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Turn your pain into money

Everybody feels pain and greaf. Everybody feels let down or feel like someone left them in the cold. The difference between someone who can make it happen or someone who talks about it is, when you turn your pain into money it will never leave you. Read more ›


LACOSTE Spring/Summer 2013

Taking inspiration from the rich history of LACOSTE, L!VE borrows subtle signatures and combines them with a directional approach to colour and materials to create a trend led footwear collection for Spring/Summer 2013. Read more ›

Can you keep her wet?

Anyone can fall in love with a new girl. The real test is keeping your girl pussy wet over and over without the flame dying out. Keeping her wet is just like business. You exchange services for money. In this case you are exchanging parts of you that will trigger your girl body and have her leaking. Read more ›

Damn.. Kanye West talks about Taylor Swift again?

What do you think about Kanye West bashing of Taylor Swift? We all know that Kanye West thinks Taylor Swift unworthy of any musical awards. He made this perfectly clear during the MTV VMAs, when he interrupted the award ceremony to announce that Beyonce would have been a better choice for MTV’s prestigious award. Nearly four years later, Kanye still thinks that Beyonce is the superior performer. During a recent performance, Kim Kardashian’s baby daddy announced his displeasure at Taylor’s success: “Taylor Swift beat Beyonce at the Grammys? Beyonce be dancing in heels and s***.” Read more ›

She couldn’t wait to get home

We met earlier for lunch and she said she wanted to go out after dinner to dance. Being the confident man I am, I said cool. After we finished drinking a few drinks we walked to our cars ready to head home. Read more ›

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