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Juicy_vixen asks do you enjoy what you’re doing? Has it made a difference for you?
Fazon answers: I love what I’m doing. There’s no way I could do this unless I loved it. I enjoy being myself in front of the camera and letting go in some images. My career has made a difference for me as far as stress levels. I’m way less stressed and have more fun than most of the people I’ve grown up with. Love yall! Lol

Teodolinda1 asks: Do you want to be famous? Or are you already famous?
Fazon answers: I don’t really want to be famous, but I do love when someone sees me in the street and I’m blessed with the opportunity of taking a picture with one of my fans or supporters. It could be from online, someone who’s seen me at a show, or on television. That’s super dope.

Bis4bad asks: where do you see yourself in five years?
Fazon answers: I see myself helping and giving back to the community and environment through several charitable and community service projects. Helping out the ones who really matter while traveling and touching the lives of the people who need that moment with the person they look up to. You never know how much of an impact you can have on someone’s life until you just try.

No.iglisa asks: If you could meet anyone dead or alive who would it be?
Fazon answers: In regards to events that have been going on as of recent and the inevitable reactions of the community and police force. I think I would like to meet Martin Luther King. I would like to meet any person that could preach positivity and peace, yet be strong enough to lead a movement. Black lives matter, because All lives matter. All lives matter… I really mean that.

Iamnoahlove asks: What’s the hardest part for you in the modeling world?
Fazon answers: The hardest part for me in the modeling world would have to be when I am pre judged before I’m met or people expect this a**hole of a guy. I’m cool af. I love people and I love my job, but yeah resting beast face could be a problem haha.

Fazon Gray for Alwayz Therro

Lyndseyariel asks: business/personal – what made you start your career and how long have you been doing it – what do you like most about it – where do you want to end up
Fazon answers: People around me definitely made me start my career. Being stopped randomly in the streets and getting asked if I modeled, those weird uncertain approaches from people which actually lead to a few of my first shows and shoots. Never would have seen myself falling in love with it but I did. The thing I like most about modeling is that it’s such a connected world to everything. Whether it be fashion, fitness, music, the arts, advertising . Anything you can imagine could relate to modeling. I will be and have been exploring more sides to the industry other than modeling. My end goal is to be happy and able to provide for my family. Like every man should want…. a strong foundation and support for his future seed/s and to be as happy and comfortable as possible. A happy wife is a happy home, and an unhappy wife… well we just gonna keep that a** happy lol.

Fixurfeet asks: I’m in the or right now. About to fix a hammer toe, and I wanna know how important are feet to you when it comes to a woman?
Fazon answers: That’s dope that you help change people’s lives fixing their feet. I’m not into feet or anything like that, but for some reason I feel like if you take care of your temple as a whole you look so much more attractive to me. You can’t have messed up feet. Walking around in the summer covering up all the time. I know them feet sweatin girl! Let them monsters breath! Good feet… major key.

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Cancook2 asks: tell me what type of food you eat to make you look so awesome and so healthy? Also can I be your private chef?
Fazon answers: I eat a lot of grilled fish, chicken, brown rice, and salads. I also enjoy fatty foods so I cheat every once in a while. The key is small portions and drinking a lot of water. Also working out! Don’t expect to look good in an underwear shoot or swimwear shoot if you just started preparing for it physically the day before. Your work will always speak for itself! Stay on top of your sh** or you will look like sh**. You want to be my private Chef? I’ve seen your food it looks good as he** Would love to try a plate for my birthday coming up soon August 13th! Maybe that could be the start of something beautiful. Told you I love to eat!

Janna_ga asks: what challenges you to stay motivated physically and mentally?
Fazon answers: Again I love food. Good and bad food. Sometimes it’s challenging to not eat certain things and to roll out of bed and force myself to go to the gym. It’s so worth it in the end though. Not only do you look great after but you feel great about yourself. Not only health wise but you gain that sense of accomplishment knowing that you’re doing something needed to better yourself.

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Teodolinda1 asks: have you ever had a white girlfriend?
Fazon answers: Hahaha yes I’ve had my share of Becky’s with the good hair. I don’t base relationships on race. That would actually make someone a racist which I think a lot of people don’t get, but I won’t get into that. I don’t care what your background is that never determines if you’re a good person or not. Experiences often do, and I’ll take a person who’s good to me and who respects me mutually over someone who I’m just supposed to be with because of the color of our skin.

I’d like to thank everyone for participating! Sorry to those who didn’t get picked for this question and answer segement. I love you all and will respond to you individually but give me enough time there’s a lot of people. Feel free to hit me on snap! I know it sounds cliche, but I do this for you. In hopes that I can impact you directly in a big way someday. Most importantly stay blessed, progress, and show the world what you can do. Especially when they don’t believe in you. Dreams do come true and when they feel deferred make them happen. No one else will besides you.

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