Be prepared to work your ass off on your way to success


Get in the habit of staying away from people who think everything is supposed to be handed to them on a silver platter. One thing I love about New York City is the atmosphere that forces you to work for what you have. States like California and Florida off the same.

No matter if you’re a construction worker or work on a computer you know what it means to put in work if you have success.

When people come around and they have no clue about hard work.. distance yourself. Stay around people who knows what it means to put in countless hours and focus to grow their work.

Those same people will tell you that you can do everything yourself and you don’t need help. Be wary and steer clear. Be prepared to lose sleep. Be prepared to sacrifice many things..

If it were easy everyone would do it. We all know this.. The key is to actually put in the work.

Until next time.

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