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Why the Early Bird Gets the Worm

I may not have been an early bird since birth, but after years of training myself to jump-start my day, my body naturally wants to get a move on as soon as it’s light outside. In fact, I’m now almost incapable of sleeping past 8 a.m.

Some people may consider that a tragic flaw, but I enjoy getting up early. I like not being rushed as I prepare for work, and I enjoy the morning hour when I’m alone in the office. For some people, waking up early isn’t the easiest lifestyle to sustain, but for those who can stick it out, it offers a bevy of benefits. Read more ›

What do you think? Steve Harvey Explains Why Men Cheat & Says He Dont’ Have Female Friends!

Rated Next: D’Shawn

D’Shawn, originally from Liberal Kansas, is storming the gates of the music industry. D’Shawn is no stranger to the creation of music, nor the way it makes one feel deep inside of their soul. This music-mind has been playing musical instruments and singing since the age of 3, and can now play
more instruments than a high school band. Just try him out, it’s worth being

D’Shawn went to venture his musical career in the city of Orlando where an audition led him to find out there was a big market for musicians and singers as himself. He later didn’t make the final cut of his first audition, so he started his own group. Since then, D’Shawn has produced and done many things with several artists in the music industry and is known for producing hot tracks for up-and-coming artist. D’Shawn has traveled around the globe sharing the stage with many great recording artist known today.

D’Shawn holds many titles that some people only dream about. He’s a vocalist, writer, composer, producer, audio engineer, arranger, dancer and vocal instructor. His smooth vocals have been taught to many artist in the music industry, still he strives to become stronger vocally. With D’Shawn’s sex appeal and uncanning vocals, you can’t go wrong. D’Shawn, the unstoppable force, is taking the industry by storm and is going both national and international in everything he does!

D’Shawn is scheduled to drop his debut album “100 Reasons Why” on January 17, 2011 worldwide.

Ciara New Promo Shots

Ciara released some new promo pics for her Basic Instinct album in stores now.

5 Sure-Fire Ways To Enjoy Every Day Of Your Life

There was a time in my life where I wasn’t enjoying it very much. I was so stressed in the pursuit of success that I had in fact lost the joy of living. I spent so much time on the road endeavoring to build a future for my family that I didn’t have time for them. In fact, I was so wrapped up in the pursuit of my future that I was in fact missing out on the present.

So as the years went by, and my children and I weren’t getting any younger, I paused, just for a split second, and did a review. What I saw wasn’t pretty. In fact it utterly disgusted me. Read more ›

Camila Schurt by Bruna Castanheira

Read more ›

New Nipsey Hussle “Mr. Untouchable”

Nipsey Hussle rides out on “Mr. Untouchable,” a West Coast banger featuring Kokane from his mixtape The Marathon, dropping Tuesday. “Not too many ni**as have survived the type of shit I been through,” raps the resilient MC, whose debut album South Central State of Mind has been delayed until 2011. Take a trip out West below.

Nipsey Hussle f/ Kokane – “Mr. Untouchable”

Dwyane Wade Starts A New Dance “Do the D-Wade

Olivia Wild Covers “Women’s Health Mag

Actress Olivia Wilde talks about training for her new movie Tron: Legacy in the latest issue of Women’s Health magazine

On Her Training Routing for Tron: Legacy: “I worked with a personal trainer, so I did about an hour of cardio five or six days a week, weight training three times a week, mixed martial arts/fighting three times a week, and that’s a lot more than my normal [routine]!”

We might just have a crush on Ms. Olivia!

Kid Cudi Does Shoots for GQ Magazine

Hanging out with Kanye sure has its privileges! Kid Cudi rocks out the January 2011 issue of GQ which features a 20-page spread that preview of the Spring Style Guide including the latest talent in the industry. In the guide, Cudi rocks several FLY outfits in that special Rosewood kinda way…


Read more ›

One on One With DJ Michael Watts

Alwayz Therro Mag had a chance to chop it up with DJ Michael Watts. Watts a Houston legend has helped some of the biggest names in Houston get there start in the industry. Peep game: Read more ›

Movie Trailer – Denzel Washington and Will Smith Star in the Same Movie

Justin Bieber Named The Year’s Most Influential Person on Twitter

Almost 24 hours since the last Forbes list! This time the mag ranks the year’s most influential people on Twitter’s Klout on a scale to 100:

1. justinbieber 100

2. paulocoelho 96

3. joejonas 92

4. kanyewest 90.9

5. DalaiLama 90.6 Read more ›

Halle Berry And Sidney Portier Cover ‘The Hollywood Reporter’

Classic cover. This will be around awhile.

Man Jumps Off Bridge to Avoid Arrest