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Create a safer world for your woman with CharmSafe!


We are excited to announce the launch of CharmSafe. It’s an innovative platform that helps women protect themselves in social situations.

CharmSafe is your perfect digital friend that never judges, gossips or forgets to SMS you. CharmSafe services include cross checking tool, SMS check up and an emergency alert.

After moving to Australia at a tender age of seventeen CharmSafe founder Elena Zuban experienced all the dubious pleasures of rebuilding her social network from scratch. After eight years of awkward mingling experiences, weird parties and creepy dates Elena enlisted help of a few knowledgeable ladies and made her dream project, CharmSafe, come true.


At CharmSafe we believe in power of support and informed decisions, we strive to create an inclusive community that aims to empower women and equip them with knowledge and tools to protect themselves.

We aim to make unsafe social experiences a thing of the past. CharmSafe will always be available, no matter what time zone, device or lifestyle we choose.

Let’s help each other stay safe!

Register at
Share it with your friends (We have a sweet referral program in place)
Protect yourself in social situations.
Go out & have fun!

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Burberry’s spring/summer 2015 has the fashion crowd buzzing


The ‘faces’ of the brand Cara Delevingne and Kate Moss were on the FROW, alongside stalwarts Sam Cam and Naomi Harris, all perched under the insect stain-glassed window of the tent in Hyde Park to see what will surely be another sell-out collection for Christopher Bailey and the luxury British brand.

Photo by : Walterlan Papetti


Know where you want to go


Knowing where you want to go is important. You never know where you are going to end up or who you’re going to be around. When you know where you want to go everything you do will align with exactly what you want.

Sometimes the people you think you’re going to be around will not be their in the end, but if you know where you going it won’t matter.

Stay on your course and you’ll get exactly what you want.

Stay on your course and everything you hoped for will come to past.

Be grateful for the people who are willing to follow you on your journey!

Rated Next | Shid Latta


Shid Latta is an up and coming hip-hop artist from Baltimore, Maryland. He is bringing a new element of realness to today’s music he says. He incorporates his life into all his music and is working on changing the rap and hip-hop industry for the better. He believes in being true to himself, and making music that reflects that. He feels that he is one of the most real and most genuine artists to ever create music of any kind.

Shid Latta or ShidLatta666 isn’t some random combination of words that sound cool. It’s actually his name. Shid’s real name is Rashid Latta. He felt that since he is making music that is so true to himself and who he is, shouldn’t his rap name be his own? No other words better reflect who he is, or are worthy of being associated so deeply with his career.

His whole life in conveyed in the music. All the situations he’s been put in and had to go through, to the things that he experiences everyday are reflected. “My mindset and my life and everything in it, good or bad. The money, the drugs, the sex, and the people and situations involved, and all that makes me, me. All my music is based on my life and true to my heart…” He said on

DMND CLothing made dreams into reality

Striving to stand out in a sea of up and coming independent brands is hard. We believe our story and aims to the top differ from the average brand.
Carl Llewellyn and I (Nick Hall)  thought out the concept of running a brand at only the age of 12; putting our designs on transfer paper and transferring onto direct onto garments ourselves.
Market research taught us a lot over the first few months of joining the ever growing industry of fashion.
Firstly, we wanted to be different, turning our dream of running a brand into an aspect of life for the people who follow us. It was all about lifestyle, anything which links is, and the people on the streets, wether it’s through music, fashion, verbal communication or making people feel part of a team.
Newcastle Upon Tyne is where we are from and we are proud of it. A main priority of is is that our products reflect massively on what we see around us and where we live. This is a reason why we are so passionate in what we do.
Starting official in 2013 we are stocked in 4UK retailers, our nearest and dearest being Capology UK, in Newcastle City Centre. VENENO Collection AW14 released mid-October 2014.
Follow the movement.