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Scarlett Johansson sexy Dolce shoot

Scarlett Johansson Stars in Dolce & Gabbana’s “Perfect Mono” Eyeshadow Campaign. We are in love with this woman.




Cindy Starfall kills the lense in this new set

Sexy Cindy Starfall is becoming one of the most popular adult performers today, her hardcore skills are making her a fan favorite. Now, the seductive superstar has some new pictures that she wants to share with you:

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Kendra Lust Knows Exactly What She Wants.. Talks Porn And Her Dream Porn Movie!

Kendra Lust on White Duvet

When it comes to exciting adult actresses, Kendra Lust is the star to watch. She is top MILF performer, a sought after feature dancer, a woman whose mere presence leaves fans breathless. But before the legion of fans, known as the Lust Army, came into being, Kendra spent her days working as a Nurse. The seductress with a devilish smile and body of an angel found a growing urge to explore her insatiable sexual prowess and soon gave in to temptation and launched a career in adult entertainment. Kendra’s sultry personality and perfectly round rear quickly got her noticed, but it is her energy and enthusiasm in her sex scenes that keep fans hanging on her every performance.

Since entering the industry, Kendra has consistently ended up in the Top 100 on FreeOnes and has garnered nominations for the XBiz Awards’ MILF Performer of the Year, two years in a row, AVN’s 2014 MILF Performer of the Year and Social Media Star of the Year, The 2013 Fanny’s Best Ass and Who’s Your Mummy – MILF awards, and 2014 Feature Dancer of the Year. Kendra currently holds the honors of 2013 BangBros’ Best Newcummer, 2014 BangBros’ MILF of the Year, and 2014 Reality Kings Best Tits and Porn Star of the Year. Armed with her sexy curves, Kendra has already made an incredible impact on adult entertainment and now she is taking things to a whole new level. Enlist for the Lust Army and get to know Kendra Lust.


You are newer to the industry but are already making headlines and scoring nominations. What’s that like?
It’s very cool and I’m truly flattered. I appreciate everyone in my #LustArmy and everyone who is voting for me.

You’re a prominent feature dancer across the US. Where’s your favorite place to dance?
So far it has been Long Island, NY!

What influenced you to get started in the adult entertainment industry?
I have always been a porn fan, so I just decided to stop worrying about what everyone thinks and do what most girls wish they could do!

Is there anyone in particular – an actor or director – who have inspired you and your work?
It is inspiring for me to see former talent direct…especially the female talent!

What’s been your favorite project to date?
There are too many to choose from! I love working with so many of the companies and there is always something exciting.

Who are some other adult stars you’d love to collaborate with? There must be quite a few…
Amber Lynn, Phoenix Marie, Veronica Rodriguez, Kylie Ireland…the list goes on and on…

The porn industry is constantly changing, but if you could change one thing about it, what would it be and why?
Regulate internet porn laws! No more piracy!

What makes you different from other porn stars in the industry?
I have not changed too much about me. I still live in the same state, house, and hang with my friends. I’m pretty grounded and humble. I love what I do and will never forget where I come from. :)

If you could write your own dream porn movie, what would it be like?
It would be with the hottest 15 women in the industry and the 15 hottest guys and basically they would worship and fuck us ladies like queens!

What do you do for pleasure outside of your job? Is there something you are really passionate about?
Charity work! I love giving back to my community. Working out is also something I enjoy doing and I am passionate about wrestling. I love watching it on TV and going to the live events when they’re in town!

Any last words?

One on One with Toryn Smith

Screenshot 2014-07-04 15.48.25
How did you start modeling?
I started modeling in Louisville, KY, where I’m from.  I did a few commercials as a kid and got more into modeling as I got older.  I moved out to LA after college to pursue it as a career.
Besides music what do you like to do?
My real love is music.  I have been writing songs since I was young and now I’m working in Artist Development at an independent record label.  I am working on getting more confident with my voice through vocal lessons so I can sing my own songs one day soon.
Who is your favorite artist?
My all time favorite artist is Britney Spears.  I know most people wouldn’t call her an ‘artist’, but I love the affect she has had on the world.   As far as music, I have been listening to a lot of Jhene Aiko recently; she’s inspired me.  When I make an album, I want it to have her R&B sound and I really relate to her songwriting.
What do you do in your free time?
I love to cook in my free time because I love to eat!  I work at a bakery on the weekends where I make cupcakes, which are delicious.
     I have always loved animals, so I also volunteer at animals shelters and work as a foster for animals until they get adopted.
What is the biggest city you’ve been to?
LA.. My favorite city to visit is New Orleans.  I used to play travelling volleyball and our team would play there in a tournament every year.  It’s such a fun city with so much history and amazing food!
Where do you want to go before you die?
I definitely need to visit New York City before I die!
Do you like pets.. Do you have any?
Obviously, I love pets!  Right now I am fostering a gray bengal cat.  I was always a dog person before, but I think she has converted me.
What turns you on about a man?
I think most girls will agree, they like a guy with a good sense of humor.  I always want to be happy and have fun when I’m around you.

Are you a giver or taker?
Honestly, I’m a taker.  I’m a little selfish is most areas of my life.

What instantly gets you off?
I think it’s always attractive when you feel like the person you’re with is very attracted to you.
How can we follow you online?

Monica Nordlin Is More Than A Sexy Face

Screenshot 2014-07-04 15.20.39
How did you start modeling? 
My first modeling job was actually for my mothers company. She was in the fashion business for years. I was in contact with several modeling agencies in Finland but I always got a negative response, so I kind of gave up the idea of modeling and settled into the fact that I just didn’t have what it took to be a model. When I moved to LA I came in contact with a model manager and my life turned around, suddenly I was good enough to model. 
Tell us what are you into besides modeling?
Actually I am a dancer and I came to LA to pursue dance, modeling was always more of a side thing but more and more people were telling me that I could do modeling. So I gave it a shot and it seems that this really is something I want to pursue. 

Where are you from? 
I am from Finland, northern Europe. Born and raised. I came out to LA as soon as I graduated high school.

What made you move to LA?
I always had a dream of coming to LA to dance. LA was where I wanted to be and where I felt like I needed to be to achieve my drams as a dancer. Once I graduated high school I had the opportunity to come to LA, so I took that opportunity, and here I am!  As long as you believe, work hard and push towards your dreams they can come true. I am a living example of this. I achieved one of my dreams, so can you! 

Who is your favorite artist? 
Hmmm… This is hard. There are several artists that I look up to and who’s work I appreciate. One of them is definitely Celine Dion. She has an amazing voice and sings the most beautiful love songs ever written. I am a hopeless romantic. 

What are 3 of your top hobbies?
My top three hobbies are definitely exercising, fashion and dancing. Dance used to be my hobby but now dance is more my life! So I have to say reading. I love books! 

What do you do in your free time?
Spend time with my boyfriend, exercise, relax by the pool, watch movies, read. I’m really bad at just sitting around. I always have to do something even though it is my day off. 

What’s the biggest city you’ve been to?
By population at least it would have to be Sydney Australia.
What’s your most favorite city to visit?
Oh no, I don’t know. There are so many beautiful cities in the world that I don’t really know which city to choose. I loved Nizz, the French riviera is just gorgeous. 
What city do you have on your list to go to before you die?
There is so many cities I want to visit, I can’t tell you all of them, there’s not enough room. A few of them though are Rome, Venice, Milan, Barcelona, New York, Buenos Aires, Rio de Janero and so many more. 

Do you like pets? Do you own any?
I do like pets but I don’t have any now. Honestly I don’t have time to take care of a pet. My parents have a dog, they’ve had him ever since I was a kid so I guess he still is my pet too, even though I don’t see him that often anymore. 

What turns you on about a man?

His all around appearance, scent, confidence and the way he treats me and others around him. 

In bed what’s your favorite position?
The missionary! 

Are you a giver or taker during sex?

I feel kind of bad saying this, but I guess I have to admit that I am more of a taker….
What’s the easiest way to get a woman to climax? 
I think that is different for every woman. What makes me climax doesn’t certainly make someone else climax. It is something a man has to figure out on his own. We are all different. 

What instantly gets you off?

Honestly my boyfriend! It is like he can read my mind. 

How can we follow you online?
You can follow me on instagram @ _monicamaria_ and on my blog,

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