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EDM Producer/DJ/Record Label Owner from London, MasterMataz started as a DJ in his teenage years. Music soon occupied a major portion of his life and wishing to expand his artistic talents and skills he sought out the mentor ship of Musician and Author Kathleen Lorna Middleton who not only taught him how to play the piano, but she went on to become one of his closest friends and surrogate Nan.

MasterMataz learned his music lessons and went on to compose and perform his own songs. He has worked with many great and talented artists like Jenni French from Los Angeles, with whom he later formed ElectroPoets.

MasterMataz has also been doing inspired creative writing since 2000 and has currently published his own book titled MasterMataz: The Journey – Awakening the Words Within – Special Edition 2014. The book lists many of his song lyrics, poems, and other creative thoughts that are based on events from his life.

He says, “Life experiences, people, situations good and bad, all provide a profound learning experience…ideas and songs spring from these.” You can get a copy of the book from HYPERLINK “”

Some of the most popular creative writing by MasterMataz features in World Prayer for Peace by All Artists 2012: War Is an Excuse, Not a Solution.

The music of MasterMataz can be found in all major online stores. He’s also a member of the FAC (Featured Artist Coalition) and PPL UK.


MasterMataz is the CEO behind BeatPulse Media Productions and BeatPulse TV. Also through HYPERLINK “” and HYPERLINK “” HYPERLINK “”

MasterMataz also went on, to write his second book about his true life story, written to inspire people that you can overcome anything in life. MasterMataz believes everyone can achieve happiness in life, he gives his story for free.

Book Info:
MasterMataz How I Went from the Disaster of My Daughters Death, to a Life of Happiness. Hell and Back. What Did I Do? How Did I Do It? Here is where I was, here is how I got through, here is what shifted my life, and here is what you can do also. I wrote My True Story to inspire all who reads, Show that you truly can overcome any situation in life, If I can, so can you!

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Shia LaBeouf shows you how to move past the past


Shia LaBeouf gives an amazing story of how he was arrested. When you fuck up Have the perfect attitude to move on!

3 reasons why you get more done when you wake up early


People always have this saying.. stay up till my fingers hurt.. Why that’s true you do get things done when you put a few hours of work in at night.. you also get a jump start in the morning.

When you get up in the morning after a long day your brain is working at the best pace. How many times have you got up in the morning ready and excited for the day and everything turned out perfect. They key is to do this all the time.

You and only a few
The only people who get up in the morning, are the people with a job and the people creating jobs. Get that extra few hours of watching the sun rise while you workout, check emails or do your writing.

Early bird
Get to the business faster than any of your competition. Spread the word. Spread your good spirit. Make sure everyone knows what’s going to happen with you and your future. Put yourself out there positively and it will always come back to you.

How to make tough decisions


In life adults have to make decisions that you’re going to live with or you’re not. Decision making is key to your success. You may choose to go one way or you may choose to go this way, but how do you know your decision is right?

What do you really want
When deciding on decisions in life especially for your future you always wonder what’s the right decision. Think about what you really want. At the end of the day what’s going to make you truly happy?

Think about the future
Think about your life down the line. What do you really want? What are you going to say you enjoyed or regret that you didn’t do in life down the line. If you think you’re going to regret it then it’s time to go for it.

What if you don’t?
What if you don’t make a decision at all? You’re going to hate yourself and be like most of the adults of our time who’s stuck at a dead in job because they didn’t have the guts to do what they needed to do.

Get your shit together then the right woman will find you


Are you one of those guys who search and search for a girl to find you and love you? Well stop.

When you find what you want to do and stick to that everything becomes easy.

Make it a point to focus only on what you want because the more you get what you want the more people will take notice.

Do what you see in your mind


Decide you are going to go in the direction you feel. Everything won’t be perfect and you won’t get everything right.

I can promise you if you do what you see in your mind you will get what you want easy.

It’s not easy to give up stability for being unsure. What if you never chose to do what you said you dreamed of? Would you be old and depressed.

It’s time to stand up to the future no matter how blurry it is. You have to know what it is you want day in and day out.

Never let someone tell you that you can do this or can’t do that you can do whatever you put your mind to.

Regret will kill you more than failure.

What you need to know about living on the edge


Living on the edge is always exciting. Some people can handle it and some people can’t. What are you going to do to get established?

Some people need a home. Some people need someone to talk to. When you living on the edge you really are living everyday and planning your life.

Don’t get in the habit of sticking to the routine. You never know what you’re missing out on because you choose to go with the flow of life and not what you want. You choose to let everything you know just stay regular.

Living on the edge is the only way you going to success. Living on the edge is the only way to feel alive.

3 ways to know you’re going in the right direction


Everybody wants to know if they should choose to go this way or go that way. What makes anyone right. How do you feel when you’re going in the right direction. Let’s check out our top 3 ways we know.

Everything flows
It seems like everything we have ever done with the magazine has been 2 ways. It flowed or didn’t flow. You have to know when to realize this. Pick your head up and look straight.

People ask for advice
If you’re doing something and people say.. How do you do that? It’s a way for you to know you can duplicate this over and over again.

You go through big obstacles
Mo money mo problems as biggie would say.. Wen you holding the football, you’ll eventually get tackled #keeprunning

How to quickly get your woman in the mood


All guys have been at the point where you get comfortable with your girl and the romance seems to be lost.
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Become a better you and everything will fall into place


When you become who want to become everything is easy. You know what you want. You know know how you want it to end up. You do what you have to do because you know where you’ll be and how you like things.

Life is all about making your goals reality. When you chasing people left and right you are putting yourself in a position where you’ll never grow. People talk down on you because they feel intimidated

When you want to grow you stand up to the challenge and be who you want to be. You make the change in your life to do what you need to do.

More sex from your woman? Be a better you and you’ll get everything you want.