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My Lovely Experience With Hund’s Recycle Factory

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By Carlton Photography

The dog days of summer are upon us. With the hottest days in full swing, the beaches, parks and family trips are all the rage. As I sit back and reflect with a frosty mug of ice cold ale for my hard work over the past few months, I notice that I am feeling more fit and looking better after losing 50 pounds. My journey started in May with a bike purchase from an eclectic shop called Hund’s Recycle Factory located in Norfolk Virginia on Colley Avenue.

I was searching of a way to improve my fitness without breaking the bank. At first, I read a few articles, then felt I needed a more basic approach. I went to a few bike shops at different locations, all telling me that an $800 bike is what I needed. Actually, the whole process was rather disappointing because I felt that my bank account was more important than my needs. I even searched a few online options, only to be turned off by shady voices on the phone trying to lure me to some odd location on bad street. The further you go, the worst it gets and their house would be the last one.

One afternoon while driving down Colley Avenue, I spotted a building with a vintage bicycle on its roof. From the outside, you would not think much of it, but once I crossed the threshold, I knew that I was in the right place. The overall vibe of the shop was rather laid back, with many customers who had a true passion for cycling. As I walked around, I felt no pressure to buy, but saw some awesome bikes that brought back memories. One Schwinn mountain bike stood out from the rest, so I asked about it. Andrew, the shop owner, approached me with a great attitude and gave me some Schwinn history.

Screenshot 2014-09-29 20.00.45The whole concept of Hund’s Recycle Factory is what caught my attention. By taking used bikes and restoring them to working condition, the environment is helped tremendously. Many of the bikes are in good condition,only requiring a slight adjustment or quality replacement part. I would be on the road at the right price. They have a wide selection of single speed, fixed gear, mountain and vintage bikes. The fact that many of the staff work as a team and are knowledgeable impressed me. The passion they have for cycling is evident as many ride during the week. The shop also has parts and accessories, so no need to worry.

What I liked was that Andrew listened to my cycling needs and met them. Customer service is the key to the shop’s success. I watched how people seemed really pleased and would prefer the shop to be open 7 days a week. Now evenTeam Hund needs a day of rest, which they take on Mondays.

The overall journey was not as easy as I thought it would be. My first 3 miles seemed like an eternity, as more seasoned riders passed me. I looked to them for inspiration and felt happy as some asked me about my cool mountain bike. As I worked up to 20 miles a day with diet changes,the weight started to come off. I am so happy and will continue to ride, as it has been such a positive experience for me. The smile on my face tells the story. Thanks toAndrew and the Hund team for sharing your love of cycling with me.


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Beautiful, Dirty, Rich Editorial By Dawn Kelly

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Model Dei Silva

Model: Dei Silva
Hair/MUA: Summer Artistry
Medium Used: Kodak Portra 400 ISO 35mm film

My entire life I battled severe depression and I hated myself, and I didn’t know how to stop. I grew up with a schizophrenic mother who was often emotionally and sometimes physically abusive. She and my father fought constantly, and at four years old, I remember dishes flying across the kitchen and shattering all over the walls and floor. I ran and hid under the stairs, terrified. At school I faced severe bullying for eight years. I had nowhere safe to go. It was torture.

Somehow I became this monster that I couldn’t control no matter how hard I tried. Needy and desperate for love, I found it in men who took me home from clubs, and who cheated on their wives with me. I did something called “Mainlining” in addiction language. I was deep into a sex and love addiction, and I barely lived through it after losing my job and having a nervous breakdown at 23 years old. I clung to God and he helped me survive and prevented me from taking my own life. I got some help, but not the true help I needed. I continued to act out in smaller ways with men, to lie about who I was, and to hide behind a mask because it was the only way to survive.

Four years ago, after seven years of marriage to my best friend, I fell into my addiction again, and I almost lost everything I had. I was spinning, hurting, confused … yet determined to not go through what I’d gone through in the past, because I knew that if I did, I wouldn’t live through it again. That’s when I saw a sex and love addiction specialist, got diagnosed, and started my recovery.

Recovery is the scariest and most painful thing you can go through. It was worse than anything I’d ever survived. It was worse than losing my father. I was forced to drop my mask and stare in the mirror, finally being honest with myself. It was a time to start forgiving myself for the things I’d done. That was the hardest part, and I still regret my sins every day. The pain was emotional and physical. It felt like someone was peeling off my skin. Two months in and I asked my therapist when the withdrawals would stop. He reassured me that around ninety days I would start to feel better. It was three months of hell.

I’d like to say I was perfect in my recovery, and that I have four years of solid sobriety, but that’s not true. I’ve slipped many times, but I’m finally getting better. This past year has been the best of my life. I’ve dropped the mask and I finally feel free. All the pain was worth it.

Beautiful, Dirty, Rich is a deeply personal project for me. I was able to mix the music from the clubs where I had been so used, and to show what it felt like to be me. I hope others can grasp some hope from it.

See more photos from this article when you print or download September 2014 issue here

Dawn Kelly
Member of Wedding and Portrait Professionals International
(209) 324-3603

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Fresh Face | Jessica Classey

Photographer: Catharina Christiana, C3 Photography
Model: Jessica Classey

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I founded Tommy Blades Creative in Oregon as a regular guy who pursues his passions and is lucky enough to do what he loves for a living. My biggest inspirations have been the mountains, trees and other outdoor wonders of the Pacific Northwest. However, I also lived in Utah for a short period of time, which is where my love of photography was born.

I created my own online business at age 12, and having always been motivated by fashion and art, eventually specialized in street wear. I have worked tirelessly since then to blend my original fashion ideas with my own artwork.


My discovery of photography only served to push me farther in my ambitions. It was my way to escape from the daily grind and lose myself in the unknown. Capturing the diverse natural surroundings of Utah — desert, forest, canyons — became an obsession that gave me shivers when I sat down at my computer later that day to relive the natural beauty. It made me feel refreshed.

The fact that this is a small company is a source of pride for me. It should be obvious there is a person behind the camera and on the other side of the computer screen. That person is me. I want purchasing a Tommy Blades product to be personal and unique. I not only interact with my customers in taking orders, but I’m also involved in packing the order and hand-writing the thank-you notes that customers receive.

My community is important to me, which is why I utilize local Pacific Northwest companies in addition to international companies in the creation of my products. This is where I was born and raised, and I want to do all I can to ensure the community prospers.

Wearing a Tommy Blades hat isn’t like wearing any other hat; it’s a message and a feeling — a way of seeing the world. I want my products and my logo to represent more than just me. I want them to represent a community of likeminded people that is bigger than any individual. When you see yourself in the mirror wearing one of my hats, you should be reminded of our values — the company’s and yours — and the same goes for when you see somebody else wearing one.

I value hard work. I value my family and my friends, who have supported me through everything. I value a healthy lifestyle and habits. I was a Division III soccer player with a dream to play professionally, and I did. After that, my dream company to work for was eBay Inc., and I up and moved to Salt Lake City to work for them and quickly became a part of their leadership. Now, I am focusing all of my time and effort in the PNW on developing Tommy Blades Creative and connecting with likeminded people throughout the world. Nothing can stand in the way of our dreams if we pursue them hard enough.

If that mentality speaks to you, then you are also Tommy Blades material. Join me in pursuing our dreams. Let’s take these next steps together.

Remember: Stay Sharp, Be Different.

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