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See some of the hottest women from around the world. Alwayz Therro Kittens.

Turkan Victoria in the upcoming feature film ‘Mesopotamia.’


Turkan Victoria is a young British actress from London. Her career began at an early age, and it was clear she totally loved the stage ever since. She took part in amateur dramatics, featured in most of her school productions and joined the local theatre clubs.
Victoria was clearly blessed with many talents as she also started modelling at a very tender age of 4 she continues to model to date but only part time.

Victoria secured her first television role when she was 18; she featured in the television series ‘City’ for RAI television in Italy. She went on to feature in ‘Veta Nova’ directed by Oscar Nominated David Cinzi. This earned her a mention in the John Lewis magazine as ‘The New Face Of British Film’

In 2012 Turkan Victoria landed a role in a commercial for the ‘Nescafe Frappo’ campaign in Greece. She had her big break when she was discovered by the CEO of a Hollywood agency at a talent convention in Florida. She later signed with several agencies in both Los Angeles and New York and in the process booked the lead role in’GODTech’ a sci-fi movie set for release in 2015.
Growing up Victoria adored a host of actresses among them being; Dame Maggie Smith, Cate Blanchett, Emma Watson, Robert Downey Jr and a couple others. She said she plans on becoming a working actress in America both on broadway and the big screen.
Victoria was trained at the Bristol Old Vic Drama school and later enrolled at ‘The Bristol Old Vic Drama school’ When she was 19 which equipped her with the skills to go on and become a great actress. She was in great demand after graduating from ‘BOVDS’ and Landed a major role in a new film; ‘Famine’ and secured another major role in an upcoming feature called ‘Mesopotamia.’

Turkan is fast becoming a recognized name within the film industry and has much more in the pipeline. Her advice to aspiring performers is “It’s a tough industry and the key is perseverance and belief in yourself. Just do not give up!”


Tanyel Kabay – The English Carrie Bradshaw


The world of entertainment comprises of individuals who are highly passionate and who through their hard work climb their way to the top. One such brilliant and accomplished performer is Tanyel Kabay from London. She has spread her skills across the various areas as a television host, actress and fashion writer. She draws inspiration from the likes of Angelina Jolie, Keira Knightly, fashion icon Victoria Beckham, Kate Moss, Madonna, Fashion TV host Fearne Cotton, Giuliana Rancic, Ellen Degeneres and Kelly Osbourne.

At a very early age this talented performer was signed by Prolific Model Management and became the child face of Next and she continued into her teens to model for international companies such as Marks and Spencer’s and Tommy Girl. She has shown excellence in all areas of entertainment which she has been a part of. After a short time graduating from the esteemed University of the Arts London College of Fashion, Tanyel went on to make a name and establish herself within the fashion industry. It is worth mentioning that her featured fashion articles have been published in all major fashion magazines such as Italia Grazia, Drapers Magazine, Phoenix Magazine and collaborating with celebrity stylists such as Rebekah Roy. This amazing artist was later referred to in the British press as the “English Carrie Bradshaw”.

Tanyel’s favorite production to work on so far was when she was working as a television host for T4 and starring in Veta Nova Cannes nominated film as the main lead. In the future, Tanyel can be seen hosting TV channels like This morning, Behind the Gossip at V festival and Smart live Casino along with collaborating with magazines like Drapers and Phoenix on various projects.

For Tanyel, fashion is her creative outlet and in the year 2012 her career naturally progressed into the world of television where she graduated at the International School of Screen Acting. This dedicated performer is best known for presenting on a number of English TV Channels such as sky, YouTube, Channel 5 and the popular television programmes T4 and New Looks search for a stylist, she has also interviewed celebrities such as Little Mix, Ellie Goulding and Rita Ora.

For Tanyel, her ideal project would be as an internal face and TV host for American TV. She feels with her British television and film roots, this would be something which would be entirely new and would set her apart from any other celebrity host in US. She was scouted by a number of agents in LA earlier this year and has been approached by a number of fashion companies who were interested in collaborating with her on different projects. This amazing artist feels a great part of her success is credited to her agent and mother at TNT management.

Tanyel understands the efforts which are required to perform in the entertainment industry and her humbleness can be seen from the way she understands the value of people who invest in her. For the aspiring artists, she gives the advice of knowing your art and challenging yourself creatively besides self-belief.


Kate Petersen has been learning gymnastics since the age of 3 and she loved singing, dancing, and performing arts. She received elite training for about 9 years, where she got to improve her acrobatic and gymnastic skills. Kate was able to secure the 1st position in the team nationals for Australia. At the age of 12, Kate was scouted at a gymnastics competition and offered to join a circus, where she could showcase a proper display of her outstanding talent.

She got to perform all over Australia in many different circus shows, which gained her more exposure and experience. Kate trained in the circus for 10 years and she improved greatly when she started the training with Trix circus and Super performance centre where she did various corporate shows. For the last 6 years, Kate has been the Performance Coordinator in the majority of shows she has worked on.

Kate competed with over 2000 applicants and was able to win a scholarship worth $5000 which gained her entry into the Australian Acting Academy. Not long after this she signed a contract with the theme park ‘’Movie World’’ where she worked as an actress in the Fright Night Halloween Period. Kate then signed another contract with Australia’s biggest thrill ride theme park, Dream World. This contract entitled acting and stunt work in a

Scare Attraction called ‘Kevil Hill’ which was recognized worldwide. This talented actress and stuntwoman is currently working in China doing the world’s largest water stunt show where she continues to develop more skills and experience. She hopes to continue performing and eventually work her way into the film business in Hollywood.

How Well Do You Think You Know “Jill Maria Robinson” – Our Canadian Girl To Watch


Written by Delain Nightingale

We got in touch with our Canadian girl to watch, Jill Maria Robinson, since her last spread from our October, 2013 edition to see what is next for her busy acting and producing career. J.M.R is a nickname she has been branded in the last last year, it’s just a lot shorter than saying her full name, also it’s a brand that recognizes her many roles that weaves in and around the film world. J.M.R is a Canadian Actor we love supporting, Alwazy Therro has been keeping an eye on the movement Jill is creating with the many projects she and all of her friends in Calgary, Alberta are a part of. We learn more about this talented actress and how she has makes it with in Calgary Entertainment Industry. Touching on her tough European roots we find out how she is bringing this strength of determination to her career.

J.M.R’s childhood was not like your typical Canadian girl story; she has a very different past than most us. Jill was born Roxanna Maria M. in Romania and was adopted by a Canadian family in 1991. She was in an orphanage from birth to 3 ½ years of age and was on the verge of death from malnourishment. Jill was the youngest child of Romanian farmers who had 12 children. When asked how she came from her humble start in Romania and endede up as an media entrepreneur, Jill explains, “ it all started with my folks,” Ian and Kathleen Robinson they are both journalists for the Calgary Sun News Paper in Alberta. Both Ontario born, they wanted to save a baby from Romania, because being in the newspaper industry they kept seeing news stories about the President of Romania Nicolae Ceaușescu, and the end of the Socialist Republic of Romania. Both were open to adoption and saw the perfect opportunity when adoption in Romania was opened up for a few years.

Jill’s journey out of Romania was not an easy one. Her father, a writer, risked his life to bring home a baby safe and sound. When Mr. Robinson found Jill through an interpreter who knew about her in the mountains, he thought she was 1 from her size, and only later after settling in Ontario, did did she become happy and healthy. However, Jill still had a long way to climb back from the sever neglect left from Romania. The Robinson’s could tell someone was “still home,” compared to so many, to use the words of Mr. Robinson. She worked her way into a strong and determined youth. Later her father would write a novel about his travels to find his daughter, it’s an emotional and crazy story. They were both lucky to make it out alive from the sketchy people and life threatening experiences Mr. Robinson faced to change a life and create his family. “It would make a great film.” says Jill. Romania after the fall of the Soviet empire was home to a sever repression we can hardly fathom in Calgary’s current wealth and prosperity. The real secret Mr. Robinson has cleverly stole away from the adventure in Romania is Jill who was worth every bit of the trouble.

With care Jill later grew up into the happy sports enthusiast youth we are familiar with in Canadian culture, doing everything from karate, to swimming, to soccer and more. “I was always one of the more” ethnic” kids in my schools growing up and did get picked on for looking different but sports gave me the mentality of the importance of a team and everyone prospering together, that I to this day like to live by. I am a Canadian but I still do have that European passion and fire in my belly. When you meet her she still caries around that strength and confidence you can see in Eastern European women.

J.M.R’s start in the film industry, like many was a little bit of chance and a lot of work. Only two years ago in 2012, she first met Ghazal Alnahas a famous Syrian Actress through very interesting circumstances when a con man was trying to pull one over on both of them but tended well with the
two meeting in the mix and became good friends and the con artist left the city with his tail between his legs. This friendship is set to blossom again this year as the two will be working together for a feature being filmed in Calgary and out of the country. That experience meeting Ms. Alnahas to Jill really sparked her whole movement into building a career as an actor. J.M.R has been a part of a dozen projects in 2 years that she has, acted in, did the make up artistry, hair styling, and marketing for. She wears many hats and has a very achieve-it-yourself mentality. Calgary has a fairly small professional film market, Jill in the last year has had many amazing experiences to grow from being a part of the circle that she and many others think of as, helping changing things in Calgary.

One major boost in J.M.R’s career was staring alongside 5 actors on the Comedy TV series “Go Fish,” which was nominated for multiple awards for the 4th annual award show called The Nollywood Awards in Beverly Hills, California. “It’s very exciting to be invited to L.A and be a part of a project that started it all for me. In September 2014 the cast is set to venture into Los Angeles and they are excited to enjoy the warm weather and beaches,” share Jill. “I’ve been through so many ups and downs in the last two years, paying my dues as they call it.” says J.M.R. After talking with Jill it is clear that she is very serious and all in when it comes to working in entertainment. It’s the only industry she wants to pursue to work in for the rest of her life. The people she meets and get to learn and grow from make her even more inspired to get her own stories out there.

She has a few projects in the very beginning pre-production stages. “I think we all have a story that’s worth hearing, you just gotta tell it the best way for people to be able to connect with the story”, says Jill, “I have worked and met as many respected and known actors and production crews”. Quickly learning as she jumps from the sets to marketing meetings to the makeup studio. “I love being immersed in all the action from the beginning to the end of production I like learning how the professionals do it and understanding the industry.” Doing indie films in Calgary, sometimes everyone has to pull together and do multiple roles with minimal or sometimes no pay. J.M.R does this for the love of the business and craft of acting. “It’s been a busy and crazy ride since I started but it’s my path and I know I’m meant to be here.” J.M.R says.

Jill also does a bit of modeling and event planning on the side when not acting. She doesn’t like listing off her resume to show she’s built herself to be able to gear up for a real go at a serious career. Jill will bein a few features and shows she will be showcased in airing this year and next. We have seen Jill in a few TV shows and big features as background but this year she has transitioned to doing only acting roles for future projects taking on more work in and around the industry. “To me, when someone can do their passion and live off that whether in big or indie productions is my view of success in this industry. Everything I do is within entertainment; it’s where I like to be.”

The major factor that Jill seems to have in spades is the ability to gather those around her and let them work together to open up possibilities in the industry. She doesn’t so much bring them behind her but beside her so the work can be done and the production can be a success. From working on the sets to making connections in and around the Calgary community “I really appreciate everyone in my life who has been on this ride with me and all my friends who work with me. We will see where it all goes I guess. I’m curious myself”, laughs Jill. It takes a lot of people to come together in this industry and community J.M.R seems to love the challenge.

J.M.R continues to fight hard in the industry because it isn’t work but a way of life and she is very thankful that she was one of the lucky ones to survive Romania. Jill comments, “The way I look at it for my life, I’m already on borrowed time and I want to make something of myself for the ones who couldn’t. I want to give back and to one day make a big influence on as many people as I can, in recognition of the gift of lif, which is something we tend to loose focus on..” Not everyone is so fortunate though Jill explains, “My ultimate goal is to eventually host a show that helps families in need in Canada and helps give them a voice and tell their stories. I have a very vivid dream of me and a film crew in a ladies new home and we were all congratulating and crying with her, it was similar to a home makeover show idea. I want to make that a reality.” Jill will be using her passion for working in the film industry to achieve this dream to try help people get empowered.” shares J.M.R. There is no doubt in our minds that Jill will become a positive influence in her Calgary culture or where ever she goes.

Currently she has a reality show she is helping produce in the works, about her and her network in Calgary. Jill has also teamed up with Gail Nicholson of Nicholson Naturals and they have created her a sweet scent that will be in stores and marketed for this year! Send us a sample J.M.R! Congratulation to our busy Canadian gal, we can’t wait to see you in all you future projects! Always Therro will see you down in L.A soon!

Do you see a struggle being in Canada vs LA?
Yes, because there is a smaller professional film market here, so it’s harder to pursue acting as a career. But I am happy to grow and learn here and see where I can end up. I try to be realistic.

What is your biggest dream?
To leave my mark in this world as one who helped a lot of people.

What advice would you give a young model looking to get in the game.
Be professional and make your own opportunities if they don’t come.

Explain how you stay positive.
I think of all the people who rely on me and it makes me feel motivated to keeps me moving forward and happy.

Growing up did you have any mentors?
Fresh Prince, just kidding, my Grandmother and Mum.

What do you like about a man?
Height. I like that most men are taller than me, I’m short so I need someone who can reach stuff lol jk. I like that men have a different out look on everything it keeps life interesting.

Favourite Songs right now?
Gold on the Ceiling by The Black Keys, I Need a Dollar by Aloe Blacc, I Don’t Know by The Sheepdogs, Werewolf of London by Warren Zevon, I Did It My Way Frank Sinatra.

How can we connect with you online?
You can find me on my jmrfanpage on twitter and instagram, J.M.R on FB. Also on a site I frequent for modeling and promoting designers and photographers,

How Well Do You Think You Know Yasmine Soofi? Her Mind Will Blow Yours!

Screenshot 2014-09-02 22.42.06

Are you single?
As a low fat, Pringle

Because I’m choosing to focus on developing myself, along with my career.

What advice would you give a man who wanted to get your attention?
If you don’t naturally know what to do in any situation in getting something you want then it’s over before it starts.

Do you deal with jealous guys?
If it’s at all negative, no. If it’s understandable and something can be done to free himself from it, depending on circumstances, maybe. At this given moment, I’m only ‘dealing’ with bettering my personal behavior and chillin with my awesome cat, Shah.

How do you stay focused when it looks like things won’t go your way.
I remind myself of the Arabic word “maktub”.. I believe what’s meant for you will be with you at the right time, and nothing can change that. When I do get upset it’s not for long, I’m very accepting of the bottom line of situations. I am enjoying tasting what I’m made of during my growth in the universe.

What can’t you resist about a man?
Most things aren’t what they seem, they could be better or worse, I know better than to attach myself to an idea from experience. That being said, until I’m in the particular moment I can’t define this “irresistible” factor.

What’s your favorite part on your body?
My butt. Moms half Puerto Rican.. Thanks ma

What’s new with you in 2014?
Reading books, I finish at least one book a week. Getting spiritually in tune with myself, realizing how awesome life is when you are on the right path.. I’m enjoying all the beautiful blessings I’ve been given.

What do you have planned in 2015?
I’ve never felt so in tune and on the right path as I do now, and am seeing where this takes me. As of planning.. I’ll be traveling quite often in 2015
for work. Acting is my main focus, and there’s always new plans and goals I set with that. Experiencing new things, more reading.

What makes you want to model?
– modeling is a stepping stone, for the most part it’s a really fun, thing I do that has given me the ability to support my goals as an actress. I’m really blessed.

How can we follow you online?
Insta & twitter ^

What is your ideal relationship?
My ideal relationship is someone who makes you a better individual vice versa. Honest, LOYAL, supportive, even if the world is mad at you, no matter what that person has your back.

What type of guys do you go for?
I don’t really have a type. If I enjoy his “7am” & “3am” personality, we have more than just casual conversation, and beautiful chemistry, he has a fair chance of sticking around. Sense of humor is a must. If you can’t keep my mind stimulated, see ya!

In a relationship are you a giver or taker?
People treat you how you allow them to treat you, that’s the scary thing, if you give too much power you’re seen as weak, so vulnerability can be difficult, but when you’re just taking from them and not giving back you’re damaging someone and taking advantage of their kindness. I’ve been both, in an ideal world.. what you give you get.

When you think you’ll be ready for a relationship?
I don’t think about things like that.

Tell us where you want to take your career in 5 years?
Academy award winning acting skills.

Do you think being from the south helps you stay real in this industry?
It’s naturally who I am.. I don’t see a reason to beat around bushes or be dishonest about anything. They either will like you or they don’t. If they do great, if not then they aren’t who you need to collaborate with. Memphis, definitely taught me to hustle and bustle.
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Tell us how you just up and moved without looking back…
Graduated high school at 15, got a job serving, saved up for 3 years, so I could move to LA as soon as I turned 18, packed one bag loaded my car, shipped it to LA and landed at LAX with further plans, and just figured it out. I was never the girl who dreamed about getting married or ponies. I dreamed of moving to LA and “making it” in Hollywood. That being the case, no matter how challenging things were, looking back never crossed my mind because every minute was so consuming and enjoyably overwhelming.

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