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Have you seen Freddie Gibbs Cartoon?

Freddie Gibbs creates a sick commercial branding himself even more on the direction he wants career to go. Wacka Flocka did the same. Read more ›


Fred Perry Spring/Summer 2013

First look at Fred Perry Spring/Summer 2013 campaign, inspired by the work of English artist David Hockney.

Frank Ocean records new album on the beach

Life’s a beach for Frank Ocean. Fresh off his two Grammy wins, R&B’s golden child is packing his bags and heading to Bora Bora to record his next album.

“I’m 10, 11 songs into this next thing,” Ocean told BBC Radio 1’s Zane Lowe during his visit to the U.K. “It’s another cohesive thing, bordering on a concept record again.” Read more ›

Know when its time to walk away

Walking away is never easy for someone who really wants something. No one wants to be around someone who would rather not be around them, but this comes up and happens to the best of us for sure.

Knowing when to walk away is an art that you have to produce in yourself if you want to keep your focus and not fall off in all the plans that you want to happen in your life. People who can’t walk away end up in denial about where they are in life and what they want.

Walking away is one of the most amazing this you can learn. If you let something go and it comes back to you then you know it’s real. Walk away and keep your head up no matter who fault it is or not. Unless you really want what you walk away from… Only you know how far you’re willing to go. until next time.

Fuck up once.. learn.. never do it again

In life you don’t have too many times to repair your reputation over something you did. No one forgets the way you are when you’re lose, drunk, or just having a cranky day all together.

Keep your mindset high and know that you have to keep a mental effort to not do stupid things. When you do stupid shit it always come back and hunt you one way or another.

The girl you really thought you loved left you because of a careless act. The company who did business with you no longer see you as an asset because you keep making the same mistakes. You’re tired of losing shit right? Well remember to learn from your shitty mistakes and never do it again.


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