Get your shit together

If you not on progress or success we can’t be cool.. probably won’t look at you at all. It’s a mindset.. shit don’t come easy. You have to live what Read Article

Keep your face in your work

No one is coming to help you make a million dollars. You gotta do that shit yourself kid. Relationships, bars, parties or whatever you into needs to be put on Read Article

Never ever stop shooting

You know the feeling when you been working at something so long and it just don’t work for you? We all do. Difference between me and you is I will Read Article

Work harder than everybody

You may not be a competitive person, but you have to understand that someone out there want to be in your spot. What are you going to do? Let them Read Article

Stop sitting around

You want something? You have to go get it. No one around you is going to make you get off your ass. What’s holding you back? Drugs? Liquor? Women? Remove Read Article

Never be afraid

Studying for a test and have a big day? So what keep going. Didn’t study at all? Keep going. Never be afraid to be who you are supposed to be Read Article

Work on your craft

Working on your craft is more than just talking about what you want to do and hoping your friends will finally see how dedicated you became over time. Your friends Read Article

Make your own future

No one can make you do what you don’t want to do. Make your own way. Live how you want to live. Make sure that what you’re doing is truly Read Article

Crush everything you touch

The life of anyone who wants be successful has to be one of diligence. Everyday you need to crush everything you touch. When someone says come on let’s do this… Read Article