What you can learn from 6ix9ine on success

No matter what anyone says about 6ix9ine you know that his confidence is through the roof. The way he projects himself on people even tho he knows they want to take him down. You can bring up his record and hate us for this, but take a look inside yourself first.

Know what you want
When you know what you want no one can stop you from getting to where you want to be. Music, photography investing, hodling… whatever your dream is knowing what you want will allow you to get there.

Be careful
You have to know when you take it easy and be smart. In LA  6ix9ine did a video saying “why would I go to the hood and I’m a millionaire?” While many people would call him a pussy, but he’s smart.

Talk less
The only thing we take away that could be done better is to simply move in silence. As we hodl on to our dreams for dear life remember. G’z move in silence.

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