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Shane Burroughs Mastering The Lense!

What’s the motivation behind your most recent shoots? Recently I’ve been trying to apply a more artistic feel to my imagery. Nowadays it seems that a large percentage of photographers have gone “social media mainstream” by capturing images that don’t have a story to tell. When people view my work,

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Carolyn Bridget Kennedy: The Alluring Trailblazer

Written by: Richard J. McRae Photographs by: Edward Ross It was back in the summer of 2015 when we met with YouTube sensation Carolyn Bridget Kennedy. We talked with her about her beginnings in the entertainment industry and how she came to create her first YouTube webseries “The Bridget Linden

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Quick One On One With Mr. Guercy!

Photography: Sino (@iamsino) & Sophia Lauren (@mssolostar) of Gvi Photography (@gvifilms) Model/Actor: Ray Guercy (@Ray_day9) Tell us what are you into besides modeling? I am into Acting. Besides acting, I’m about my business. I am the Partial creator of Cloud 9TV, which is the brand that has bought the world the hit web series “Money

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Maren Klemp Knows How To Work The Lense!

What’s the motivation behind your most recent shoots? My motivation behind this series called “The Veil Of Fog” is to put the spotlight on mental illness. I have always been interested in psychology, and when I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder a couple of years ago it felt natural to

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Meet The Ambitious Creator Behind Model Modele Magazine!

Name: Kyle Daniels Location: Houston, TX Brand: Model Modele Magazine What was your motivation behind starting Model Modele? I started by creating collages for a number of websites such as,, ggurls,com and After about a year of producing content for those websites, I pondered about my own brand;

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Why you Should Hire a Company to Take your Product Photos

If you are selling products online, high-quality images are a must and very important to your business. Product photos can make or break a sale. Hiring a company for your product photos can take your business to the next level. Why Great Photos are so Important If you’ve been taking

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A$AP Rocky x GUESS Collaboration

This A$AP Rocky x GUESS Collaboration is something to look out for.  

 Why Quality Photos Is Important for Building your Brand

In building awareness of your organization, whether products or services, photography can take the backseat. Unfortunately, more often than not, there is no budget allocated for photography. A last minute rush around the stock libraries or images grabbed from someone’s cell phone is hardly a satisfactory solution! We live in

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Model Ruby shoots Graffiti Vogue shot by Brandon Caffey

The project is titled “ Graffiti Vogue” Are you an Artist or into Art? I believe we are all born artist’s, people just express their artistic skills in different ways. I express mine through modeling with other photographers. How do you feel about Graffiti and Spray Paint Art? I absolutely

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Michael Knight A Master Of The Lense

“It’s always a pleasure working with Michael Knight” How long have you been a photographer? 8 years What’s the motivation behind your most recent shoots? I think the motivation behind my recent shoots is trying to master capturing my subjects in a voyeuristic manner. I like the idea/concept of it because

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