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Tom Ford speaks on being named dropped by Jay-Z

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American designer Tom Ford recently gave an Apple Talk in London. During the appearance, he touched upon many subjects, one being his marriage to his partner of 27 years, Richard Buckley.

On the issue of the popular Jay Z song which name drops him, Ford admits he’s surprised about the response. “It wasn’t what I expected – I had to go online and see what it really meant. What really freaks me out is when he’s at a giant stadium and performs it and there’s 60,000 people screaming your name. If you’re in the business of a brand it’s one of the best things that could happen to you.”

One day you’ll have someone screaming your name!

A Jewelry line to keep in mind for your lady – Cocoa Jewelry Spring Summer 2014 Collection

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You want your girl to light up when you get in the room? Get her this set. Get a back stage look at our Spring Summer 2014 collection. See how we style our pieces for our fashion shoot. Narrated by Creative Director Nancy

See what its like to shoot with Buick and Marisa Miller

Marisa Miller in Buick Enclave Commercial behind the scenes From: Yedikimin

Marisa Miller in Buick Enclave Commercial behind the scenes From: Yedikimin. Buick is a really solid car for a really hot girl!

Go behind the scenes of Beyonce shooting with Jay on Set

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(Jake Nava) captures excllent footage of the power duo!

Get a first look of 2-Infinity London Lookbook Behind the Scenes


It’s always good to see great visuals behind a masterpiece! Check out 2-Infinity London’s Behind the Scenes video

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Photography Inspiration | Gokturk Ayan

Photographer: Gokturk Ayan
Location: Istanbul, Turkey

Photography-by-Gokturk-Ayan-5 Photography-by-Gokturk-Ayan-14 Photography-by-Gokturk-Ayan-4 Photography-by-Gokturk-Ayan-2 Photography-by-Gokturk-Ayan-1


Go behind the scenes with Peter Arzeno shooting

Photography Inspiration | Teresa Queiros knows how to use the camera very well

Photographer: Teresa Queiros
Location: Portugal

Photography-by-Teresa-Queiros-21 Photography-by-Teresa-Queiros-22 Photography-by-Teresa-Queiros-25 Photography-by-Teresa-Queiros-26

Getting ready to do some shooting this Summer


Can’t wait

Eric Martin knows exactly what passion is all about! Go inside SEVEN POINTS Retail Store

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(Los Angeles, Ca) — In March 2014 we visited Eric Martin of Seven Points retail store in downtown LA. From the moment you walk into the store you can feel the city life take over you. The friendly staff greeted us and showed us around. This place is deff one you should try out.

What will it take you to succeed? How far are you willing to go to get what you want. What will you let you go? Eric knows exactly what it takes to see the next level in your life. Check out exclusive interview below:

How do people get their brands in Seven Points? Do you actually have to sell the concept or do brands just want their products to be featured in your retail store?
Brands present themselves to us on a regular basis.  We also pursue some brands to introduce them to the store and the concept.  we usually come to terms quickly after we discuss philosophy of Seven Points.

Our magazine is all about passion! What is one thing that could have stopped you from opening the store what would they be?
Well if anything could have stopped us it would have been running into more construction issues. We remodeled this whole place. Our original plan was to put 180,000 into it. They always tell you to plan for double and twice as long well that is absolutely true! We went way over our budget, but we paid for it and now the store is up and running! Its building every month so we are really optimistic about the future.

What didn’t stop you?
You have to take a chance and sacrifice. I sold a lot of my assets my house, my car, my motorcycle, my jeep. I sold a lifestyle that was pretty set to reinvest and do this. It was a sacrifice that I knew would be painful for the first couple of years,  and now its going to pay off.

Whats you goal for the store in the next 6 months and the next 5 years?
The next 6 months we want to have our website up and running as a resource for people to go to and order unique products. We like to carry some unique pieces within different brands. We go for the crazier and wilder stuff that you may not find everywhere. As far as the store we want to help build downtown L.A. as the new shopping area. There are rumors of all kinds of different stores popping up. We want to be apart of that growth! We want to change the store fronts.

As far as growth do you want to actually have your hand in stores?
I don’t necessarily have a hand in the other store but just an influence. I think downtown is poised to be and stay the new hot spot for shopping and more. There’s more bars, restaurants, clubs and retails stores popping up left and right. Urban Outfitters just opened up. Once we get our spring inventory we will start implementing our marketing efforts to the lofts, hotels, concierge in the downtown area. Word is out we do get a lot of that traffic from the hotels and lofts in the area.

If you could give someone advice on following their passion taking a chance what would you say to them?
I would plan for it, if it sounds good and it feels good you just have to go for it. I mean the way I look at it is this.. we live in the Untied States of America and if you have a goal and you give it your all and you fail the first time and you fail the second time and the third time if by the sixth time you don’t find success then you are probably doing something wrong the system is kind of designed for you to keep on going. So you have to try it once and try it early, don’t procrastinate and just go for it. Worst case scenario you lose, but you won’t die!! Keep on moving!!

How can we follow you online?

This article appears in our April 2014 issue. Get your copy here

What does LOA Apparel mean to Cesar?

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How did LOA Apparel start? All my life I’ve been  into fashion. The past few years I’ve been into the Law of Attracton. While going through Netflix I ran across a movie called “The Secret” and it changed my life. I was always trying to think of a name. I didn’t really want a normal name with no meaning. So I thought of Law Of Attraction with a deeper meaning! I just want to spread the message that you can attract great things in your life and do anything all from your thoughts.

As far as LOA… it does have a powerful name. How do your clients respond to the name of your company?As a whole they respond to it very well. The biggest challenge to my company is most street wear is geared towards violence, but my thing is to stay positive even tho you don’t really get a great response from being positive now days. I like the color Gold. It represents the finer things in life. Having a golden state of mind!

When you see someone wearing your apparel what are they saying?
I’m a thinker! People today don’t think. The one thing you have control over is your thoughts. So when they wear my clothing they are making  a statement saying that they are a conscious thinker and I shape my life with my thoughts.

Would you say your mind is your most powerful weapon in running this business?
Of course! Ever since coming across Law of Attraction, Think and Grow Rich and positive audio books it pretty much made me say who cares what people say don’t have that doubt just try it out.

What helps your ambition along your way do you have a mentor or do you stay motivated by yourself?
I’m self motivated, just seeing where I came from. A Single mom who did what she had to do to help me out. She worked full time at McDonalds to send me to private school. People think you’re rich when you go to private school, but she did what she had to do. I’m motivated by seeing the future. How its going to be not how it is.

What’s the most rewarding thing to you so far?
Knowing I’ve done something and I won’t stop

Are you solo right now or do you have a team?I’m building a team at the moment. I have friends who will help with me. Like friends with a camera if I need a photo shoot done they will come along. It’s difficult because you have to do the marketing, design and manage sells alone when you start.

How long has LOA been around?
About 6 months!

Where do you see your apparel like by the end of 2014?
More merchandise, more followers, more people wearing the brand and getting into certain stores!

How can we follow you online?

Instagram, Facebbok & Twitter @LOAapparel

See more photos from this articel in the April 2014 issue. Get a copy here

Photography Inspiration | Venetia Dearden

Photographer: Venetia Dearden
Location: London, UK

Lifestyle-Photography-by-Venetia-Dearden-8 Lifestyle-Photography-by-Venetia-Dearden-23 Lifestyle-Photography-by-Venetia-Dearden-21 Lifestyle-Photography-by-Venetia-Dearden-20

Deborah knows what it takes to succeed!


A native California girl, Deborah has always been the creative one among her two brothers and one sister. From an early age, she was always drawing and then graduated to painting, which led to her desire to become a Hollywood makeup artist. Her interest in photography is also another hobby she enjoys.

Moving around the country because of her father’s work, she learned to put her leadership skills to use, making friends easily no matter where she was and who she was with. Once she graduated, she moved to San Diego County, to be closer to and roommate with friends she went to school with many years ago.


She currently resides in San Diego County, working at Starbucks and saving up for makeup school, but she has her circle of friends that she goes out with several nights a week. Fun and outgoing, she never is at a loss for things to do and places to go!

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Photography inspiration by Ben Sandler

Photographer: Ben Sandler
Location: Paris, France

Photography-by-Ben-Sandler-19 Photography-by-Ben-Sandler-5 Photography-by-Ben-Sandler-4

Irina Shayk shoots for Beach Bunny Campaign