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A Private Affair –

(Fashion Gone Rouge) Taking on romance, Isabeli Fontana stars alongside Indian actor Ranbir Kapoor for the October cover shoot of Vogue India. Photographer Marc Hom captures the lovers in intimate


Ludacris 1.21 Gigawatts Mixtape

1.21 Gigawatts is being released following Ludacris’ brief hiatus from music over the past few years to focus on acting. Since 2009, Ludacris has starred in over five films, including


Snoop Dogg & Wiz Khalifa Tour

Wiz Khalifa and Snoop Dogg are dropping a soundtrack to their movie ‘High School.‘ A tour in support of the project kicks off December 6th in New York City, before


Exellent Emotion in Images

Chelsea Rochelle is a photographer based in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, USA. When you look at these images what are some emotions you see?  


Watch The Throne Nike Lebron

With the “Watch The Throne” Tour currently taking the country by storm, hype for the Yeezy 2 has grown exponentially.  Now, however, we have our first look at a pair


Great Way to Capture A House

Check out this amazing  house  we ran accross from The blog of Shelby White by Shelby White: This house is located on


Tyler Perry “Open Letter” Talks Kim Kardashion

Kimmy K completed filming her scenes for Tyler Perry’s new movie ‘The Marriage Counselor’ over the weekend but her role hasn’t come without controversy. There were rumored reports that she


More Than Music Aajae

My name is Aajae, I am 26 years old and I am an Independant Christian Hip Hop Artist.  In 2005 I was ranked 1 of 33 of all amateur poets


GQ Names “Frank Ocean” Rookie of the Year

Frank Ocean is capping off a banner year with a new accolade. The Odd Future affiliate has been named “Rookie of the Year” by GQ in the magazine’s annual “Men


The Art Of Femininity

Written by Josie Lee What is the definition of being feminine? Fem·i·nine – adjective 1. pertaining to a woman or girl: feminine beauty; feminine dress. 2. having qualities traditionally ascribed

Rated Next

Rated Next | OL’ Small

OL’ Small grew up immersed in music, primarily grew up in Everett, Washington, but credits his early years in Southern California and a one year stint in Las Vegas as


Loving some Paula Patton

It should really be illegal to be that sexy! Paula Patton is simmering on the new cover of Complex magazine. Paula spoke candidly about her new role in the film



Lina Tesch shoots Crista Cober (PMA, Next NY). Hair and make up by Natalie Franz (Close-up). This shoot is just amazing. B & W are