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Indie Music’s Rising Star Lana Del Rey

            Elizabeth “Lizzy” Grant, better known as Lana Del Ray, is a singer and songwriter from Lake Placid, New York. Del Ray is known for her


What Really Makes You Happy

Happiness comes from doing the things you love knowing you could be doing something else making more money. Happiness is


Dwyane Wade And Gabrielle Union Talk Marriage

We’re not rushing it. Both of us have been married before, and we understand that if we choose to marry again, we want it to be right. We both took


Get to Know TRIFELON

You’ve seen him on TV now lets go inside the mind of Walter. WALTER JOHNSON came into the world moving at an accelerated pace. Born into a family infused with


The One and Only Kashayla

She walks in the room, strutting her 5 foot 2 inch frame in 5 inch platforms and shyly joins her friends at a table near the stage. It’s Open Mic

Kittens Photography Popular

A Very Sexy Veronika London

She’s inked, pushes the boundaries and is more inclined to go for unconventional than convenient, Veronika London is a new “Fresh Face”. The young actress who has had starring roles in


Fashion by Keiana Duh

Fashion comes from the deepest level of creativity – AT. Keiana Callender better known as ‘Keiana Duh’ and the one who “SPLASHes you with her FASHion,” was born and raised


Wayside is Not Your Average Band

Bands pop up all over the country looking to get exposure and build a buzz with their fans. Many fail to get to that point. I ran


Part 2 Put On for Houston

In today’s music game it’s more difficult than ever to really stand out especially coming from a city like Houston which is deep with established and up-and-coming artists. But new-comer


Nemesyzz Handling Business

Seldom do you find artist who are unique in everything they do. From the look to the style of they put everything together. This is exactly Nemesyzz has. Greetings my


Santonio Holmes Shows You How Not to Lead

When you running your business or company you want everyone to be on the same page. Sometimes it dosen’t always happen. You will get fustrated with many things that will


Photography by Giovanni Lipari

Giovanni is a photographer who lives in LA. Due to his travels you can mainly find him in a luxury hotel near you. Check out


Lebron James Proposes to Savannah

  LeBron James is having some week, the basketball star turned 27 on Friday then on New Year’s eve he proposed to his longtime girlfriend Savannah Brinson who he has