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Rated Next | Tiny – ‘What You Gon Do?’

tiny what the fuck you

Challenging video coming from Tiny here.

Must say we can see this being played by all the women this summer.


Rated Next | Juicy J f/ A$AP Rocky – ‘Scholarship’


You going to see all the strippers getting it popping with this.

Rated Next | Stalley “Feel The Bass”

The beat is a perfect melody. Mellow voice you can jam this track all night on repeat smoking a fatty.

Rated Next | Ghost – “Introspect”

Ghost 1

Ghost released his debut single “Introspect”. The single is apart of Ghost The Producer’s forthcoming EP album, COGITO ERGO SUM, which releases Aug. 20th 2014. The 5 track EP album was produced by Ghost and co-produced by Self (Movie Director of Music).

The album features an array of artist including Carly Jo Jackson (America’s Got Talent), Crystal de la Rosa, Calvin Cross, Dan Tiger, Self, & Compton.

1. Introspect (Mirrors) [Ft. Crystal de la Rosa]
2. MPL (Martian Party Lounge)
3. Banshee (Ft. Self & Carly Jo Jackson)
4. Stratosphere (Ft. Compton & Dan Tiger)
5. L’n’L (Ft. Calvin Cross)

Ghost The Producer from Jacksonville, Fl is an American producer, songwriter, and CEO of CRYogenic Productions. With music coursing through his veins it was only natural for him to have an affinity for the business moves of singer, songwriter, and producer, Self, the owner of Self-Inc., LLC. Self made him his protégé and showed him the foundation towards producing, helping him to create his own sound identity.

Soon Ghost began to blend multiple genre’s into one. Ghost would take many visits to KDS Music Studios, giving him the opportunity to acquire a very lucrative contact with world renowned singer, songwriter, producer, engineer, and owner of Studio LiveUSA, David Mikeal. Working with Mr. Mikeal pushed him further to absorbing and learning the ins and outs of producing & engineering. While trying to quench his insatiable thirst for music knowledge at KDS, Ghost crossed paths with another world renowned musician and producer, Brad Daymond; known for his work N’Sync. The aptitude of knowledge Ghost has given fruition to his forthcoming EP album.

Download “Introspect” on iTunes:

Rated Next | Lykke Li – Gunshot

Screenshot 2014-07-17 00.51.56

When the track come on you can sense the urgency in the track.

Perfect for making someone hit repeat.


Screenshot 2014-07-04 06.50.08

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