datpiff and Soundcloud @putwork

July Issue 72

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