Britt Von Bossy Covers Alwayz Therro Issue 95

Long-time since we talked. Really great seeing you blossom and do what you said you would… What we want to know first how did you get into writing erotica??
It’s so nice to be welcomed back to Alwayz Therro. I have so much to share with you since our last chat back in 2016! I’ve been busy creating new content as a model & now creative director for Von Bossy Projects. As a creative director, I can find new ways to express myself and shine my interpretations of life & the beauty I see in others. I have been so lucky to work with many talented artists, photographers, & creators. One of the many talented women I work with is Nikki Acosta of Magnetic Focus Photography. Magnetic & Von Bossy are hosting bi-monthly events soon to be monthly events open to the public to book. We encourage everyone to step in front of the camera & have a fun time, with the reward of amazing media to relish & share with loved ones or just “ do it for the Gram”. Our next event is going to be held on September Friday the 13th! With it being Friday the 13th & all, We will be covering our models in blood & busted lips as they play in front of our camera as killers or survivors of their own vapor waved infused slasher movie. Magnetic & Von Bossy are going above and beyond for clients. We are putting our literal sweat & store-bought blood into this !!! We build custom sets & props, offer multimedia options, assist in wardrobe, & pose coach our ladies or gents.

I am also now working closely with Tattoo Media Ink & TABU Tattoo Magazine. I help manage Instagram content for our many viewers & promote other women in the industry. Be sure to follow @tattoomediaink on Instagram to check out amazing ink & beautiful women. Im also writing short erotica stories for TABU Magazine, a sister magazine to Tattoo Medink Ink, which can be purchased online as digital/print copies through Amazon.

Writing erotica is a ton of fun but it’s also very challenging! I gather inspiration for my stories from experiences, hoe stories from friends, and, oddly enough, memes. Gotta love memes. There really aren’t enough erotica authors out there. I find myself wishing I had a group of erotica authors to bounce ideas off the top of my head. I have recently started teaming up with an illustrator to bring my stories to life with a “ playboy comic “ styled artwork to compliment all the dirty thoughts left in my fan’s heads. That was always my favorite part of Playboy, the comics! I am so lucky to have Charlie Bass to cartoon my craziness. Charlie is super underground at the moment but will in no time be known for his artwork! (@CharlieBass03)

What advice would you give a model or photographer in school looking to get their work noticed??
Simply, NEVER GIVE UP. You must find what inspires you every day!

How do you stay focused when you feel like giving up?
Get up and make things happen! I never imagined I’d end up published over 22 times & am now an official author for a magazine. I only achieved the things I have because I always believed in myself, no matter how many times I was rejected, I kept pushing myself until I reached those goals. Never give up on what makes you happy.

What advice would you give someone who does not have the tools they need to succeed?
I personally struggle with anxiety, insecurities, and depression, like many of us, do. These battles constantly have me guessing if what I am doing is good enough but my love for creating always tramples over those fears. In fact, sometimes those very fears fuel me to go even further. Why not rock it till the wheels fall off, am I right? I think so. If anyone out there is also struggling with these battles just know you are not alone. So many creative individuals struggle with financial, emotional, and physical setbacks … but that’s the thing, They are only setbacks. If you’re passionate about it, You will work harder to achieve the things you need to succeed. Till then keep finding a way, NEVER give up!

What’s your most favorite city to visit?
Financial strains always have me in a bind but it always works out. It definitely holds me back from traveling as much as I’d like to. So instead of a favorite city in my life, I have a favorite pass time away from home and it’s camping or hiking. Getting outdoors, getting away from over the top social media, and just decompressing helps me find new angles for creative juices to flow. When things in my life align I will be traveling to Alaska to visit with my significant other’s family & explore all the beauty that Alaska has to offer.

How can we follow you online?
It’s been a hoot catching up with you all. Be sure to follow me on all social media, @BrittVonBossy & @VonBossyProjects.

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