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Photography Inspiration – Jerome Licht Mastering The Lense

Photographer: Jerome Licht Location: Switzerland We don’t have to be in the same country to have the same taste in photography. We are giving this one shine because of the mood of every shot.. What you see is real time quality. Rawness of an environment brought to life.

Turkina Faso Knows The Camera Well

Photographer: Turkina Faso Location: London/Moscow The times when you can just point and shoot are over.. Everyone has a decent camera.. What are you going to do with what you have is how your work comes out. Great job Turkina. Excellent inspiration.

Fabien Vilrus – Creating stories one photo at a time!

Photographer: Fabien Vilrus Location: Paris/London The more you see photography these days you see a photographer who tells stories. Fabien does a great work in the composition of his photos. The photos create a story that brings you in and makes you want to see more. A+ for Mr. Vilrus.

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Denis Pestov Master of the Lense

Photographer: Denis Pestov Location: Russia

Photographer Jeremy Jennings Knows His Camera Well

Where are you from? Phoenix, Arizona What’s the motivation behind your most recent shoots? Traveling!. I’ve been motivated to work in different cities to network with more models and artists to help me grow Not just locally. What was the theme on concept behind your most recent favorite shoot? I

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