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Chris Medico A pleasure to sit down with you. If you can describe your reason for living.. what would you say?
First off thanks for allowing me to be interviewed! I would say my reason for living is to inspire and motivate as many people as I can and to enjoy every day. What is your occupation? I work as a corrections officer and I LOVE it! Something different every day, you never know what you will walk into.

Growing up did you know you would be into training?
NO! I was always an active kid but I never thought weightlifting would be as big of a part of my life as it is now. I graduated high school in 2005 and was about 5’3 135lbs. It took me until my freshman year of college to discover just how awesome weightlifting was and how many positive benefits it holds!

How long have you been working out?
I began seriously working out 13 years ago! I never see myself stopping! I got big with the fitness bug.

Who is your favorite fitness inspiration?
I have a few l. But recently Chris Bumstead has been a huge inspiration. He has an awesome work ethic and is always hungry for that next chance to compete.

What’s the biggest city you’ve been to?
Las Vegas! What a place. I highly suggest everyone goes at least once in their lifetime. The Strip at night is a whole different world.

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What do you enjoy doing outside of the gym?
Reading, I am an avid reader so I try to read for at least a few hours every day. I am also an Xbox nerd!

What is your favorite junk food?
Anyone who knows me can tell you that I have a HUGE sweet tooth. I would have to pick donuts as my go-to junk food.

What motivates YOU?
I had a pretty major head injury when I was younger. I tripped over my untied shoe lace while playing kickball and hit my head on a tree root. Fast forward and I wound up having a blood clot the size of a hockey puck pressing against my brain. After a few months, I was back on he ice playing hockey and with no negative side effects. Being able to overcome such an event at a young age has really helped me with who I am today. I fight for what I want and don’t stop until I get it!

What advice would you give another dreamer looking to succeed?
NEVER GIVE UP! No mater what you want to do in life there will always be people who try to shoot it down or talk you out of it. This is your life and YOU should do what makes YOU happy.

What are your future plans for fitness?
I am a men’s physique competitor so right now I am training for my next show coming up in March 2018 hoping to come home with some hardware! Aside from that I would love to gain a supplement sponsorship and be able to experience more of this industry that I have given a good part of my life too!

What type of music are you into?
The screaming kind! I love that loud type of music for the gym. It gets me pumped up!

What is your favorite type of supplement?
Pre-workout! I love trying different brands and seeing how they can help during my workout!

How can we follow you online?
I am very active on social media! Instagram is my favorite platform.
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This article is published in January issue 90

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