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The importance of dressing up

      You may not care but dressing up is a quality you should embrace until the day you die. Dressing up tells yourself and everyone around you mean business. Military


Why does your business need a website?

     If your business is not online then you have no business in 40 years. People want to do research about your business before they do business with you. If


Look at your business like fishing

When you choose a good spot to catch fish you know you can bring some good bait along and it’s going to


Give her your love before you go to work

     If you got a woman and she’s with you, she’s with you because she loves you. She’s there for you when you need her. She reacts to you. Be


Why you should stay up late to be great

     Staying up late is one of those things you do when you’re putting energy into something you really love. For any new comers just coming to the blog know


How to get a great shot for your portfolio

Your portfolio is your work. People come to your portfolio to get a glimpse of the work you’re doing and what direction you’re going in. The true way to get


Buy your girl lingerie and have fun

You love for your woman to look sexy.. buy her that sexy lingerie piece you like. This isn’t to say force your girl to wear lingerie but if you know you


Don’t make business harder than what it needs to be

Business is just like making anything work in your life. If you have kids or a dog you know you have to be a certain way with them to keep


Paris Hilton covers FHM

Paris Hilton shows her ever so sexy body on the cover of February 2012 cover of FHM France magazine. Are you doing what you need to do to be cover


Beyonce looks superdope

Beyonce was looking extra sexy as she stepped out again last night in New York City for Jay-Z’s benefit concert at the famed Carnegie Hall.  She looks extremely happy! Look


Will you break any records?

Paul Pierce is now 2nd all time in scoring for the Boston Celtics. You go into any sport or career hoping for the best and attacking what you want. When


Jeremy Lin ballin’ in New York

Ran across this Youtube video and it was showing Jeremy Lin running around players, throwing alley’s and floating floaters. Running around like a seasoned veteran player.