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Common freestyles at Dwyane Wade party, Do you know how to freestyle?

Common got on this track at Dwyane Wade party around an upscale jazzy crowd. Can you spit on the spot? Send us some of your work.


Muhammad Ali your way into your future

What do we mean by Muhammad Ali? Not only is he an icon for great boxing but he also show you how to take what you have and be proud


Betty White turns 90, how will you be on your 90th?

When you turn 90 years what will people say about you? Betty White has about to premiere a new senior citizen hidden camera show, titled Off Their Rockers. Known for


Go Rounds WIth Life

You’re growing, changing, and being where you need to be in life. Don’t forget to stay on point when the times get hard. Keep your motivation. Learn to adapt and


Be Willing to Fall

Take chances. Create emotion around what you doing in your life. Be bold. Do things people say you can’t do. Do things people said you shouldn’t do. In the sense


How To Create A Fashion Blog

We also want to bring you valuable information to help you get started with your goals and dreams. Everyday we read up on the


Idris Elba Wins Golden Globe

Always one to look sharp in front of the camera, Idris Elba of “Luther” won the Golden Globe award for actor in a series, miniseries or motion picture made for

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Caspa Narkz Set to Release “Everything or Nothing” Mixtape

Caspa Narkz warns opponents not to make him have to use his “Muscle!” He links up with supergroup, The Bartendaz, for this 2012 street anthem. This is the lead single


Know Where You Want to End Up

Knowing where you want to end up is really the biggest part of going for your dreams. Have a clear vision of where you want to go and start planning


Still Remembered

Aaliyah would have been 33 years old this year. Gone but never forgotten.


Pick A Goal and Hoop Everyday

Ball yes ball. Practice, Practice, Practice. Work out.. build your goals and dreams over time. Things won’t always come fast. You have to practice on your vision. Do what you


Martin Luther King Had A Dream.. Do you?

Martin Luther King Jr. Inspired everyone around him to be better. To do things without being violent. He spoke about togetherness. He had a dream that one day people from


Morgan Freeman A Man Who Displays Energy

Morgan Freeman accepted the Cecil B. DeMille Lifetime Achievement Award for his amazing work in the film industry. His characters are of someone who knows the direction they want to