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L.I.A.R. Boutique, is the hottest new online women’s fashion destination! Fashionable pieces at affordable prices, for the frugal fashionista!!

L.I.A.R., which stands for “Life Is A Runway”, was created and is owned by personal shopper, Brittaney Robinson.  Brittaney has a BA of Arts in Fashion and Retail Management from The Art Institute of Atlanta. L.I.A.R. Boutique began as a class project. The idea was so cool that, Brittaney, turned it into a fashion and entertainment blog and it blossomed from there!!

Be sure to shop with them online at L.I.A.R. Boutique and check them out on Twitter and Instagram @liarboutique!!

“Life is a runway, make every day your fashion show”


Thomas Schoenberger Covers Alwayz Therro – Why Do Women Fall Hard For Composers?

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It’s a well-known fact that women tends to fall easily for musicians. They are famous, well-known and travel a lot. Women also fall due to emotions; women love to hear sweet things and there are no better guys out there aside composers. They simply know how to win over a woman by telling them those sweet nothings.

Musicians also embody a lot of qualities desirable in a partner: originality, expressiveness, knowledge of a skill/trade, and (hopefully) a job. Also, many of the most recognized celebrities made their mark through careers in music. So it’s easy to equate an aspiring musician with someone on the road to fame. (There may be a World’s Best Plumber out there making six figures, but he’s not on magazine covers so it’s hard for the average woman to idolize him.) Also, it’s a classic archetype: the unappreciated/tormented genius trying to use his craft to find his place in the world. It’s something everyone can relate to and admire, and that connectivity is a key factor when you’re dealing with the ladies.

Examples of composers whom ladies fell hard for include Chopin, Mozart, Beethoven, Liszt, Yanni etc. Maybe, women fall their different hair styles, or the ability to write a love song to melt any heart, or maybe it is the allure of many composer’s fantastic mane of hair, imbuing manliness, like some type of musical Samson But let’s face it, composer’s attract women like no other profession. The composer featured on our cover, Thomas Schoenberger, seems to be a throwback to the romantic era, with a reputation for brilliant composition, and a large following of adoring females. It also does not hurt that he has the classic composer’s piercing eyes and dashing good looks.

Schoenberger, who takes the attention in stride, casually states that it is because “composers are hypnotists of sorts, we mesmerize. In some ways, it is a bit frightening, because, unlike what many think, too much female attention can distract me from my craft. But I admit it. Women love me and I love them back.

Lisa Vernon agrees. ” When I heard Thomas’s music and then saw his picture, I fell for him madly’ A man who looks like a warrior but can produce musical miracles. well, that’s the ultimate superman for me”

Constantine Orbelian, the famed conductor of the Moscow Chamber Orchestra chimes in ” Thomas’s creativity is something that is extremely rare” To be both an excellent pianist and an astoundingly individual composer puts him in a class by himself”

Concert pianist and Harvard Professor Robert D. Levin also waxes on Schoenberger’s talents. “His sheer productive output of music is astonishing” On top of that. I have personally seen incredible examples of Thomas’s ability to recall names, dates, and occurrences, rather like the character in “Rain Man” He is one of the most brilliant men I have had the pleasure to meet.

When asked if Thomas had dated models, he cryptically answered ” a few” , but the compose keeps the details of his love life private,because , as he puts it, A”gentlemen remain discreet”

Composers possess superior sexual prowess, mystical connection with God, nature, emotional attractions, outspoken and they all carry that which appeals to the sensual side of women, who are by nature all about the sensuality.

Some Characteristics Of Why Women Fall For Composers:

They Are Talented
They Dress Well
They Possess Great Looks
They Are Amazingly Sexy
They Are Eccentric
They Are Very Romantic
Composers are Very Sensitive to a Ladies Desire
They Possess Great Sexual Experience And Expertise
They Are Very Confident

Composers simply knock women off their feet with their sensual traits and great qualities. Looking for love? Take some music composition lessons and you will find more women that you can handle.

Video – Inspirational Words From Robin Williams In Good Will Hunting

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We hate to see this man go! How will people remember you?

You’re Not Crazy

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When you’re going through life you feel yourself in a position where you have to be “like” everybody else.

You want people to support your dream, but they won’t. No one will think you’re going to succeed until it actually happens!

You’re not crazy. You can do what you want to do. You will succeed. Keep pushing.

Trees don’t grow overnight.

Two brothers rapping.. Peyton & Eli Manning shoot music video for Direct TV


This is deff going down in the history books.

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