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Mary J. Blige talks Rihanna and Chris Brown

Vibe magazine is OG in the magazine game. They hit up Mary J. Blige to grace the latest cover for being legend who has influenced hip-hop culture since the start of her career. Over the weekend, she was honored at the VIBE impact awards in L.A., and today comes her full cover story with writer Siobhan O’Connor. In their interview Mary talks the current state of R&B, where she is musically, how she feels about today’s superstars and more.

Let’s talk about current R&B. How do you feel when you turn on the radio?
Maybe in 2012, in the middle, I was like, “What is going on? What is this?” Things got worse before they got better. I think things are going in the right direction. I am so proud of what Rihanna is doing.

Wait, really?
Yes. She is speaking to her generation, and she’s living her life in front of them. I don’t even think she’s purposely doing it (7). She’s such a beautiful girl, and I don’t think she knows she’s that beautiful (8). She’s just living her life, and leading her generation, and she has great, great songs. Her career is amazing; and her team, obviously, is amazing.

People give her a hard time because of the whole Chris—
They give her a hard time because she’s living her life. As long as she’s having fun and isn’t three minutes away from wanting to shoot herself, good! I want her to be happy. That’s impressive to me. And I love her songs. Adele also gives me hope. God bless Amy Winehouse. She was just the perfect thing.

What about male artists?
Drake is amazing. He is an amazing writer: great songs, great melodies. And Kendrick Lamar has a classic album right now. Classic. It’s like The Chronic. I’m not saying it is The Chronic. But you know how that album felt like a movie, with a beginning, middle and an end? His album has that same thing. I also love Bruno Mars. They need to take him seriously. He. Is. A. Problem. And Miguel is amazing. His voice; his writing. All of his songs are beautiful. He is pure inspiration….

So where is your head at these days? The last album, the last two, were your “Mary’s Happy Now” moment. What about now?
I’m all about making the right kind of music for where I’m at in my life right now, and where I’m going. I’m wrapping my mind around it, and thinking about what people need from me right now.

What do you think people need?
You can’t get around pain and opposition, but you can try to be joyful in the trial, and thank yourself for the trial, and thank God for the strength to get through it. Because you could be dead, or sick. You’re talking about inner happiness, yeah.

What gave you this perspective?
Trial? Error? I’m not all the way there yet, but the fact that we can talk about it says I’m getting there. You can’t walk around hurting other people.


If you want Katie you bet not be Lazy

Where are you from?
Lincoln, Nebraska.

Guys look at you for your looks first, what would you say to someone who wants to get your attention?
Someone who isn’t looking, Somebody who doesn’t try to get my attention, I have my guard up at all times, And i’m too use to the usual. Somebody who has there own hustle, Someone who ISNT Dependent on me, I do my own thing And I wish upon them to do ALWAYS do the same. A gentleman. A REAL one, though. Not these blowed up ones…

What turns you off?
The term, “Swag” ,Also Someone who isn’t dedicated, who isn’t motivated, somebody who couldn’t stand on there own two feet to survive, Or to get by, Somebody who cant build their own empire. If I’m not feeling somebody I will know right away.

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B. Right putting his time in

Wogan Woodard III was born July 31, 1992 to Wogan Woodard Jr. And Melody Johnson and is a 20 year old Young Talented, Gifted, ambitious, Self-Motivator that has had a dream of becoming something greater since he was a young child.

Wogan knew he wasn’t like the other children and has endured many hard trials in his childhood days. His parents split when he was 10 years old. Seeing his parents split tore Wogan’s heart apart. He felt like he had to play the role of a father to his younger brother and two younger sisters.

When his mother re-married Wogan and his stepfather didn’t quite get along. They bumped heads several times, which lead him to getting kicked out his mother’s house at the age of 14. Moving in with his grandparents that accepted him into they’re home of Ft. Worth TX. Trying to establish a relationship back up with his mother, he went back and forth from his grandparents to his mother’s house. And in going back in Forth Worth, Wogan never really got to settle down at one high school. He went to 5 different high schools. Wogan always knew what he wanted to become. He had a passion for two things, Drawing and Rapping.

So he decided to go to the ART INSTITUTE OF DALLAS, to pursue his animation dream. But while going to school he also made a studio in the closet of his dorm. Doing his schoolwork and making classics on his closet he was going after both things he wanted. That’s Ambition! But as time came one passion was slightly taking over and that was his passion for music. Still Exceeding well in his studies, has devoted a whole lot more time to his one true love, and that’s his music! He puts 100% in all his music, all of the songs that he writes they all have meaning behind it, it’s not sex, drugs, cars, females, fame… it’s about real feelings, and real stories. Wogan hopes to be a well-known as B .Right a rapper who tells a positive story, can show that rapping doesn’t have to be about cars, clothes, drugs, sex etc.

Read our full interview with Wogan in our February 2013 issue

Kobe calls fan out on twitter


Kobe Bryant will call anybody out, teammate, coaches, or hecklers on twitter. Per Yahoo Sports, Kobe let two guys who were being inappropriate on twitter have the business.

After a fan offered Kobe the opportunity to make out with him, I hope he was joking, another gentleman offered his two cent calling the fan “gay”

Kobe responded “putting someone down using the word your gay, aint ok”.

I’m sure Kobe has 1 mil more followers for showing his support to that community.

Was Lil Wayne ejected from Heat game?

Here is another story of celebs being thrown into the media for something so small.

During Sunday’s *Miami Heat* win over the L.A. Lakers, rapper Lil Wayne tweeted that he was ejected from American Airlines Arena for cheering for the visiting team.

“So I’m @ da Heat game right, rootin 4 da Lakers kuz dats my team & would u believe they got police 2 make me leave?! Wow!” the rapper tweeted.

He then added an epithet: “[Expletive] da Heat.”

That caused quite a reaction on Twitter, as Lil Wayne has nearly 10 million followers. Yet he’s not the only one out there with an account of what happened Sunday. A fan named Danny Vega, who said he was near the rapper, had a different version of the incident:

“Random guy yelled at Lil Wayne at #MiamiHEAT game, Weezy looked back, gave him a mean stare & gestured he had a gun,” tweeted Vega, who said he was at the game and sitting near Lil Wayne. “Weezy just got into argument with security at the #MiamiHEAT game. He got kicked out for gun gesture.”

Heat spokeswoman Lorrie-Ann Diaz told USA Today in an e-mail that Lil Wayne was not kicked out but instead chose to leave.

NBA fans and fans of Lil Wayne will recall a similar disagreement during last year’s Western Conference Finals, as the rapper claimed he wasn’t allowed entry into Oklahoma City’s Chesapeake Energy Arena. A spokesman for the Thunder later said Lil Wayne wasn’t allowed into the building because he didn’t have a ticket.

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