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Google 2012 Year In Review video is sick


This year’s Google Zeitgeist 2012 Year In Review features all the things we remembered and searched for this year. How has 2012 affected your thoughts and life?


One on One with The Board of Education


The Board of Education is a New Jersey hip hop group consisting of emcee Darryl Watson and producer Ryan Teodoro (21, 20 respectively). Since meeting in 2009 the group gone on to release 3 mixtapes one most recently in September entitled Sailing Away ( ) with influences in jazz, shoegaze, downtemp and trip hop it has garnered some local acclaim as The Board of Education is looking to perform locally and promote this project which is over a combined 700 downloads in just three months. Currently working on a new project with live instrumentation featuring saxophonist Mark Thomas , bassist Chika along with songwriter Jamal Harrison and drummer Doug Mckenna on board they are truly looking on making a breakthrough on this album. Stay on the lookout for videos directed by Live Now Streetwear , The Motivation, and Black Light Films and a documentary by the latter which will cover the next six months as The Board of Education prepares to also help with a compilation tape with some local Philadelphia artist entitled The Revival hosted by Phila artist The Trademark Experience. For any and all information visit

What makes you believe in your abilities when everyone seem to be so timid.
Darryl;Because we truly are creating our own lane listen to our music for yourself and ask yourself who we sound like, look at our vids who we look like…and the answer is nobody so for us to be original we don’t have anything to fear just to be the best us we can be.

Who did you go up listening too?
Darryl: I actually grew up listening to gospel music everyday lol my parents are big on gospel but I would sneak a little Jay-Z and Kanye in there. It wasn’t until I bought my first cd (college dropout) I was instantly assimilated into the culture of hip hop

Ryan: I’ve been listening to music since I was an infant. My dad used to play 90’s alternative all the time in the car and at home, so that was the music I was really bred on. I’ve always been creative, but I didn’t put that creative energy towards making music until I was about 12.

What’s the first thing you would say to someone when they ask you to describe yourself as an artist?
Darryl: Original. We truly are a one of a kind group just on a local scene we’re presenting full blown albums every time out. When 9 out of 10 artist are too busy taking flows, concepts, using generic beats or just plain stealing lines from popular acts.

Ryan: It’s a mix of my top 5 influences overall, I’d probably say (in no order): Kanye West, Outkast, DJ Shadow, Massive Attack, and John Frusciante. However, like I already said, our creative output is mainly influenced by our current listening habits (multi genres).

How long have you been in the industry?
Darryl: We been working together for three years now but released our first project in Aug 2011 and haven’t looked back.

Do you have any projects out now?
Darryl: Yes our newest project Sailing Away is out now you can download it here or on our official site

How did you go about getting on a live show?
Darryl: Alot of research, its more than just playing anywhere you can its about finding the right spot and then making sure you go through and pick the best songs to fit the setting.

What inspires your choice of artist and people you work with?
Darryl: Depends on what they can bring to the table. It’s never about friendship when in the booth I’m not afraid to make the call of nixing somebody’s verse if I feel it’ll improve the song. And the people I work with understand that and know it’s all about the art….we can be best friends outside the studio.

Where are you from?
Darryl: I’m from a small town in south jersey called Deptford.

Ryan: I’m from Washington Township which is near Deptford.

Name one mistake you regret you made?
Darryl: Being cool with certain artist who don’t take this thing seriously but still wanna talk as though “we” are doing big things; the work me and Ryan put in isn’t going to necessarily “rub off” on you and it goes both ways but in the end you get what you work for.

How do you overcome obstacles?

Darryl: Relying on the faith I have in myself , my team and God.

Ryan: ditto lol

What makes you different from other artist today?
Darryl: I’m not trying to be anything im not and as easy as that sounds easy but its not for some reason especially in this genre. People get caught in an ego that is completely unorganic if I love flashy rap but would never place that in my catelouge unless I really got it like that (which hopefully won’t be too long) you don’t gotta worry bout hearing bout my Louie v knapsack.

What do you want your future fans to know about you?
Darryl: That I’m really only one tweet away no matter how big we will get I am totally reachable as a fan myself of certain artist the availability of not being easily contacted is a barrier that shouldn’t be there.

How can we connect with you online?
@Darryl_Watson @Ryan_Teodoro

Get to know Reese


I’m a 19-year-old, highly ambitious, colorful, free-spirited girl from the DMV, I’ve lived all over Northern Virginia. My name is Charesse Silvera but I’m known by Resse. I started my journey modeling with a photographer in my area that I know, I fell in love with phootshoots the very first time and couldn’t get enough, I have always wanted to model growing up. I continued to pursue my new passion networking and doing shoots with other photographers. It’s the first thing I’ve been passionate about since I stooped playing ball. I’ve done recently worked with the photographer & creator for the clothing line “grey classic” & “standardz”.  I have also teamed up with DMVPRETTYGIRLZ to network and give back to the DMV community. My goal is to move to NYC by Fall 13’ to really pursue my career in modeling and hopefully attend classes at a school in the city to study art and design. The whole world is a big piece of art and we are all artist, modeling is just the form of art I have chosen. They take me to another place It’s a way for me to express myself & they represent who I am. I hope one day my pictures bring joy to others like they do to me.

How would you describe yourself as a model?
I would describe my modeling and pictures as “Free”

Why do you feel like NYC would help your career vs DMV?
I think that people including myself sometimes sleep on the DMV and the opportunities we have right here, and I want to have put in a lot of work and network in the DMV before I leave for NYC. I fell in love with NYC a long time ago, I always knew I would end up in the city and it gives me so much joy & inspiration. I’ve been stuck on it, and when I stay stuck on something for this long I just go for it. NYC is known for the fashion and modeling industry though so many people to come across in the industry, and will make or break you. & I figure “go big or go home” so I feel that NYC will be a better move for me. I work better under pressure.

Read our full interview with Reese in our December 2012 issue.

How to keep your composure when it’s hard


Men with ambition don’t just sit around waiting for things to come to them. They create. They have the energy they need to keep going.

Keep going when everything around them tells them to stop. Men with ambition find every way they know how to stay motivated when all looks to be going wrong.

You get to a point where you want to stop, but don’t. Who knows the moment you give up you could be 5 minutes away from where you need to be.

While everyone is getting an iPhone and you’re getting more hard drive space for your website.. Embrace that one day you won’t have to work at all. [private]

You already know if you have a girlfriend you have to really take deep breaths, because everything you do will be suspect…and she’ll think you’re a flake until you make it happen.[/private]

Always have your tools like a Nikon D3200

Showing up with your tools is more than a hammer and nails. In your profession make sure you have what you have at all times to get the job done. Capture simply stunning photos and videos in any setting with the Nikon D3200. Not only does the Nikon D3200 take brilliant high-resolution 24.2-megapixel still photos, but records full 1080p HD video.

The included AF-S 18–55mm VR lens and in-camera tutorials will assist in creating the perfect shot. You can even instantly send photos to your smartphone or tablet via Wi-Fi with the optional WU-1a wireless mobile adapter (app for Android smartphone (2.3 series) and tablet (3.x series) expected for release May 2012; iPhone® and iPad® app.

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Product Features

24.2-megapixel CMOS

Captures high-resolution images up to 6016 x 4000 pixels. The EXPEED 3 image processor provides super-fast operation and exceptional image capture.

18–55mm f/3.5–5.6 AF-S NIKKOR VR lens included

With image stabilization for intricate picture detail and fast, accurate autofocus.

3″ TFT-LCD display

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One-touch HD video mode

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Wi-Fi connectivity

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Clear images from ISO 100 to 6400 for shooting in very low light without a flash or in very bright light with wide aperture lenses. Can even be set to ISO 12800 equivalent (Hi 1) for extreme low-light situations.

Fast 11-point autofocus

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Captures up to 4 fps for fast-action shots.

Highly accurate 420-pixel RGB sensor

Supports Nikon’s Scene Recognition System and enhances the accuracy of all auto functions, including subject tracking AF, full-time AF, exposure, white balance, flash and more.

Scene Auto Selector

Automatically activates the best scene mode for the shot. Six optimized Scene Modes including Portrait, Night Portrait, Landscape, Close up and more help you capture every photo and video exactly as you imagined it.

Guide Mode

Walks you through key camera functions and settings and makes recommendations to help you quickly master your new DSLR camera and excel in every situation.

Flash modes

Include auto, auto with red-eye reduction, fill, auto slow sync, auto slow sync with red-eye correction, slow sync, slow sync with red-eye reduction, rear curtain sync and rear curtain with slow sync.

White balance options

Include auto, incandescent, fluorescent (7 types), direct sunlight, flash, cloudy, shade and preset manual, all except preset manual with fine-tuning.

SD card slot

Supports Secure Digital, Secure Digital High Capacity and SDXC formats.


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