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Why Big Sean will have the best year of his career in the 4th Quarter

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Have you heard his new songs lately? Big Sean has been through Hell and back in the public eye and in his life coming up.

Listen to his vocals on his latest tracks and you’ll see that he is ready to let it all out and go in on anything that’s in his way.

Need more reasons? Listen to this track below.


Music Review | Matt Gradnigo O.N.E


When the CD comes on you are put in a sense of bliss. The melodic vibes remind you of 2010 era. Love the beats here. You don’t get a sense that you’re listening to anything that you ever heard before. You’re going to love the beats on the disc. You’re going to love the hooks. The quality is top notch something you rarely see with an up and coming hungry artist. From dance music to something real chill. You will love the flow. The tracks are placed nicely in order.

Ghost The Producer Insight on ‘Cogito Ergo Sum’ Album

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Ghost The Producer’s debut Ep album COGITO ERGO SUM is in motion! The album intertwines EDM and DancePop to the highest level. Produced by Ghost and co-produced by Self (Movie Director of Music), the album features an array of artist including Carly Jo Jackson (Season 9 America’s Got Talent), Crystal de la Rosa, Calvin Cross, Dan Tiger, Self, & Compton.


“Introspect”, the album’s single, music video is outstanding as the album’s enchantment with its mashup of collaborations.

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The new album is available in multiple digital stores including but not limited to:



What songs on Cogito Ergo Sum will you blast on repeat? Here’s the track-by-track description of Ghost The Producers freshmen album.

1. Introspect feat. Crystal de la Rosa – Bow your head to the eccentric sounds of Crystal de la Rosa. “Introspect” enlightens one’s vision into one’s own despaired mind. This dance pop song gives way towards the problems of Self-esteem. Crystal adds breathtaking vocals with celestial high octaves throughout the songs invigorating beat.

2. MPL (Martian Party Lounge) – It’s exactly how the title sounds! “Martian Party Lounge” takes a left turn in EDM and it’s amazing! Ghost has woven the European dance culture into an unbeatable sound that would take place on the red planet. Kia get those hamsters ready.

3. Banshee feat. Self & Carly Jo Jackson – Co-written by Self & Carly Jo Jackson with co-production by Self, ” Banshee” is written from a females perspective towards love with its disillusions towards it. Materialistic items get you nowhere in love and that’s what this song is screaming about!

4. Stratosphere feat. Compton & Dan Tiger – A song like “Stratosphere” takes cues from Run DMC and Aerosmith’s “Walk This Way”. Dan Tiger’s voice is nostalgic in its own right. Compton adds flair with an overtaking flow. This high tempo song embraces the challenges of becoming a successful individual without the surface be your limit. The sweet spot is between the stars and the planes!

5. L’n’L feat. Calvin Cross – A threat of a song is what you call L ’n’ L. Co-produced by Calvin Cross, Ghost, and Self this track takes the album to a whole other level. It’s the complete antithesis of “Introspect”. With the invigorating sounds of an acoustic guitar played by Calvin Cross and the inclusion of his velvety vocals, this song automatically draws you in from start to finish.


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