The Art Of Giving Back – Megan Majd

How did you start your business?
At Harmoni we train refugees in the job skills that are most in demand in the countries they are living in and connect them to full time employment I founded Harmoni after working with refugees in Europe. I filmed two documentaries and built a grassroots organization (the Refugee Relief Project) that raised over $30k to support individuals and organizations working in camps and centers throughout Greece. Through my work I noticed that refugees are completely dependent on aid. They are given food to eat, told what clothes they will wear, and where they will go. Their choice is taken away. The ability to choose is what makes us human. I founded Harmoni to help bring that element of choice back into the lives of refugees and migrants across the world.

Growing up did you know you would be an entrepreneur?
Growing up I didn’t know I would be an entrepreneur, honestly. I thought I would work with a nonprofit or get into politics. But somewhere along the line I realized that I could make even more of an impact in the private sector, and I could marry both profit and impact.

How do you stay inspired in your business when life has the upper hand?
I stay inspired by continuously remembering the ‘why’ behind what I’m doing. For me, the why is obvious. It’s friends of mine, like Jawid, who used to work as a translator for the British army in Afghanistan. I met him when he had been living under a bridge for six months. Or Mahmoud, the 21-year-old, who was separated from his family for years after they fled Syria. Whenever I get discouraged or overwhelmed, I remember why I’m doing what I’m doing and who it’s for.

What advice would you give another dreamer looking to succeed?
Don’t let failure be an option. The only reason you’ll fail is if you give up (with a few exceptions). Be flexible. Change your idea until it works.

How can we follow you online?
Follow @meganmajd on Instagram or check out

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