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At the time of this interview we are on lockdown due to the Covid-19. How are you holding up?
I think me and my family are doing pretty well. I will say the first week or two we slept, ate, Played games and was pretty lazy. Hey, Why not? After that got old we started getting back to a schedule. As a mother, partner and businesswoman I try to keep a positive attitude and energy for everyone at home. We stayed away from the news and use this time to work from home and make sure we’re active through each day doing something athletic or creative.

How do you stay motivated when it’s hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel?
I do well with keeping myself motivated and working during the week. If I feel like I’m lacking in energy or need a pick me up I watch something motivational or listen to motivational music. I still get products I promote so creating content has kept me busy.

What have you been working on?
This week, My second modeling collaboration with stylist J.Bolin is dropping. Also new content and uploads to my YouTube channel (aishasimoneofficial) drops twice a week.

Any advice for someone looking to build their brand?
Yes. Stay true to what you like, find your passions in the process, be creative and don’t copy someone else because later you will see it wasn’t worth it.



What can we expect from you the rest of 2020 and 2021?
More collaborations with known companies and brands, I now have my own products that will drop before the summer and more business tips / motivational content on my YouTube channel for entrepreneurs.

Any last words?
Yes. Right now the media has drained us with bad news and hopeless feelings. Let’s take the time to appreciate what we do have, especially the loved ones. This is the perfect time to finally do those creative things we always wanted to do. Why not start projects you been holding off on. We all have to find out what can help us stay motivated and uplift us and repeat this daily. Stay home and be safe and know we are all in this together. And thank you to everyone working to service us at this time.

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