Alli Burns Has Body For Days

Shot by Mark Louvier –

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Height: 5ft 6in
Waist: 28
Hips: 39
Breast: 34 C

How did you start modeling?
When I was little, I would always model for my mom and anyone else who would watch. Mark reached out to me through Instagram about a year ago and asked if I would be interested in shooting with him, so I of course agreed, and I absolutely love it!

Tell us what are you into besides modeling?
I own 12 American quarter horses that I breed and train. I also played collegiate golf, and enjoy hunting, fishing, and just about anything else that involves being outside!

Who is your favorite artist?
Zac Brown Band

What are 3 of your top hobbies?
Horses, Modeling, and Traveling

What do you do in your free time?
I love to travel, so any chance I get I am on a plane with my husband seeing new places.

What’s the biggest city you’ve been to?
New York

What’s your most favorite city to visit?
Vegas baby!

alli burns alwayz therro

What city do you have on your list to go to before you die?
I have several places that I would like to go before I do, but my top pick would have to be New Zealand, I totally want to check out a real life Hobbit hole!

What turns you on about a man?
I think that the sexiest thing about a man is when he is willing to show his affection in front of everyone. Those spontaneous moments when you get kissed, or he smacks your ass in front of hundreds of people is very attractive to me.

In bed what’s your favorite position?
Besides sleeping? I don’t have a favorite position, always switch it up!

Are you a giver or taker during sex?
Both, depends on the day.

What do you find most attractive about yourself?
Legs and ass!

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What instantly gets you off?
Getting a new horse, especially one of a color I don’t yet own!

How can we follow you online?

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