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Rated Next | Shab Siarezi


Shab Siarezi has built a reputable career as a makeup artist in Long Island . She has been in the business since 2001 and knows how to enhance one’s features by incorporating the latest art and fashion trends. One look at a client and she can already determine how to make one look their most beautiful. She analyzes the client’s skin and understands the various skin tones and types. She knows which colors and shades to use.

Her team of makeup artists provides a full range of services for fashion shoots, weddings, film, dance and other productions. They will go to the location and prepare their clients for the special occasion. They can accommodate whatever occasion you can think of.


Rated Next | Young Davo

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What made you get into music?
I got into music because I love music. Listening to it.& doing music opens alot more doors in various things. I want to eventually run my own successful label and own numerous businesses.

Who did you grow up listening to when you were younger?
Growing up when I was really young (10-14) my favorite artist was 50 Cent,now I like Lil Wayne,Drake,Chief Keef and numerous other artist I listen to on the daily.

What makes your music different?
My music is versatile,some songs sound different than others. I can go from talking about just about ANYTHING.

What keeps you going when it looks like you won’t make it?
What keeps me focused is life in itself. I have lives depending on me. I know I not only have to get this money and do right by my people,but I must do it while setting and being an example.

What city do you want to visit before you die?
Before I die I wanna go to Amsterdam (not a city). Or Dubai.

What inspires your music?
Im inspired by the people. Im inspired by the money I made already,and all the money that there is to be made. I want to eventually be able to take care of my whole family. I love putting out music that people can relate to and love listening to.

Do you have any new material out now?
I haven’t put out any new material in months because of label issues but I have a lot of work piled up. I plan to drop my debut mixtape “The Beginning” this upcoming fall but Ill probably drop a few tracks before then. My main producer/engineer is DJ Skooly and he’s mostly doing the whole sound. My manager name is Joe and he’s the one who takes all the calls and we’ve been doing business for about a year.

How can we follow you online?
My Soundcloud is . My Twitter is @PrettyDavo. My Instagram is @YoungDavo.

Read this article in the September 2014 issue

Rated Next | Pettidee – “Big Boy” feat. Teron Carter of GRITS (@pettidee)


Q. What inspires your new music music?
A: Life and people have always inspired my music. I’ve always felt that my job was to speak for those who have no voice.
I Love making music that inspire people. Sometimes I find myself listening to my own music and hearing somthing that motivates me.
Its like playing a tape of yourself saying “Get Up! You Can Make It”

Q. People want to know how do you stay going over all the years?
A: Usually with this Question people expect something deep but truthfully I never stop being a student of the music.
I will not allow myself to arrive. There is always something new to do to become better.
Even when I hear stories about Michael Jackson and how he was always studying the greats.
He was great because he never stopped being a student.

Q. What’s the craziest thing you’ve seen in the last 3 years?
A: Personally, to see my music placed in tv and films like Meet The Browns, CSI, Sons Of Anarchy, etc. Some of these songs where 8 and 9 years old when they got picked up. Its been one of the sparks that keep me motivated and is crazy to see the online response every time a song makes it into a film or show. As a whole, the Growth and acceptance of Christian hiphop in the Church as well as te mainstream is crazy to see.
The internet has made the music industry a even playing field and its good to see.

Q. How can we follow you online?
A: You can follow me on
twitter @pettidee
instagram: @pettidee904
my website

Teron Carter
Q 1. When and how did you break into the music industry?
A: 1986 I was in a local group in Jacksonville, Fl called “Jesus Jamsters” when it was cool to have names like that hahahaha….
1991 I moved to Nashville and started working with a group called “DC TALK” who was headed up by the artist known now as “TobyMac”. In 1995 released my 1st record with GRITS through TobyMac’s indie label called Gotee Records recorded 10 albums with them till around 2008 or so did 2 indie albums through Sony BMG from 2008-2010 been on hiatus since.

Q 2. How do you balance music and family?
A: I just make sure that they truly come 1st no matter what. If my wife don’t agree then I don’t do it bottom line. See when it’s all said and done they are the ones you got left. They have been the ones making the true sacrifice and the sole support system.

Q 3. In addition to being the first Christian Rap group to go Gold, what other barriors have you broken that people may not know?
A: Definitely being Grammy nominated twice, being on your with Goodie Mob, doing shows with OutKast, Icecube, Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul, Monica, touring 7 Different countries, having songs in major motion films, more things than I can name really.

Q 4. How Can we follow you online?
A: Definitely on Facebook & Twitter Instagram too @officialgrits for all of them.
God has truly Blessed is beyond measure and we have no one else to Thank but HIM.

Rated Next | Brownies – Desert Island


Over the past year Efrat Darky, Oded Adar and Noam Fredrich, Brownies band members since 2011, created a new album and this is the title track, Desert Island.

With music that does our soul good, and lots of emotional joy. Which is why we’re so happy to share it.

The album and the whole mindset around it are closely related to the world of adventure and imagination, and originally we planned to release along-side with the album an animation movie. Right now we are reworking our adventure into a book which we will share in the future.
Huge infinite love, Brownies.


“The sun begun to shine in the blue skies and the sight in front of my eyes was dazzling. A village of short people living high in the trees in decorated houses, just like the adventure. The druid village I think to myself, amazing how thought magnetize reality.
I look down upon the clear river water under me. What I saw was unbelievable.”

We would love to share the expirience with you.

Rated Next | SUSPECT® Empire


SUSPECT® Empire is a fashion line, a trend, a Lifestyle, wherever weirdness, high tech, creative and ingenious fashions meet, that’s where SUSPECT® Empire is.

SUSPECT®is inspired by anything that goes on from the mainstream scene to the underground scene. Being Suspect has always being considered as being on the bad side of the picture, on the wrong side of where everyone else is…Ok well, what is being creative then? isn’t it being on the other side, isn’t it being where everyone isn’t at or isn’t doing? That’s why we believe in and we try to push the limits in everything that we are involved in.

SUSPECT® Empire is an artwork, an Icon. The essence of fashion and risk. A Suspect piece is not just a product, it is a dream, a futuristic concept put on quality textile. Each item shwocases the brand signature style, the desire and affection that an artist gives to his masterpiece.

For more us follow us out on twitter @Suspect_Empire or like us on facebook Suspect Empire

The Suspect Team


Street wear line. Keeping it suspect 24/7 We ship worldwide!! shop online at

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