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One on One with LaTarsha Delmonicole Williams

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LaTarsha Delmonicole Williams is the owner, designer and creative director behind Delmonicole Clothing. Delmonicole pronounced (Del-monee-cole) was established in 2007. In the beginning, Delmonicole primarily consisted of reconstructed tops and tees for women. After growing more esteem and popularity she turned her focus to more complex silhouettes.
Delmonicole is a brand based off of pure passion with Williams dreaming of designing clothes since she was 8 years old. While many kids were eating their Cheerios and glancing over the Sunday comics sections, Williams was struck by the clothing choices of Veronica Lodge and Betty Cooper from Archie Comics. At the young age of 8, Williams was already a fashion visionary and dreaming of ways to “remix” Veronica and Betty’s look.
Fast forward to today, Williams and her team are transforming Delmonicole into a line that produces bold pieces, bright colors and classic silhouettes. Wiliams plan is to make this Houston based clothing line a house hold name.

Tell us how you got started?
I always wanted to be a designer but people thought it was ridiculous. Growing up I wasn’t much of a risk taker so I went through the route I was “supposed to” by going on to college and getting a job that was somewhat satisfying. I still wasn’t happy though. At some pointed I started sketching all of my ideas in a notepad.  After sketching for a while, I was like I’m going to get one of these pieces made just for fun. When I got that first piece made it ignited something in me very passionately and I haven’t stopped since.

Do you feel like you’ve reached the level you wanted by remixing Veronica and Betty’s look?
I’ve definitely reached the level I wanted to when first remixing Veronica and Betty’s look. I’ve grown more confident as a designer [private] and create designs on my own rather than changing it around. I still have those comic books though; it’s great to see how far I’ve come.

Describe your line in one word? One word

What kind of woman would you say you would want to wear your line?
I would say that my clothing line is for the fun, feminine woman who likes to express herself through her clothing.

Read our full article with LaTarsha in our December 2012 issue [/private]


Kiley Fox | Not your average woman


Kiley Fox is an American swimsuit/lingerie model and socialite. Mainly specializing in glamour and promotional work, she has also participated in fashion shows and international events. Kiley has a reputation for being a very professional model, has a talent for the diversity in her looks, is eloquent in speech and is dedicated to her work. There is nothing that this ambitious young lady won’t put her heart into.

She is a strong believer in her Christian faith which is openly expressed and has a goal of being a good role model in the industry and a positive influence to those around her, claiming that you can do what you love and not compromise your morals. Kiley has been in the industry part time since her teens and her versatility can go from sexy to sweet in an instant. Her measurements are 34E-23-33 and she stands at 5’7, 107lbs.

What are somethings people automatically judge you on at first sight?  I get judged a lot which is why I don’t judge others. For me, what you see is not what you get. People assume that I am cold, stuck up, or a dumb bobblehead (It is LA afterall). Or a lot of time because my body is so outrageous some think I look like some stripper or a porn star which is laughable to me and to those close to me because I am a notorious prude. My appearance is the only scandalous thing about me because my personality and mentality tends to be more on the reserved side. I am definitely a walking contradiction.
How does being a model affect your relationships with men? I would say it takes a very confident man to date a model. Insecure, jealous, untrusting men need not apply. There’s enough stress in life already that with your partner, your comfort, it shouldn’t be an issue in the first place. Without trust you have nothing, in any relationship period. I don’t want to dedicate the time nor the energy trying to reassure a man that I only have eyes for him. I can be loyal to a rock and I don’t date just to date. If I do not see long term potential then I won’t waste their, or my time. So I will not enter a relationship if I am not serious about it. A man needs to put those insecurities in check because I am also a very strong-willed and outspoken woman who will not tolerate someone questioning me, if I have not, nor will ever, give them any doubt to worry. I do not coddle or feed into that uncertainty. If I am going to invest myself emotionally to a man and a relationship, then I am in it for the long run. I do not play around.

Read our full interview with Kiley in our December 2012 issue

Derek Wood Smooth

Derek Wood pulls you into with the camera with how he lense these shots





Do you know where you going?


Everybody works. Most people in life have a plan to do and be something before it’s all said and done. Most people have dreams, but few people take action. Do you know where you going?

Are you on the road you know you need to be on?

Does your mind get happy knowing you have to go back to work or do you dread the thought of waking up and working for someone else. Either way do you know where you going?


Bullett magazine Lensed by Jeff Bark

Michael Pitt cover the “Surreal” issue of Bullett magazine lensed by Jeff Bark.



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