Brendan Foery Knows His Music


How did you start singing?
I had a toy Barney guitar when I was around three years old and I would sing and play with that. When I was four I got my first guitar and actually learned a couple chords and sang some songs that I had picked up from church as well as starting to write my own short songs. It all developed from there. I knew at that age that singing and performing was what I wanted to do.

Where are you from?
I’m from Southern Vermont. I grew up on a farm and moved once since then to a mountaintop in Southern VT where I live now with my Mom, Dad, and younger Brother.

Growing up who did you listen to?
My parents always had contemporary Christian music playing when I was young. So I grew listening to a lot of Chris Tomlin or Jeremy Camp. My favorite band as a kid was the Newsboys. They were kind of my greatest motivation to have a music career at that time.

What inspires your music?
It can be anything. The smallest of things can spark a moment of inspiration. For example the other night I was driving home with my brother and a passenger plane passed in front of a full moon and made a really cool silhouette. It was just a right place at the right time sort of thing and we were both marveling at it. Such a weird thing to get excited about but I went on to tell him that those types of moments are what get me excited about music because I see music in the same way. A melody, phrase or chord progression can be heard at the right place and at the right time and totally change someone from the inside out. Music is not only the universal language but it can sometimes be a once in a lifetime opportunity for a life long memory. A melody is the only thing you can’t google — you have to experience it. Sometimes my inspiration for writing can also be a specific artist or person. My latest single “Before It’s Too Late” is influenced by The Chainsmokers. I had been listening to their new album as well as just went to their Memories tour when I started writing that song so a lot of my ideas were kind of from all that excitement and creativity that they had been putting out. Anything is game when it comes to what inspires me.

What’s the biggest city you’ve been to?
Los Angeles once and and NYC a bunch of times. I was just in LA in February for a few weeks to visit and experience it and I will be moving there later this year. It’s time to be somewhere new. Everyone thinks I’m crazy to move to one of the largest cities in the country as an 18 year old living on my own. But I explain to them that I’ll be 19 when I move so they have nothing to worry about.

What’s your most favorite city to visit?
All of them. I may be from a place where the ratio of cows to people is like 5:1 but I’m a city guy. I love the different cultures, fashion, architectural design, food, transportation, etc. It’s all so fascinating to me. I’ve been to Italy twice and as an Italian myself I obviously have great pride in that country. One of my favorite places in Italy isn’t a city but a little town surrounded by mountains where some of my Italian family vacations. Its called Spedino and it’s incredible. It’s also where I drank my first shot of Grappa which is an Italian alcoholic beverage which you sip — I was unaware of that fact at the time. All my american family and native Italian family laughed as I ran from the table for a glass of water.

What city do you have on your list to go to before you die?
For some reason I really want to go to Tokyo. Something about it seems so intriguing to me. I guess because it’s something totally different. When I do an international tour some time down the road Tokyo will definitely be on the list. But like I said, I love cities in general and I want to visit as many as possible.

Tell us the motivation behind your next release.
As of right now my next release is going to be a song called “Last 2 Fall”. I wrote this song for any of us who are doing something that is uncomfortable or considered extraordinary by average standards. It’s kind of a message to those who try to discourage others. It’s a powerful song and I am really excited about it!

How can we follow you online?
Facebook: @brendanfoerymusic
Twitter: @brendanfoery
Instagram: @brendanfoery
Snapchat: @brendan4e

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