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Rated Next | Stranger

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When the track comes on you can feel the energy put into the song. The hypnotic beat with a great melody is something you can see yourself jamming when you’re going or leaving the club.This song is an all around hit.

Listen to the lyrics of the song. We especially love “I saw in to the future what a glorious burn” echoing.. It makes you feel empathy for the entire song.. Nikki Murray (now known as Stranger) knows exactly how to get you into a song. Growth is something you love to see in an artist you love especially after many many years of hard work.

Listen to the song and support his music!
Soundcloud -
Website –
Twitter @_strangermusic
Facebook @strangermusiclondon

Rated Next | Future ft Kanye West – Trophy


The track comes on with a breeze. Future kills the hook. Kanye West said he made it over NBA and NFL players. Killer line and the hook stay on point. You’re going to hear all the feallas calling they women trophies now. It will now be more acceptable among the women!

Rated Next | Katerina – Blackboard

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Video : Director Anthony Icuagu,UPM Razvan Marin, DoP Tudor Panduru
Music : Hahaha Production

Serban Cazan, Mike Hadisson ( )

Rated Next | Max Marshall – Your Love Is Like

Rated Next | Jessi Malay – Do Not Disturb

Jessi Malay - Do Not Disturb [Official Music Video]

(Los Angeles) — As soon as the video come on you know you’re in for a treat!

Rated Next | Lil Debbie – Slot Machine

Rated Next | Ashlyn C


Line 25 Entertainment proudly presents emerging R&B artist Ashlyn C as she unveils her dynamic My Time mixtape available today!

The project consist of seven original songs, featuring the acoustic friendly hit single, “The Thrill.” My Time was co-written with upcoming Houston talents DeAndre Wright, Roy O, and King Ace. The project takes you through the cycles of life with inspirational songs such as “Gold Pieces” and “Good Days.” It also carries you into the aspects of love with “The Thrill” and heartache with “Crown” and “Knowledge.” My Time is available for download on SoundCloud and GooglePlay.


1. My Time (Intro)
2. Gold Pieces
3. Secret
4. The Thrill
5. Crown
6. Knowledge
7. Good Days Ft King Ace
Bonus: Knowledge (Remix) Ft King Ace

Connect with Ashlyn:

Twitter: @Ash_Loves_Lyn
Instagram: Ash_Loves_Lyn

Michelle Ngome
Line 25 Consulting
(713) 298-5851

Rated Next | J. Shaw


Born in Queens, NY in 1986, J. Shaw and his parents relocated to Decatur, GA in the mid 1980’s, before his parents decided to permanently relocate to Lithonia, GA. “After hearing 2pac’s “I Get Around”, at the age of 7, I knew then I want to be a major contributor to the world of hip hop. I started taking my craft seriously in 2007 and I’ve been committed ever since.”

“My passion for music won’t allow me to be just a local independent artist. “ I want to branch out to become an international artist. I want to release my own music because I feel the world would be robbed of good music if I didn’t release my music.” J. Shaw’s music background is personal. “I like to make music content relatable to the listeners, it involves social conscience, music that makes you feel like you have someone to lean on during your trials and tribulations, and music that makes you go out and have a good time.”

At the end of the day, I can only be ME. I’ve had my share of drama, troubles, and downfalls. You can hear a million No’s but it only takes one Yes, but until then, I’m going to continue to make good music that people can relate to at the end of the day.”

At 28 years of age, he’s won numerous showcases, launched his imprint label Tuff Tone Records and recorded alongside Khujo Goodie of Goodie Mob. With current plans that include releasing 2 mixtapes, a debut album, and starting his own clothing line within the next year, it’s inevitable that J. Shaw will certainly shine on stage and off.

Twitter: @Jshawofficial
Instagram: @Jshawofficial
Website: (currently under construction)

Rated Next | Rall Gang – “Don’t Love These Hoe’s”

Rated Next | Kylie Minogue – Sexercize

Time Travel With The Alley Cat Of Riverside!


3375 Iowa Ave Ste F
Riverside, CA 92506




Bobby with the Alley Cat of Riverside invited us over to his anniversary party.  The Alley Cat is unique to say the least, and when you meet the owner you meet his friends and family.  No where else can one find the type of humble approach these guys have.  After some time with Alley Cat it was soon realized that the Alley Cat isn’t so much a store as it is a part of a massive subculture.  Stuck in the past? No!  This subculture proves that the class and style of a certain era can essentially last forever!

Interview by Raymond A. Merritt

Tell us about this anniversary party and what it means to your business! 

I’ll tell you what the two year milestone is quite an achievement for the alley cat riverside.   We have been through credit fraud, a break in that left the store in shambles which almost had the store close down.  We have had a lot of support from car clubs and the rockabilly scene.  It’s been a  lot of blood, sweat, and tears, man.  We are still here today and this is our way of saying thanks! 



What’s the most rewarding thing for you so far in providing the Alley Cat?

Honestly, it’s giving something back to the custom car culture.  It’s one of the only blue-collar shops in southern California.  I believe people are beginning to see what we are doing.  People from around the world from Japan, Brazil, coming all the way to see our 800 sq ft hole in the wall shop.  It’s pretty neat.

What’s the benefit of being in the best place in the world, southern California?  How does this affect and influence your business?  

First off, California IS the place to be.  Born and raised here I don’t think I could actually leave California.  I have been everywhere in the country and California is it for me.  As far as the shop location, we are right in the middle of some great places.  We have Vegas east of here and Santa Monica west of here.  So, we’re in a good spot.  We love this community as well as giving back to it. 

IMG_4249 You’re doing more than just a share or a post on social media, you are throwing a party for your community.  That speaks volumes of the type of businessman and kind of person you are!

Well, I really appreciate that.  That is something I always intended to do.  Always find one way or another to give back to the community as well as the subculture that’s becoming more appreciated around the world.  We want to keep it comfortable, not raise prices, and keep it right for the workin’ man.  We keep it real and make it enjoyable for the subculture.

Now about the subculture, tell the people more about what it is and what it means to you.


I think the nostalgia of the era.  The cars, the hot rods, the customs, the music. Everything from Elvis to some Bluegrass.   We go back to appreciating that era and it feels very Americana.  We have a pretty nice sponsorship with an American brew company Pabst Blue Ribbon established back in the 1800′s.  We want to continue to provide and support this subculture giving the most that we can and we strive to be around or the next ten years.  

What are some of the custom products and do you specifically provide men’s apparel?


Believe it or not, we provide for men, women, and children.  The biggest seller is the men’s.  Our pomade is a big seller along with our t-shirts and hats.  Guys come in and pick their stuff up.  They like their steak and potatoes and that’s what we provide.

What are some short-term and long-term goals you’d be willing to share with readers?

We just started the SlickCat Barbers in the store.  Providing affordable cuts right here in the back of the store.  A shop within a shop.  Pomade is our best seller and we are working with Shiner Gold out of Arizona.  That’s going really well.  I may be saying too much but the end of 2014 or in 2015 we look to open Alley Cat Orange County.  As long as things go well we are shooting for Orange County and maybe more from there. 


What would be the one message you would have to society in general?

Keep an open mind.  Just keep an open mind.  This is an era that I have missed and many others as well.  If it wasn’t for the style and class of this era we wouldn’t have what we do now.  This has become a part of my life and my lifestyle.  It has helped bring a  community together.  


Where can people find you online?  

We are on Facebook forward slash the alley cat riverside as well as Instagram at alley cat riverside.  Our store online is  Just to throw this out there, I want to thank everyone for the support from the entire community.  I have met almost every like we’ve had on Facebook so far.  Lots of love to all our people out there.  


Follow what’s next with the Alley Cat





Alwayz Therro wants to thank Bobby and The Alley Cat along with everyone involved with the subculture!  We wish them all the fortune and prosperity towards the future!

Defy Boardshop: How Well Do You Know Mike?


451 Magnolia Ave. #101
Corona, California 92882


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Defy Boardshop has provided some of the best customer service in the industry. To help make every shopping experience  worthwhile, they make it their goal to provide all of their customers with the best selection and prices available on skate & streetwear clothing, shoes, accessories, and skateboard products.  Mike was kind enough to invite us over a little while back and shared his story with us!

Interview by Raymond A. Merritt, Jr.  


Mike, please introduce yourself and your Defy Boardshop!

My name is Mike Hamilton,  owner of Defy Boardshop.  We have been around since 2003.  We sell skateboards, clothing, shoes, accessories, and much more.  We carry a lot of street wear brands as well as skateboard brands like Chocolate Toy Machine along many other stuff.  


Have you collaborated with skate teams through out the area?

Well, not really.  We sponsor our own team. We have about ten guys form our team and they are all local guys and a bit younger.  Never worked with what you call professionals but these guys are eventually going to be professional.  

 You guys make your own stuff here, tell us more about what you produce!

We carry a lot of the printable stuff.  Things like the t-shirts, socks, sweatshirts, tank tops, as well as our own skateboards.  We make it very affordable directly to the customer.  It’s just more about affordable stuff for our market environment.  We also carry a lot of women’s apparel.  Women’s sandals, sunglasses, watches, and all the things the ladies love to wear.

Starting your business in 2003, what was the story living through the economic storm of that decade?

When we first opened the store it was decent.  It got even better after the first couple of years and we started getting noticed.   The economy took a bad turn in 2008 & 2009 and we were heavily affected.  Everyone was watching what they spent their money on.  It was definitely challenging but I believe we got through and survived the toughest of times, so here we are!


What is the most rewarding thing for you in running the Defy Boardshop

You know, it’s great to see kids come in here when they are ten or twelve years old.  We have been here for over eleven years so when we see them come into the store in there young twenties.  In a way we get to see these kids grow up and be a part of their lives.  

Are you able to provide your merchandise online?

Yeah we have all of our merchandise on our website available to those outside of California.  Everything from shirts to watches.  Pretty much everything you can find in the store! It’s all on there.

What are some of your plans with your Defy Boardshop

As of right now we just have our one store and our website we do have some events plans with our skate team we want to get them more involved.  Maybe some signings with some of our local brands.  When it starts getting to be more towards spring time we will look to do some competitions and skate events.  Something where the local kids can get involved and make some money and also giving away from free swag.  


Are you personally still skating these days?

No! (Laughs) Not anymore!  Im inmy mid forties and cant afford to get hurt skating.  I’ll occasioinally cruise along on my longboard with my kds bt thats about it.

What do people not know about Defy Boardshop?

Well we have been around for eleven years and made it through pretty much the most difficult economy.  When clients shop here they experience a friendship.  We like to make them feel at home.  Our customer service is bar none and we are very proud of that.  

Where can folks find you online?
Anyone can find us on our website, as well as  twitter, facebook, instagram, and pinterest,  so check us out!

Alwayz Therro thanks Mike for his time.  Look out for Defy Boardshop this spring and summer!  Go see them at today!  

Rated Next | Lenixx


Lenixx was born a daughter of two revolutionary minded souls who’s broken bond created a unstable, dysfunctional path of life for this artistic lonely soul who eventually found joy in revealing her emotions in song. Lenixx writes and sings sometime soft, other times hard flowing melodies to deep intricate lyrics of life’s struggle, confusion and happiness.

Having evolved in the underground world she is a broken hearted Vixen singing her heart out under the city lights. The next star to be found on the charts is the beautiful sultry voice of the singer known as Lenixx!

Rated Next | Slim Tailor


The Slim Tailor EP was released December 2013 with the B-Sides added in January. Originally, the EP consisted of 7 Solo Acoustic Tracks From The Trio’s Guitarist/Vocalist, Slim Tailor. In January 2014, he added 6 other tracks, which were to showcase the trio he’s been working with since 2008.

Eric Blais (Bass, Vocals) & Joan Quinto (Drums, Vocals). Our backgrounds in music range from Jazz, Punk, Rock, Soul, Blues, Funk And Other Rhythm & Blues based art forms and we felt the best way to either write songs and/or create them from scratch was to Jam. Like Jimi Hendrix, Grateful Dead, Santana, Red Hot Chili Peppers but more modern.

This is the first release featuring us as a trio; Slim Tailor was introduced to Eric & Joan via mutual friends after he moved to Rialto, CA from Los Angeles prior to the beginning of High School. It wasn’t until Slim returned from Military Service in 2007 that he decided to give Joan & Eric a call to once again create beautiful jam music and give the people something to really listen to.


Rated Next | Akuna Art


Discover the world of Akuna Art… In 2009, “Rhapsody Of Enchanted Lands” was the first released album. This first album was completely instrumental, inspired by electronica, chillout, and lounge music including many different sounds of world-music. In 2011, the second album “The Shadows Of The Pink Lounge” is released, with Maïa Lic and Isabelle Lalande as featuring on 3 tracks.

One of them (Erotic Lounge feat Maïa Lic) has been selected on DJ Manuel’s compilation, Prophet Collection (Diventa music). But the life has changed, and it’s time to take a new direction. New album release : 04/28/2014 : “Poptronica Fantasy”. Expanding on his electronic sound, this album sets new boundaries for the band. Their sound has also acquired a fresh new take on pop music, with 80′s analogic sounds, and including also sounds of world-music : an emotional pop-electronic fantasy built around 14 tracks. Coming soon ! Stay tuned !
In the meantime , check out the clip “Erotic Lounge”.

Website :
FB page :
Youtube link (video clip) :