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Beyonce rehearses for Super Bowl 47 Day 2

Practice makes perfect. Beyonce continues to show the world why she is one of the best singers of our generation. Jay-Z must be proud.


Antony Morato Spring/Summer 2013


Antony Morato* Spring/Summer 2013 campaign was photographed by *Joseph Cardo* and styled by Carlo Ortenzi.

Antony Morato confirms its careful vision of menswear. By binding several styles he can evoke suggestions arousing from different cultures, far or near, past or actual, satisfying multiple needs of a style aware man.

Lil Wayne cuts the dreads, will this take his career to the next level?

Big discussion goes into having long hair dreads or having a short cut. Although his hair now is still in AFRO mode. Do you think Lil Wayne’s new look will hurt or help his image?

Tom Ford Fall/Winter 2013


Tom Ford* created a sophisticated Fall/Winter 2013 collection for the modern dandy, featuring beautiful suits made with luxury materials.

Candid Al Pacino on ‘David Letterman’


It’s always good to see someone who was successful as a young man and grow up to be even more successful. Not fragile or shaking Pacino defines How to be a man!!


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