Bonbreee Jones knows what it means to stay focused on your dreams

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Whats Inspires you to model?
I’ve always been infatuated with my unique look. In fact, when I was thirteen, I became aware of my extraordinary sex appeal. The average teenager was on the phone gossiping or studying for the upcoming exam. However, I was snapping endless photos of myself on my camera phone. My older sister, Samonna modeled, I would often watch her take her photos and study her moves. Samonna will forever be my number one biggest Idol. Now of days, I usually go to Plato’s Closet In Hamden, my local thrift store and browse for different outfits or log onto Instagram to get Inspired. India Love, Karrueche Tran, Jazzelle and Nicki Minaj always motivate me to try new looks and challenges.

What Is your biggest hurdle?
Remaining dedicated and strong throughout my modeling career, without my family’s approval has been the biggest obstacle. The glamour, swimsuit photoshoots that I’ve done have turned my family against my dream. My mother requested that I would only post my pictures on websites that she does not have an account for. She won’t accept me posing semi-nude. Seaming the scar over my heart and pursuing as my only supporter has been a tough hurdle.

How often do you get hit on, on social media?
Everyday. I’m always going from Instagram, to snapchat and then facebook amused by the compliments I receive. Honestly, I love it. Especially when I’m feeling down, It uplifts me.

Images shot by  @gogodesignfilms

What advice would you give someone looking to get into the industry?
A special kind of back-bone Is mandatory in the modeling Industry. You have to be tough, indestructible and confident. In the beginning, you need to find yourself. Figure out what kind of modeling you would like to take on, and what looks you prefer or how you like your makeup or hair. Your comfort and happiness in so important because It will show In your photos. Then, you must prove to the modeling world why you should be a model or why you should be taken seriously. You are your own salesperson. You will get denied, you will be approved, you will get hired or you might have just wasted your time going to the casting. No matter what stay strong, and optimistic. You will find your happy place one day.

What Is your favorite City?
Miami Is my favorite city. Although, I have been there once, my experience Is so unforgettable that I get happy just thinking about that place. The atmosphere, the scenery, and the clear water were unbelievably beautiful. I felt so relaxed and free there.

Before you die what city would you live in?
I would love to live In Los Angles, California. I believe It Is where I’m destined to be. I follow a lot of models on Instagram that are frequently out there and It always looks so dreamy and Inspiring. I’ve also never been to California, so I would love to live where It Is warm and swarmed with beaches and scenery.

How can we follow you online?
My Instagram: Bonbreee
Facebook: Briana Jones
Snapchat: Breeeanajones

Images shot by  @gogodesignfilms

What can we expect from you in the future?
My ultimate goal Is to open an Arts& Crafts Therapy Center In Connecticut. I believe the best way for people to deal with their inner demons and issues Is to express It throughout the art. I’m really Interested In mental health, It Is much more significant than almost anything. I plan on receiving the money to fund my therapy center, with the money I receive from modeling. I eventually want to start working with bigger companies such as Dolls Kills, Forever 21, Fashion Nova, Pretty Little Thing and Macy’s. Hopefully, I’ll be the cover of a Vogue Magazine one day!

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