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Review of AV The Great’s “Man N Da City2” Mixtape

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Texas native AV The Great takes pride in his undeniable work ethic and drive for success. AV is in this rap game to win. As an artist he is endearing and charismatic. AV’s music appeals to fans on an emotional level. The dynamic emcee is making a solid impact with his latest street album entitled “Man N Da City2.” The project showcases AV The Greats’s infectious flow over rhythmic beats. Its lyrical content speaks of his reality while transporting listeners into his world.

Versatile from start to finish the new CD makes you feel like partying, romancing and hitting the streets all at the same time. Throughout the entire project AV The Great’s personality comes through on every record. Whether you like hard hitting beats or something smooth “Man N Da City2” has it all. It is a sleek offering loaded with relentless passion, head bopping musicality and incredible rhyme schemes. The album is packed with many jewels and food for thought as well.

“Man N Da City2” is a well structured offering. It contains 18 tracks. Av The Great comes out blazing right from the start of the CD with the song called “The Illest Verse Of The century,” which thoroughly demonstrates his lyrical prowess. Moreover, the lead single from the album is a bold and relentless track called “Need A Raise.” On this song Av The Great breaks down that if he does not get a raise at his 9 to 5, then he is going back to the block and hitting licks.

One of the highlights on “Man N Da City2” is a song entitled “Stay.” This song is a deep, introspective record filled with soul piercing lyrics. The track is a lyrical diary of sorts. He takes the listener on a journey into his world. “Stay” deals with the universal topics of loyalty and friendship. Overall, “Man N Da City2” is a completely balanced project that can appeal to all coasts, mainstream or underground. I expect to see “Man N Da City2” on many top 10 lists at the end of the year.

@AVTHEGREAT – “Man-N-Da City2”


Motor City Rapper Bully Releases Video For “They Call Me Bull”


Detroit Hip Hop maverick Bully is the founder of Purpyl Muziq. Bully’s unique voice, cadence, delivery and charisma sets him apart from other budding emcees.

Bully, born as Maron Ishak in Baghdad, Iraq in 1990. Due to the war in 1996, his family sought refuge in Amsterdam. In a refugee camp while awaiting for Government clearance, influenced by Hip Hop, Bully picked up a pen and pad.

In 2006, Bully found his home in Detroit. SooDetroit Magazine has been breaking all Bully’s records including the new single “They Call Me Bull”. Check out the visuals for his latest song “They Call Me Bull.”

Bully “They Call Me Bull”

Have you seen Ed Sheeran – ‘Thinking Out Loud’ ??


We all know how Ed Sheeran get done on the mic, check this out

Boston Emcee Rip City Rick Releases New Mixtape”Rise & Shine”


Boston emcee Rip City Rick aims high with his latest project entitled “Rise & Shine.” It’s a solid effort and it fully exhibits his passion and dedication to his craft. “Rise & Shine” captures the true essence of Hip Hop. It is a sleek offering loaded with relentless beats and incredible rhyme schemes.

Rip City Rick delivers vivid lyrics and smooth flows. His skillful wordplay and witty metaphors paint precise pictures. And his cadence and penmanship are top-notch. Moreover, he is able to effortlessly shift his voice and delivery into the beat so that it acts as an additional instrument on each of the tracks.

The lead single off the project is a song entitled “Letting You Know” produced by L.O.B. The song is “head bopping Hip Hop” at its finest. Rip City Rick is emerging onto the world’s radar as a genuinely refreshing songwriter. This magnetic emcee exudes confidence and he has the skills to back it up. Follow him on Twitter @RipCity_Rick.

Rip City Rick – “Rise & Grind”

Rapper Sunny Haze Invades The Music World With New Single “Appreciation”


Budding Rap sensation Sunny Haze is quickly making a name for himself in the world of Hip Hop. The former marine is making industry insiders stand at attention with his eclectic sound. The breakout emcee has rolled out one of the most interesting independent records of the year with his single “Appreciation.” The song is a critical success and it is receiving a great amount of attention from notable Dj’s and mixshows around the country.

“Appreciation” explodes with unadulterated candor. The head boppin’, alternative sounding track features Sunny Haze’s trademark lyrical dexterity and riveting flair. The stellar production on ‘Appreciation’ coupled with the rapper’s poignant cadence, delivery and flow results into a dynamic song that is sure to have international appeal.

In fact, Sunny Haze’s plan is to take his sound across the globe. His goal is to be an international star. He puts his heart and soul into every song. His mission is to make an impact and a difference by bringing back the “real” elements of the art form known as Hip Hop. Follow and connect with Sunny Haze on Twitter @sunnyhaze241.

Sunny Haze – “Appreciation”

What @Tinashe can teach about Pushing your brand to the next level


Tinashe is one of those artist you hear and automatically fall in love with. She is more than just an artist. You can tell she put’s her soul and all of her creativity into the music.

People need to hear your music and know you’re about what you say you’re about before they even meet you. If she keeps at this pace her album is sure to be a top seller on the BillBoard 100.

90’s inspired vocals carries her way beyond artist today who focus on the normal. Make your music stand out. Be different. Put everything you have into making your next record.

Chris Brown X goes gold


X marks the No. 2 spot. Chris Brown returns to the charts this week with his sixth album.

The star-studded set, which boasts the top 10 single “Loyal,” enters at No. 2 on the Billboard 200 with 146,000 copies sold. X claims the No. 1 spot on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums and becomes Brown’s sixth top 10 album.

It also marks his best sales week since 2011′s F.A.M.E. opened with 270,000. Prior to X, 2012′s Fortune debuted at No. 1 with 135,000.

TEAM BREEZY! The billboard consumption number for X is 495K! X is GOLD already! Thank you! I’m honored and I love y’all!

— Chris Brown (@chrisbrown) September 24, 2014

Why Big Sean will have the best year of his career in the 4th Quarter

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Have you heard his new songs lately? Big Sean has been through Hell and back in the public eye and in his life coming up.

Listen to his vocals on his latest tracks and you’ll see that he is ready to let it all out and go in on anything that’s in his way.

Need more reasons? Listen to this track below.

Music Review | Matt Gradnigo O.N.E


When the CD comes on you are put in a sense of bliss. The melodic vibes remind you of 2010 era. Love the beats here. You don’t get a sense that you’re listening to anything that you ever heard before. You’re going to love the beats on the disc. You’re going to love the hooks. The quality is top notch something you rarely see with an up and coming hungry artist. From dance music to something real chill. You will love the flow. The tracks are placed nicely in order.

Ghost The Producer Insight on ‘Cogito Ergo Sum’ Album

Screenshot 2014-09-02 20.35.22

Ghost The Producer’s debut Ep album COGITO ERGO SUM is in motion! The album intertwines EDM and DancePop to the highest level. Produced by Ghost and co-produced by Self (Movie Director of Music), the album features an array of artist including Carly Jo Jackson (Season 9 America’s Got Talent), Crystal de la Rosa, Calvin Cross, Dan Tiger, Self, & Compton.


“Introspect”, the album’s single, music video is outstanding as the album’s enchantment with its mashup of collaborations.

-Link via VEVO:

The new album is available in multiple digital stores including but not limited to:



What songs on Cogito Ergo Sum will you blast on repeat? Here’s the track-by-track description of Ghost The Producers freshmen album.

1. Introspect feat. Crystal de la Rosa – Bow your head to the eccentric sounds of Crystal de la Rosa. “Introspect” enlightens one’s vision into one’s own despaired mind. This dance pop song gives way towards the problems of Self-esteem. Crystal adds breathtaking vocals with celestial high octaves throughout the songs invigorating beat.

2. MPL (Martian Party Lounge) – It’s exactly how the title sounds! “Martian Party Lounge” takes a left turn in EDM and it’s amazing! Ghost has woven the European dance culture into an unbeatable sound that would take place on the red planet. Kia get those hamsters ready.

3. Banshee feat. Self & Carly Jo Jackson – Co-written by Self & Carly Jo Jackson with co-production by Self, ” Banshee” is written from a females perspective towards love with its disillusions towards it. Materialistic items get you nowhere in love and that’s what this song is screaming about!

4. Stratosphere feat. Compton & Dan Tiger – A song like “Stratosphere” takes cues from Run DMC and Aerosmith’s “Walk This Way”. Dan Tiger’s voice is nostalgic in its own right. Compton adds flair with an overtaking flow. This high tempo song embraces the challenges of becoming a successful individual without the surface be your limit. The sweet spot is between the stars and the planes!

5. L’n’L feat. Calvin Cross – A threat of a song is what you call L ’n’ L. Co-produced by Calvin Cross, Ghost, and Self this track takes the album to a whole other level. It’s the complete antithesis of “Introspect”. With the invigorating sounds of an acoustic guitar played by Calvin Cross and the inclusion of his velvety vocals, this song automatically draws you in from start to finish.