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Pictorial of the Month – May | Pure Soul

Photographer & retouching: Josephine Peneff
Fashion stylist: Martina Velardi
Stylist Assistant: Valentina Lucia Fontana
Make-up artist and hair-stylist: Anne De La Parra
Model: Katia @ Women Managment Milano

This entire article appears in our May 2013 issue. Read more ›


Keep up with Maribel “M:G” LaLanne

What’s the first thing you would say to someone when they ask you to describe yourself as a artist?
I’m an EDM recording artist on indie label Planet Hype.

How do you feel about the success of your records?
I love when someone tells me my song is one of their favorites of all time, or helped them through a rough time, though I always want more people to hear my music. The fact that I had several songs on the Billboard charts are great, but it’s the personal stories from fans that truly make me feel successful. Read more ›

Quick talk with Lisa Zee

Describe your perfect date in 3 words?
Food, spontaneous, outdoors !

What got you into modeling?
I started promotional modeling this time last year and happen to meet the right people that guided me into print modeling! Read more ›

Laura Nicole is more than a pretty face!

Tell us how you got started modeling?
I dabbled in it here and there but officially started working on my portfolio one day and building it. Then presented it to some agencies, moved to L.A. and the rest is history!

Modeling do you run into guys who contact you about dates vs business?
Of course. Being a published model, you end up with all these followers on twitter and Facebook. Lots of them claim to be good for networking and really they’re just trying to hit on me and have no interest in furthering my career. We are pretty good about deciphering between the reals and fakes though so those guys usually get ignored lol. Read more ›

Kalypso Knows How To Work His Camera

Tell us how you got started in photography?
I’ve owned a camera for as long as I can remember. If it caught my eye and I thought it was cool, I snapped a picture. In college, I took a Humanities course which focused, among other things, Renaissance art and the metaphysical which I was fortunate to have later experienced first-hand in museums around the world while traveling abroad. Read more ›