Ashh Nununez Covers Alwayz Therro March Issue 92

How did you start modeling?
I haven’t started actually modeling until recently. I was noticed by the pictures I would take of myself. I took the time to try and learn my angles in the mirror, and becoming aware of my body movements.

Did you always know you wanted to pursue modeling?
Of course not. I mean . . . Who actually knows what they want to do/be? However, I was always drawn to the gracefulness and poise that a model would bring to a picture. It’s so amazing how one can make art by BEING art.

Tell us about your photo shoot in NY
It was so exciting. I found myself thinking about where we were going to go next and what I was going to do. It was cold, but it wasn’t going to stop me.

What are you into besides modeling?
My first love is music. I have always loved to sing/rap whether I was alone, in the car, in the shower or on stage. I love how music can portray anything you could possibly want.

How is your favorite artist?
When I was younger, I would get laughed at for this, but my favorite artist is Michael Jackson. He was so meticulous. He had a precise sound and look. He ALWAYS had a vision and he ALWAYS executed.

What is the biggest city you’ve ever visited?
I’ve been to Cancun, Mexico. I was only 13 so I wasn’t able to completely appreciate the beauty.

What do you want to achieve with modeling and the website?
I would like to send a message of individuality and confidence. I feel that there aren’t enough role models (especially for colored women) that are the embodiment of respect, confidence, and individuality. I want every young woman to know that you can get people to like and notice you by being different and respectable.

What turns you on about a man?
I love this question. I like when a man isn’t afraid to show raw emotion. Sometimes, men feel the need to be so strong that they come off as emotionless. As much as I love a strong man, I’d like him to be strong enough to show me how he truly feels.

How can we follow you?
Follow me on Instagram @ashhnununez
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